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A boutique hotel shows effective interior design with light

boutique hotel greece reception reception hall

A31 architecture office designed the “Into the Light” hotel for the 100% Hotel Show in Greece. That Boutique hotel achieved to bring together the modern furnishing style with the timeless architectural design elements from the Greek culture. The designer team has focused on the light in the room and created effective lighting effects that create a pleasant atmosphere. The materials used are also stylistically adapted to this concept and emphasize the magical light effects.

 “Into the Light” Hotel – Boutique Hotel in Greece

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The natural and artificial light are directed in the desired direction by modern trellises, skylights and pergolas. The different perspectives trigger emotions in visitors and create a feeling of warmth, security and intimacy. In this way, the visitor will not only “grasp” the space, but will actually immerse himself in this world.

A boutique hotel where light plays with shadow

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Greece has its cities, its mountains, its sea and its islands. That is the basic idea that sums up the concept behind the design and choice of materials in one sentence. The “Into the Light” boutique hotel consists of five areas: reception hall, lobby, dining area, garden and suites. In the lobby is the imposing work of the Greek artist Apollo Glykas, which is a modern interpretation of shadow theater and cleverly plays with light and shadow.

bouqtique-hotel furnishings-skylights-natural-light-space

The foyer is a room that introduces the visitor to the concept for room design with light and triggers memories and feelings. A striking sculpture (1.80 m) “The Meeting” by Yiannis Moralis is staged and proves the ability of art to improve the aesthetics of the room. In the lobby, the mountainside blends harmoniously with the mainland. Stone and rusted steel illustrate the raw beauty. The dining area represents a synthesis between classic and modern, so that not only the design elements but also the people for whom it is intended feel comfortable in the room. Dry plants in a sandpit create a landscape that resembles the Greek islands. The water element, inextricably linked with the Mediterranean landscape, could of course not be missing from the landscape. The suite is a contemporary room with a concrete floor, white furniture and a double bed, where indirect lighting changes the proportions of the room.


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