Holiday home & hotel design

Design hotel in Sagaponeck offers comfort for the whole family

holiday home sagaponeck architecture design concrete material

The location of the hotel between the Atlantic Ocean and a lake required solid structures that could withstand extreme environmental conditions. That Design hotel is a new design from Bates Masi Architects and represents a family residence. The holiday home has spacious rooms, a pool and sports fields on a limited area due to the coastal location and the proximity to wetlands.

Design hotel with exciting accents in the interior

sagaponack holiday home architecture wooden elements facade

The architectural plan covers a relatively small area. Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors can be seen on both sides of the hotel. Openings created between the rooms allow light to penetrate and good air circulation. The formal rooms seem to have been transformed into open pavilions through the sliding doors. Minimalistic style can be seen in the interior design. The design strategy includes mobile partitions that create privacy. A thick concrete wall separates the dining room from the kitchen. The wooden wall in the dining room, which also serves as a decoration, is actually a wine rack. Different types of wine are available to guests. Wooden elements can be seen throughout the hotel. Materials such as Corian and Corten steel are used in the kitchen. They are chosen because they have proven their durability in this coastal region.

Comfortable rooms and luxury in the design hotel in Sagaponeck

interior furnishing flooring interior trendy

Geothermal heating and cooling as well as green roofs serve to reduce the environmental impact. The luxurious rooms are furnished with high quality furniture. Upholstered furniture in warm tones is carefully selected and stylishly designed. The floor in the rooms is laid with laminate, while tiles with a wood look have been used for the wall design. The bathrooms have freestanding bathtubs, enclosed shower stalls with glass doors, and great views of the ocean. The architecture and interior design harmonize optically and functionally and you can enjoy a really warm atmosphere.

open living area

living room family residence interior gesign wall cladding

Access to the terrace

living room residence family interior design modern luxury

beautiful wood color

modern kitchen holiday home design deco wooden elements furnishing

Kitchen with island and dining area

holiday house sagaponack modern interior furnishing flooring

a whole wall serves as a wine stand

dining room dining table design wooden wall deco modern

decorative wall wood wine varieties family house sagaponeck

bedroom vacation home sagaponeck panoramic ocean view

bathroom bathtub freestanding modern furnishing color scheme

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design hotel sagaponack architecture exterior design concrete wood

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