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Luxurious mountain hut attracts with panoramic views and high comfort

Modern hut living room suspended from the ceiling hanging chair panoramic view

the luxurious mountain hut Big Sky was built on the mountainside of Big Sky, Montana, USA. It combines the special charm of the mountains with ultra-modern design. The holiday home emerged from the cooperation between the designers Len Cotsovolos and LC²Design. Designed according to customer specifications, the interior architecture represents an extraordinary mix of design hotel, logde and cozy alpine hut. The hut nestles harmoniously into the mountainous landscape.

Luxurious mountain cabin offers great panoramic views of Rocky Mountain

Ski hut private ski resort facility-enjoy the view-big-sky all year round

the luxurious mountain hut is located in the private ski resort Yellowstone Club and offers 1022m2 of comfortably equipped leisure and recreation space. Big Sky is a worthwhile destination in every season. The private ski hut invites you to take a break and relax all year round. It offers spacious rooms with every comfort. The construction of the hut embodies the idea for modernist architecture, in which glass is used more and more. The facade is glazed with a post-and-beam construction. The large-scale glazing brings nature in.

Luxurious mountain hut in the middle of a hiking and skiing area

Staircase interior design ideas cladding natural stone glass railing hut

The private mountain hut looks trendy, artistic, luxurious and very cozy. Len Cotsovolos and LC²Design they designed with high demands on design and quality and with consideration of the natural conditions and the geology of the region. The interior design reflects the latest living trends. The ambience is warm, dynamic, playful and mysterious. Exquisite furniture, unique finishes and decorative tricks refine the appearance and convey a charming boutique atmosphere.

Holiday home in the private ski resort offers pure pleasure

Living room set leather covered decoration ideas rustic chalet cabin interior design

Modern luxury is expressed in the luxurious ski lodge in the Rocky Mountains. Interior designer Cotsovolos decided to use natural materials, textures and warm colors. Wood paneling increases the feel-good factor, while glass panels increase the effect of depth.

The interior balances between restraint and appearance

luxury cabin design stairwell wooden floor Rocky Mountain USA

One of the designers’ goals was to merge the border between inside and outside. The luxurious mountain hut offers a varied sequence of rooms with plenty of daylight. Effective contrasts are created by untreated rough materials, rustic decorative items, natural elements and simple polished surfaces. Fine Turkish silk carpets, luxurious animal skins and precious calfskin make the room more cozy. Italian furniture design is creatively combined with glamorous customer-specific chandeliers.

Admire the spectacular landscape

Hut interior design ambience glazing panorama pane dining area

Big Sky by Len Cotsovolos and LC²Design

Luxury mountain hut dining area chandelier elegant panorama

Lounge atmosphere in the living area with a loft character

Modern mountain hut interior design loft character room design nature wood glass

Loft character thanks to the open floor plan

Ski hut, modern luxury interior design, hallway decoration

Romantic room with lush decorations

Furnishing ideas luxury carpet natural stone wall paint metallic pendant light

Modern interior design – mountain hut on the mountain slope

Mountain slope hut glazing room-high bedroom panoramic view

Wall cladding imitates natural stone

Set up cozy carpet bed throw-natural stone interior trim

Hotel rooms – extremely soft textiles and warm materials

Sleeping area furnishing ideas gray wall paint-mirror wall stylish furnishing-fully glazed facade

Glazing from floor to ceiling

Designer mountain hut. Modern hotel rooms. Panoramic views of the mountains

Ski hut built on the mountainside by Big Sky

Luxurious almhütte interior design, chalet-room furnishings-first-class exclusive decorative accessories

The interior is generously planned

Ski hut, holiday home, interior fittings, glass railing, open plan seating set

modern hut interior design natural stone wall stair railing glass is used

Luxury cabin picture window bathroom furniture tub freestanding

Modern hut design atmosphere panoramic view bathroom deco tub

Bathroom furniture design-wood dark vanity design open plan

High-contrast bathroom, rustic washbasin, vanity unit, mirror, wall-hung

Immerse yourself in the Zen atmosphere

Bathroom puristic design Recessed washbasin cabinet sideboard Hand lamp design