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Design hotel La Plage du Pacifique in Australia resembles ancient ruins

Designer hotel with an antique look Villa Beton-South Pacific Australia-Travel

Is it supposed to be an aqueduct or a coliseum like this one in Rome?? Indeed one Design hotel. La Plage du Pacifique was designed by Kristin Green and is still under construction. The concrete structure was featured as part of the collection of notable architectural remains by Australian photographer Peter Bennetts. His photographs give the impression that the structures are ancient ruins, surrounded by native pandanus trees and rosewood trees.

Design hotel made of concrete

Luxury villa-concrete-under construction-under shade-palm trees sandy beach access

That Design hotel is located in the South Pacific, on the beach on Vanuatu Island, an archipelago over a thousand miles east of northern Australia. La Plage du Pacifique Hotel with its 18 guest villas offers a refuge for guests who are looking for a vacation in paradisiacal tranquility and in beautiful nature. A restaurant with a roof garden, glass veranda, swimming pool and spa area are available. The project is almost complete and traces of life can already be found here.

Design hotel resembles an aqueduct

Hotel complex concrete structures La Plage du Pacifique-Vanuatu Archipelago-Island Australia

The coast is exposed to constant trade winds and frequent cyclones. Therefore, the respective constructions should be built robust, solid and hurricane-proof. The main material for the construction of the villas and hotel complexes was concrete. The antique-looking archways and the networked stairwells represent an amazing composition of architectural elements that might even astonish Escher. The thick concrete walls offer protection against the wind and provide plenty of shade during the hottest days.

La Plage D’hôtel du Pacifique – pure romance

Ancient ruin-like villas resort -concrete La-Plage du-Pacifique Vanuatu island

Kristin Green Architecture’s concrete villas are cut to length and passively cooled – one goal of the project is to use natural cross ventilation. The facilities in the villas are custom built. The pool area in La Plage D’hôtel du Pacifique is inspired by the ancient Roman thermal baths – namely by the ruins of the Roman Villa Hadriana in Tivoli.

Photos by Peter Bennetts

Here you can listen to the sound of the sea while falling asleep

Beach Hotel Palm Trees South Pacific Destinations Australian Coast

Hotel complex surrounded by pandanus trees and rosewood trees

Design hotel passively cooled villas Concrete plant pool Beach views South Pacific

Concrete structures on the beach

Stairs construction concrete structure building hotel building on the beach

View of the future hotel pool

Concrete hotel robust construction facility with pool Vanuatu-Kristin Green project

Antique-looking archways and concrete walls

Archway Architectural Elements Modern Resort Design Hotel Concept

Modern hotel on the beach

palms rosewood trees forest hotel pool area concrete structures

Shady trees guarantee privacy

Hotel-in the look-from Coliseum-Rome concrete building concrete walls hurricane-proof

Hotel under construction-photographed-Peter Bennetts-Antique Collection Architectural Remains

concrete house design Kristin Green-Architecture staircase external staircase hotel complex project

Hotel photos under construction on the beach palm trees garden concrete structures

Concrete villa passive cooling La Plage-d hôtel-South Pacific Vanuatu-Kristin Green-Architecture

Designer villa made of concrete-mosaic floor cement roof openings-double bed South Pacific

Design hotel modern concrete walls arched structures design pool area

Construction of a modern hotel-made of concrete-La Plage-du Pacifique archipelago Vanuatu island

Concrete Hotel shady trees-system stairs-Kristin Green-Architecture

Wall concrete hotel under construction La Plage-du Pacifique-Hotel Kristin Green-architecture