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Luxury holiday villa in Bali fascinates with an exotic atmosphere

luxury vacation villa bali casa hannah pool lighting

Casa Hannah is an exclusive Luxury vacation villa in Bali, Indonesia and was from Bo design built. The villa is decorated with contrasting colors, complementary patterns and textures that are decorated with works of art.

Luxury holiday villa in Bali – Casa Hannah


Casa Hannah is located in the heart of Seminyak, the trendiest neighborhood in Bali. The holiday villa is 30-45 minutes from the airport, and only a few minutes from the beach and the sea. As soon as you enter the hotel, you will be enchanted by this place – “Island of the Gods”. A private oasis.

Luxury holiday villa in Bali with a magical ambience

infinity pool casa hannah bo design

An elegant infinity pool and an exotic atmosphere. On the one hand, a beautiful dining room and on the other, a large living room with a bar, loungers, armchairs and an office. You can see comfort and minimalist elegance in abundance in every detail. And opposite, a superbly equipped kitchen with all modern conveniences (including a refrigerator and more) for your culinary pleasure.

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Next to the pool is a sculptural staircase that leads you to the various bedrooms on the upper floor. The bedrooms are furnished with different themes, shower and toilet and a large terrace (sun deck), all built with the highest quality materials.

All the staff from this one Luxury vacation villa in Bali is at your disposal to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. Casa Hannah is an exclusive member of the Canggu Club and offers you a wide range of services. Tennis courts, squash courts and a fitness room. Air-conditioned rooms, with a whole range of fitness equipment, along with a variety of coaching classes (Pilates – Yoga – Salsa – Tango and more), as well as the activities for the children including child care.

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