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Modern Finnhütte with a fascinating A-shape and beautiful interior in Dorchester, New Jersey

modern finnhütte veranda window fronts pointed roof a frame

In today’s post we would like to present you a modern Finnhütte called “Local A-Frame”. The cozy Finnhaus is located in Dorchester, New Jersey, near the Maurice River. Sports enthusiasts can practice various sporting activities here, such as canoeing or kayaking. In harmony with nature, the modern Finnhütte “Lokal A-Frame” is a unique oasis of calm.

wooden facade stairs peaked roof modern finnhütte

When you look at the hut from the outside, you immediately notice the triangular construction, which the holiday home owes its trendy name to. The A-shaped construction saves the side walls under the eaves. Although this type of construction has existed for centuries, such buildings did not become popular until the 1960s.

living area relaxation area leather couch carpet window front modern finnhütte

The modern Finnhütte is a place to linger and relax in the middle of nature. It is designed in such a way that travelers feel like locals here. The hut offers enough privacy for relaxing days in nature. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living area. The holiday home can accommodate up to 8 people. The large window front offers a wonderfully beautiful view of the forest, so that you can spend your free time in harmony with the surrounding nature.

armchair carpeted floor view window front nature wall covering

The interior is elegant, friendly and modern. The sitting area in front of the large windows is furnished in a modern Scandinavian style. A brown leather couch, two armchairs in gray and two coffee tables placed on a fluffy, modern carpet offer comfortable seating for several people. The wooden paneling on the walls also adds to the cozy atmosphere. The black steel frames of the large window front give the interior an elegant and stylish touch.

modern finnhut dining area wood paneling men

The modern Finnhütte is also equipped with an elegant and contemporary kitchen. The design of the kitchen makes it possible to escape the stressful city life without sacrificing comfort and style. The beautiful kitchen and the dining area under the sloping ceilings are fully equipped with electrical appliances and various cooking utensils. The long solid wood dining table and the black lacquered chairs fit in harmoniously with the rest of the furnishings. A wooden staircase leads to the sleeping areas, which are completely clad with wood and offer an ideal, cozy retreat.

modern finnhaus interior kitchen dining area wooden stairs

kitchen dining area modern finnhut table chairs hanging lamps

interior modern finnhütte pointed roof stairs wood paneling

architecture modern finnhütte kitchen utensils

kitchen utensils storage spices modern finnhütte

kitchen table crockery cozy atmosphere finnhütte

wood paneling interior modern finnhut cloakroom bedroom

modern finnhütte at night lighting fire red

fireplace chairs nature clique evening a frame modern finnhütte

forest chairs fireplace man dog lighting local a frame holiday house

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