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Holidays in the Alps and other mountains in these 16 cozy huts


Who has not wanted a teleporter in the midst of everyday stress that transports you directly into a dreamlike mountain range far away from problems and nerves. How would you imagine the perfect cabin? We have put together some great alpine huts, some of which differ greatly in their designs. Nevertheless, they all represent a perfect hideaway for tours and a vacation in the Alps or other mountains. Take a look at the huts in peace. Perhaps one of them will be just right for you on your next outing.

Vacation in the Alps with the hut in Skuta

vacation in the alps skuta-panorama-outlook-wood-chairs

This cabin is located in Skuta which is known for extreme weather conditions. For this reason, the construction of the alpine hut also posed a challenge. The view and the warm wooden interior are still very inviting.

Hut on a cliff

vacation in the alps kanin-modern-cliff-slovenia-italy

As with the hut above, the design of this modern variant comes from OFIS Architects. It is noticeable that the alpine hut looks over the edge of the rock. The shelter can be found on Mount Kanin on the border between Slovenia and Italy.

Wooden hut in Austria

holidays in the alps austria-wooden hut-alpine hut-window-fireplace

This classic wooden hut is located in Austria and is a design of room high roses. It is called “Toms Hütte” (English Tom’s hut) and is located in a wooded area. The owner is a life coach and songwriter.

The Clara Hut

vacation in the alps clara-usa-wood-modern-black-facade

Perhaps, instead of opting for a holiday in the Alps, you will opt for another continent. Then the Clara Cabin, which is located in Ne Hampshire, is the right choice. The multifunctional design comes from Wyatt Komarin, Addison Godine and Rachel Moranis.

Vacation in Norway

vacation in the alps norway-black-minimal table-traditional

It is no less beautiful in Norway either. The country is known for its many minimalist huts, including Vindheim. It was built by Vandehaugen in Lillehammer and in the middle of a forest.

Three huts on the Maine coast in Vinalhaven



“Lieptgas” in Switzerland by Selina Walder and Georg Nickisch


“Antoine” in the form of a stone


Alpine hut in Oregon, USA


The “Rolling Huts” in Mazama, USA


Arthur’s Cave for rent


Mobile “ARK” hut


Holiday in New Zealand in the “PurePods”

vacation-alps-new zealand-alpine hut-rent-mountains-steel-glass

Vacation in the Swiss Alps in a hotel


Catholic chapel in the middle of the Swiss Alps


Museum on Mount Kronplatz

vacation-alps-museum-south tyrol-italy-zaha-hadid


Designs by OFIS Architects

Room high roses


GO Logic

Bureau A

Lingard design

Olson Knowledgeable

Miller Kendrick Architects

Andrii Rozhko

Joaquim Portela Arquitetos

Zaha Hadid