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Luxury Villa Luna in Costa Rica with great mountain and sea views

Holiday house Costa RIca-Black Beauty Luna by Kalia

This idyllic Luxury villa impresses with its simple elegance and exquisite interior design. Black Beauty Luna was designed by Kalia and embodies the architects’ idea to lead a sustainable, eco-conscious life. The environmentally friendly flat roof building has a roof terrace with a lush roof garden where you can relax and enjoy the sun. So it fits organically into the environment.

Exclusive eco-luxury villa from Kalia

Modern villa design-Luna Costa Rica-Kalia

Luxury villa Luna is located in Ostional, Costa Roca – a town in the Guanacaste province known for its national nature reserve. On the total area of ​​429 square meters there are 3 bedrooms, each with individual furnishings, two and a half bathrooms, and a spacious first floor with kitchen, dining and seating areas. Outdoor showers, waterfalls, whirlpool and pool create a fresh atmosphere. Comfortable seating and relaxation furniture are available on the sun terraces.

Luxury Villa Luna guarantees an unforgettable vacation

Holiday house on the hillside with pool Costa Rica

the Luxury villa is a masterpiece of modern architecture – it is characterized by architectural clarity, minimalist outlines and open construction plan. The furniture is done in warm pastel tones. Only individual details in accent colors direct the eye. The accessories are characterized by the characteristic local design. The border between inside and outside almost merges.

Hillside villa

Villa hillside location-wooden terrace sunbathing pool

Luxury villa Black Beauty Luna by Kalia offers its guests from every room both a breathtaking view of the Pacific and a great view of the tropical forests. Depending on the time of year, the holiday home can be booked for between $ 650 and $ 800 per night.

Eco villa with roof gardens

Villa Design-Black Luna Costa Rica

Luxury villa merges with nature

Terrace furniture-rattan modern-villa design

Black Beauty Luna Villa in Costa Rica

Luxury cottage pool roof terrace rattan furniture

Luna Villa by Kalia – interior design

Modern villa with pool interior architecture-dining table wood

Comfortable furniture in the living room

Bamboo deco living room relax sofa design

Spacious living room with kitchen island

Holiday apartment Costa Rica-modern decor

The kitchen has exquisite equipment

Kitchen furnishings-lacquered wood fronts

Modern hallway design

Cottage hallway designing bamboo sticks

Bedroom with mountain view

Vacation home design bedroom-open glass wall-sea view

Bedroom with a view of the tropical forest

Villa modern roof terrace-mountain view

Bedroom with sea view

Villa Costa Rica bedroom design glass fronts

Deluxe ambience

Villa bedroom design children's bedclothes white-green

Exotic bathroom design

Bathroom equipment pendant lamp design

Exquisite bathroom

Bathroom furniture design luxury villa


Black Beauty-Luna Villa-Kalia floor plans