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Luxury hotel Iruveli – exotic private island in the Maldives

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That Luxury hotel Iruveli is located on the northernmost atoll of the Maldives and offers a 5-star treat for its guests. This idyllic hideaway sprawls out on an exclusive 35 acre private island- Haa Alif, in a setting of powder-white beaches. For years, the guests of the Iruveli Luxury Resort have valued the comfort and special atmosphere of this exotic hotel, the personal, exclusive service at the highest level, the tranquility and the cultivated hospitality.

Luxury hotel Iruveli in the Maldives – a paradise on earth

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Guests experience centuries-old traditions and customs that are still celebrated. Located in a place with a rich cultural past, the Luxury hotel Iruveli represents an extraordinary experience in front of a breathtaking natural landscape of. Beautifully designed villas and suites are surrounded by lush vegetation. Sunlight pours into the idyllic water oases. The private pools, which are built very close to the suites, are an effective addition to the resort. This retreat relaxes with a romantic atmosphere and inspires the senses.

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Exotic wooden elements can be seen in the interior of the hotel, as well as interesting furnishings in all rooms. Traditional decorations complement the interior. The luxury hotel Iruveli is modern and offers spaciousness in the sunny interior. Small holiday homes are located in the water of the Indian Ocean and create an atmospheric atmosphere for guests. Maldivian cuisine comes straight from the kitchens of the local chefs, while fine wines, stored in an underground wine cellar, are characterized by exquisitely balanced flavors and ingenious pairings. The resort has a spa and several entertainment options for the little ones. Under the water or on top of the vast expanse of the beautiful beach – every moment is engraved in the memory. That Luxury hotel Iruveli is not just an island, it’s a whole different world that you need to explore!

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Modern architecture and exotic design

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Spacious suites in the luxury hotel Iruveli

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Modern Maldivian style bedroom

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Private pool in the luxury resort

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Small cottages in the water

Maldives small vacation houses exotic architecture water exciting

Great views of the Indian Ocean

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Exotic furnishings in the suites

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Modern interior and private atmosphere

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Exclusive design and spectacular pool

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The perfect retreat

Maldives interior luxury resort interior trendy furnishing color scheme

Enjoy Maldivian cuisine outdoors

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