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Renovated holiday home on the North Frisian island of Föhr


In Alkersum, on the small North Sea island of Föhr, there is a fresh renovated holiday home. It’s a project by the Swedish-Italian duo Karin Matz and Francesco Di Gregorio. The architects have completely rebuilt the former North Frisian farmhouse while retaining the charm of the Frisian culture in the interior. The 50 square meter holiday home is built in the typical Frisian style – thatched roof, with red brick walls, white lattice windows and doors. The team has adapted to this architectural style and only used traditional materials in order to integrate the culture of North Friesland into the interior.

Renovated holiday home on the island of Föhr

farmhouse-north-friesland-typical-thatched-lattice windows

The attic was first completely gutted and redistributed. This resulted in three small bedrooms that are reminiscent of cabins in terms of color and size. They are clad with pine boards painted blue. The bathroom and the small kitchenette are between the two larger bedrooms. Opposite her there is enough space for the dining area. Thanks to the light pine wood and the white walls, this open space seems more spacious despite the sloping roof. At the other end of the room is the living area, with the stairs to the ground floor in between. Their design has a certain maritime flair, because blue ropes surround the flight of stairs and serve as fall protection. They are stretched on both sides between the ceiling and the floor and fastened with small metal angles.

Renovated holiday home with North Frisian charm

stairs-blue-plastic-ropes-tensioned-metal-angles-fall protection

In the traditional North Frisian houses there used to be at least one wall covered with painted tiles in the living room, which showed the family’s prosperity. That is why Die Gregorio and Matz also opted for glossy white stoneware tiles in the 10 × 10 cm format. Over 3000 tiles were used for the wall between the sleeping and living areas. A blue background can be seen through a hand-drilled hole in the center of each tile.

 over 3000 tiles were used


 interesting fall protection for the stairs

stairs-design-ropes-ceiling-floor-tensioned-fall protection

light-flooded dining area

dining area-flooded with light-flooring-pine wood

slight sloping ceiling

dining area-sloping-roof-light-pine-wood-flooring

 small kitchenette


 light pine wood


 renovated holiday home living area-skylight-windows



bedroom-blue-painted-wood-panel-roof pitch




bedroom-small-roof pitch-without-window-table-lights


Work corner-sloping-roof-white-wall-lighter-wood flooring


bedroom-bathroom-walk-in-closet-painted blue


typical north frisian style renovated holiday house conversion

typical north-frisian-architectural-style-thatched-roof-house-lighting



FOHR-conversion-farmhouse-floor plan-attic

Photos by Francesco di Gregorio