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Modern huts on wheels offer cozy comfort and a mountain panorama

Modern cottages roof structure-wood steel construction porch mountain views

You have certainly seen bungalows on stilts. Above modern huts but maybe not heard of on roles! Rolling Huts, designed by Olson Kundig Allen Architects in 2007, offer spacious accommodation in the mountains of Mazama, Washington, USA. Built with high standards of design and environmental protection, the cabins represent a modern alternative to camping tourism that reduces the negative impact on the immediate environment.

Modern huts on castors with modern equipment

OSKA huts modern-on wheels Mounted wood-steel-structure Veranda

OSKA Architects set themselves the goal of achieving a balance between nature and architecture. Rolling Huts are grouped together like a herd on a former RV park in Methow Valley, Seattle. Each hut consists of a steel-clad box with a floor-to-ceiling glazed front, mounted on a platform on 4 wheels. The bungalows rise above the meadow and offer an unobstructed view of the wonderful mountain landscape.

Modern huts on wheels reduce the negative impact on the environment

Mountain hut on wheels-mounted veranda-glazing front-rolling huts-Located in the valley

Modern huts Rolling hats impress with their original angled roof construction, which looks light and light from the outside. The windows surrounding the roof create the impression that the roof is floating over the hut.

Wooden bungalows in the Methow Valley offer a huge mountain panorama

OSKA huts-in the forest construction-equipment-environmentally friendly winter tourism

The huts almost merge with the surrounding area. Inside, the furnishings are rather minimalist, very simple and functional. A small kitchen cell and an indoor fireplace are available. Each hut is modern and comfortably equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and Wi-Fi router.

An environmentally friendly alternative to camping tourism

Modern bungalows wooden wheels steel cladding destinations mountains

The cities of Twisp, Winthrop and Mazama are popular travel destinations all year round for climbing enthusiasts and mountain hikers. Methow Valley is spectacular and trendy. In the valley there is one of the longest ski trails (193km). There are also many opportunities for mountain biking, river rafting tours, horse riding, etc..

Box with angled roof

Wooden bungalow in the mountains-ladder veranda-railing panorama

Hut mounted on a platform on castors

Bungalow-with mountain panorama wood steel-wheels mounted-valley

Modern huts located in the river valley

Huts on rollers in the valley Camping tourism-rolling huts-OSKA architects

The constructions are enthroned on huge roles

Steel wheels rolling mountain hut mounted Methow Valley Seattle OSKA

Wooden bungalows on castors

Hut furnishings-cozy bed-roof-openings rolling-huts OSKA architects

The rolling huts offer dignified comfort

Bungalow interior design wood wall cladding kitchen cubicle bed built in hut

Rolling Huts are the modern alternative to camping for winter tourism

Bungalow interior wood wall cladding interior design seating area indoor fireplace

Warm wood paneling

Modern cottages wheels interior design cladding-wood ski vacation accommodation

Windows provide a clear view of nature and mountains

Small hut-modern furnishing ideas indoor-fireplace stove-seating group front side-glass

Photos by Tim Bies

Former campsite with bungalows

Designer cabin porch panorama mountains Methow Valley floor plans

Hut with a pent roof – side view

Rolling HUts huts environmentally friendly alternative tourism campsite

Cabin on Rollers Modern-Alternative Winter Tourism Seattle

Modern huts bungalows-angled roof porches-panoramic rolling huts