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Colored lighting effects as an accent in two modern holiday homes on Santorini

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Everyone who has visited the island of Santorini at least once falls in love with the beautiful sunsets and the blue sea. The architecture on the popular Greek island amazes just as many, and not just because of the brilliant white color. Lots of people live in caves on Santorini! The caves are mainly being converted into tourist accommodation and holiday homes, which offer an unforgettable experience. The architects from Kapsimalis Architects have rebuilt two adjacent caves in Firostefani and turned them into modern residential caves. Colored lighting effects set playful, futuristic accents in the interior and the modern swimming pools offer space to relax with a wonderful view.

special architecture santorin greece white

The two caves are next to each other and only separated by a wall. They share a common terrace where the pools are located. This can be divided into two separate outdoor areas by an opaque sliding door. The architects designed an extension to the right holiday home, which is located in front of the facade. The annex looks like a white box and has a small pool and seating area. On the floor of the pool you can see a small window, which designed the ceiling in the interior area below and offers a view from the pool into the room.

shared garden swimming pool holiday homes sliding wall

Both cottages benefit from the shapes already present in the caves and are adapted to them. Nevertheless, the furnishing style of the two holiday apartments differs considerably. One is decorated in a minimalist way, with simple furniture, some of which are even built-in. A gradient from light to dark tones can be observed. Colored light effects set beautiful accents in the kitchen and in the bedroom and create a special atmosphere. This minimalist living cave has a seating area, kitchen with dining room, small bedroom, shower area, sauna and steam bath.

living area sofa dining table entrance sea view

The furnishing style in the second holiday home can be described as futuristic. Several colored light effects that can be found all over the cave contribute to this. A dark mirror is used as a wall covering in the living area and bedroom and designed with geometric shapes in bright colors. These create an optical illusion for openings in the wall that actually do not exist. The square opening in the ceiling in the living area also sets playful accents in the interior and shines in different colors in the evening. You can take a closer look at the fascinating caves in the picture gallery.

furnishing cave minimalist vaulted ceiling

colored light effects furnishing modern den

colored light effects interior kitchen dining room minimalist

bedroom den interior colored light effects

mirror wall colored light effects optical illusion

light bar colored light bedroom dressing table den

contrasting bathroom dark earth tones stone

white facade sliding glass doors wood frame pool

pool garden holiday home santorin beautiful view

pool design shapes white gray holiday homes santorin

entrance area white glass front sliding window furniture

den facility white ceiling window pool

colored lighting effects interior bedroom ceiling window pool

colored lighting effects bedroom red desk

colored lighting effects bedroom mirror blue light

mirror wall bedroom colored light effects blue circles

gray mirror wall bedroom geometric light effects

bathroom den white vaulted ceiling

Sun sail brown holiday home garden sun protection

terrace canopy awning sea view poufs

pool lighting holiday homes santorin caves modern

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