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From chic boutique hotel to hotel of the future – B4 Milano in Milan

B4 Milano boutique hotel impressive tower glass facade

The new Hotel B4 Milano is an impressive tower with a glass facade and red accents here and there. It is no Boutique hotel, but a marvel of innovation. The hotel is located in the business district of Milan and has a special architecture and interior design.

Not your usual boutique hotel in Milan

B4 Milano boutique hotel futuristic facade

The B4 Milano Hotel embodies the guiding principle of “regeneration”: multi-layered room concept – innovative hospitality – refined taste notes – harmony and well-being – gaming – magical events.

from boutique hotels to innovative room concepts

B4 Milano boutique hotel roofing red column

The multifunctional and eclectic rooms of B4 were designed by Simone Micheli. Creative design, the latest hi-tech, natural materials and alternative facilities shape this hotel of the future. The innovative interior design was planned ergonomically, with a large selection of colors and flexible ambiences.

B4 Milano boutique hotel futuristic simone micheli reception

Simone Micheli, architect and professor in Milan, has considered both aesthetics and innovation. His intention was to connect all areas seamlessly, interactively and harmoniously. It is not a business or boutique hotel, but a cultural interface between hi-tech equipment and first-class hospitality.

And yes. Hotel B4 Milano has already been awarded for the International Hotel & Property Awards 2013 nominated.

    b4 milano hotel futuristic design simone micheli

B4 Milano futuristic interior design

B4 Milano hotel recessed yellow seating

B4 Milano hotel yellow upholstered furniture pendant lights

B4 Milano elevator futuristic hotel future

B4 Milano boutique hotel wood blue recessed lights

B4 Milano suites furnishings purple yellow

B4 Milano boutique hotel open areas wood

B4 Milano bedroom design wood paneling

B4 Milano boutique hotel badhalle whimsical shapes yellow

B4 Milano hotel bathroom lighting bizarre shapes

B4 Milano boutique hotel spa blue lighting

B4 Milano hotel conference room purple ceiling design

B4 hotel restaurant tree branches

B4 Milano interior design whimsical shapes colors