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A boutique hotel in Sicily – interior design with individuality

boutique hotel living area stone wall large fireplace

A Boutique hotel impressed with fascinating interior design. The great looking villa is located in Sicily, in a region that is known for the fresh air and the positive, healthy effects.

The boutique hotel offers comfort and relaxation

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Both the exterior and interior of the house convey its individuality and character. A unique building that enchants all visitors. The owner of the house is Guido Alessandro. Immediately after the purchase he had too much free space, friends of his have come and gone. So he got the idea that he could offer other people some rest and proper relaxation. He wanted to share his gem with the world and was ready for investments that led to many improvements and made the place even more attractive. Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful living ideas. Skillful combinations and a peculiar mix of styles created a feel-good atmosphere in the Boutique hotel Monaci delle Terre Nere. The basic idea for the furnishing and the overall look of the hotel belonged to the owner and his girlfriend. In order to create a perfect look and to be able to put individual details together in the best possible way, the two worked together with an architect.

Boutique hotel invites you to relax

boutique hotel inspirational interior design investment calm

The decoration consists for the most part of various things from the Alessandros collection, which he carefully collected over time. Among his favorite things are the paintings by Oliver Mourao that are everywhere in the Boutique hotel you can see. The end result is a great interior and exterior design, which is characterized by character and individual charisma. Mainly natural materials were used for the construction. New and comfortable pieces of furniture, fresh fabric swatches and shiny surfaces are cleverly added to the initial look of the house. In this way, the owner and the architect managed to give the room a modern and stylish look, while the authentic touch can still be felt. A remarkable investment!

bathtub open design candles natural construction materials

boutique hotel design ideas fascinating accents candles

bathroom elegant new elements preserve rustic touch

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boutique hotel sicily chest of drawers decoration elements bedroom

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boutique bedroom painting fireplace cosiness olivier mourao

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boutique hotel accent painting natural color palette

boutique hotel bed large comfortable sloping roof

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boutique glass door bathrobe sink white blue fresh

delle terre nere of course look interior design    boutique house multiple rooms flowers red night lamp gray white

boutique hotel bathroom blue wood elements owner

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monaci delle terre nerre building great architecture