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Sustainable concrete hotel with old brick fence in Thailand

The “Wonderwall” is a sustainable hotel that is located in Chiang Mai, the province in northern Thailand. There are also several cultural and traditional tourist attractions there. The building is near the Tha Pae Gate, another important landmark in the old town. The large area on which the hotel is located belongs to the hotel’s partner, which consists of several houses, part of which was once built with a dormitory.

Unfinished design as an accent for a sustainable hotel

main entrance gate heaped bricks in iron fence next to palm trees

So in 2018 the hotel owner decided to convert the old dormitory into a new project. The architects built the house on top of the old 3-story dormitory. It now consists of 14 rooms. They also added the other new building as the lobby of the hotel, while a well-known café opened its second branch here. In the meantime, the room is designed as a common area in which the hotel can work at the same time as the café, so that external people can also be accommodated.

large window architect office combination old brick concrete

The architects have a nice little office on the second floor of the building. They are also partners and designers of the hotel. The architect’s office defined the concept for such a sustainable hotel through the beauty of the incompleteness of the materials with the help of the gates and walls of the old town near the project. The designers have adapted it to the design accordingly. They think that these gates and walls don’t have to be as complete and tidy as they used to be today. However, these imperfections do not mean ugliness. In fact, they express the senses of the place very well, keeping their own beauty and uniqueness.

sustainable hotel with a fence made from recycled bricks and concrete walls

The architects first applied the inspiration to the hotel’s walls to add new elements to the wall. The outline of the wall appears stronger through the combination of metal cells and jumbled bricks. By putting bricks halfway up the wall, the team not only visually protected the project, but also expressed the imperfections of those walls. The latter are a very good example of the concept of this design.

Practical and modern renovated interiors

lobby with cafe with tables and walls made of concrete blocks and stools made of metal industrially quiet

The rusty metal structure, the rough brickwork, the bare concrete inside the building and the furniture in the café have been carefully selected to express the authenticity of the materials. Thus, the architects believe that the textures of each material contain their own beauty. Because of this, they arranged these correctly in a simple way. This even creates more uniqueness for the project by reducing the imagination of the materials. In addition, the concept can certainly bring satisfying and new experiences to the visitors.

hotel room renovated minimalist design contrasting colors

The hotel rooms from the old dormitory have been renovated and are therefore quite small. Because of this, the designers have replaced the bathroom walls with glass to make them look more spacious. White coated walls were also chosen to make the rooms light and spacious, while the suite rooms were once 2 dormitories. These are now connected to each other and can accommodate up to 3 people. The wall in front of the room is now replaced by frosted glass and is located near the living room. This makes this type of room even more sparse and is suitable for group travel. In relation to the landscape, the design is based on the barreness of the space.

backyard stainless steel stairs and pebbles next to fountain grass and trees

Tall trees and bushes in the garden surround the hotel and create sufficient shade. Betel palms and gooseberries were there before construction and the Architects decided to keep most of the old trees. Therefore, they only planted two new species of trees that can provide shade for the lobby building in the afternoon. The sidewalks are paved with the same bricks the team used to build the extraordinary fence. This walkway is in the garden and leads to every point of the project.

forecourt with pebbles and tree entrance sustainable hotel thailand

On the other hand, the garden segments are only divided by one material to express the simplicity. Gray pebbles, fountain grass and red grass are the materials chosen to cover the ground and create pleasure in this “wonder wall”.

modern design cafe with brick wall and concrete floor glass door courtyard with pebbles

view from the second floor with stairs made of stainless steel

compact bedroom with large bed and sliding door

imperfect design for fence filled with used bricks

3d model sustainable hotel architect project

floor plan of the lobby of the sustainable hotel wonderwall

3 floors renovated dormitory converted into hotel floor plan