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Color anthracite and natural materials in perfect combination

color anthracite natural materials hotel modern architecture

Ben Adams Architects and Studio Mica designed a hotel in London, UK in 2017. It is on a quiet street near the busy Great Eastern Street in east London. Nobu Hotel Shoreditch is the newest design hotel ’™ and was created as an excellent example of multiculturalism in the culinary capital. As a special highlight, there is a renowned restaurant in the hotel. It was founded by renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, actor Rebert De Niro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper. So the culinary offer is the focus of the Nobu Hotel. However, the famous restaurant is only one aspect of what the hotel has to offer. It has a bar, an inner garden, private dining and event rooms, a luxurious spa and wellness center. In addition, each guest receives a tailor-made yukata robe and traditional Japanese tea set.

color anthracite natural materials hotel design reception natural stone

The hotel exterior is characterized by an aesthetic that perfectly combines contemporary industrial architecture and Asian roots. The color anthracite characterizes both the outside and the inside and is considered a modern statement. The striking straight facade is reminiscent of a contemporary tapestry made of concrete, steel and glass. The interior conveys the same aesthetics but with different materials. It looks like a patchwork of anthracite color and natural materials. A structural, high-contrast interplay of gray concrete, slate, steel, patinated metal, wood and Asian design pieces that contrast strongly on the gray stone. Traditional Japanese art merges with industrial design, and the result is a deconstructed geometric pattern.

color anthracite natural materials lobby staggered elements wood natural stone

color anthracite natural materials wood stairs indirect lighting seating

Sumi-e art occupies a central place in every area of ​​the hotel and in the guest rooms. It is an East Asian art and philosophy based on an ink painting technique. Artistic works in the form of wall designs, movable walls and sliding curtains for windows come into their own in the minimalist hotel rooms. The abstract representations enliven the areas and create a special ambience.

color anthracite natural materials lobby clinker brick wall design corner sofa seating

The hotel reception is located on the ground floor. A curved backlit staircase leads to the spectacular underground restaurant, bar and lobby. You can enjoy Chef Nobu’s life cooking and try specialties from Asian and Peruvian cuisine. There is also a large selection of exclusive Japanese whiskeys and sakes in the menu. The spa and wellness center will also open in January 2018, offering steam baths and renowned skin care as well as unique treatments based on Asian tradition and Shiatsu rituals. Sporty people can let off steam in the ultra-modern 24-hour fitness center and benefit from personal training units.

color anthracite natural materials sofa parquet floor hotel room

color anthracite natural materials studio kitchen dining table sofa parquet floor

color anthracite natural materials hotel room bed small couch window

color anthracite natural materials bedroom hotel room carpet panel privacy screen

color anthracite natural materials hotel room bed concrete ceiling window sliding curtain

color anthracite natural materials bathroom freestanding bathtub indirect lighting

* a project by Ben Adams Architects and Studio Mica