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What is Himalayan Salt? – Ingredients, application and health effects

Himalayan salt crystal salt pink crystals effect

Salt plays a big role in our everyday life. The little white grains are what give our food its taste. However, not all salt is the same. There are different types available on the market: from cooking salt to sea salt and rock salt. However, the so-called precious salts, such as the black and the Himalayan salt, differ from this. In this article you will find interesting information about pink salt, its effects on our body and other uses of the popular rock salt.

What is Himalayan salt and why is it so popular?

himalayan salt chunks of crystals rock salt

This type of salt is a pink-colored rock salt that is created by the deposition and evaporation of seawater and is broken down without the use of chemicals. However, the name of the pink salt is misleading. The Himalayan salt does not come from the Himalaya mountains, but is extracted by hand in the Khewra salt mine, Pakistan. It is called the Himalaya because it is offered untreated and is therefore very pure. Other names are: Alexander salt, Kaiser salt and Hunza crystal salt.

You may still be wondering where the pink color comes from. The reason for this is the high iron content, which turns the crystals pink. So the color is due to the natural rust.

In recent years, the popular pink crystals have turned into a healthy living trend that has its supporters and opponents. The followers swear by their positive effects on health. The Himalayan salt was said to lower blood pressure and help detoxify. According to opponents, this type of salt is just as (un) healthy as the usual table salt.

Himalayan salt ingredients

himalayan salt ground granules pink rock salt

The Alexander salt is an unrefined rock salt that consists of about 97 percent sodium chloride. Various minerals such as sulfates, gypsum and potassium chloride are also part of the ingredients in pink salt. Other elements such as iron and magnesium are also among the substances contained in the Himalayan salt. In percentage terms, the content of the popular salt looks something like this:

  • 95-98% sodium chloride
  • 2-4% bulk elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur)
  • 0.01% iodine
  • 0.01% fluoride
  • small amounts of various trace minerals

Compared to other salts, the pink salt is not cheap at all. You should expect 10 to 20 euros per kilogram. In comparison, a kilo of common table salt costs around 40 cents. Himalayan salt is available in three different forms: as ground table salt, in the form of granules or chunks of halite.

Which salt is healthy??

differences table salt himalayan salt sea salt healthy

When shopping for the household, we all want to buy the best for ourselves and our families. So you often ask yourself which salt is actually healthy? It is important to mention here that too much salt is unhealthy and can lead to many health problems. Doctors therefore recommend using salt as sparingly as possible when cooking and eating. The recommended amount per day is a maximum of 6 grams, which corresponds to one level teaspoon. However, this also includes the hidden salts that are consumed in the form of various foods.

However, it is not possible to determine exactly which salt is the most healthy. As a rule, “pure” salts are recommended because they do not contain any additional substances and are broken down naturally. These include Himalayan salt, evaporated salt (often called table or branded salt), rock salt and sea salt.

Effects of Himalayan Salt on Health

himalaya salt bath salts benefit beautiful skin

The health benefits of pink rock salt remain controversial. Even so, its supposed effects cannot be neglected, as the promised health benefits are impressive. So it doesn’t hurt to swap the common salt for Himalayan salt. Allegedly, the trendy seasoning should have the following advantages:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • help with sleep disorders
  • Prevent muscle spasms and help improve muscle tension
  • regulate blood sugar levels
  • be good for diabetics
  • Relieve asthma
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Purify lungs
  • Increase libido
  • strengthen the bones
  • have positive anti-aging effects

However, it is important to know that the ascribed effect of this salt on health has not yet been scientifically proven. Critics believe that Himalayan salt is just as healthy as the other natural mineral and sea salts.

The wide use of Himalayan rock salt

himalayan salt alexander salt pink crystal salt application

The use of pink rock salt extends far beyond the diet. It is used in various areas, such as skin care, inhalation, bath salt and air filtering. In the following we summarize the various possible uses.

himalaya salt finely ground table salt pink

Food preparation

Himalayan salt as a popular type of salt is of course used in the kitchen to flavor dishes. It is therefore a good substitute for classic table salt. In terms of taste, the taste of the pink rock salt is more intense and very aromatic. However, the difference to the usual household salt is not that great and it is usually difficult to distinguish it when eating.

himalaya salt water drink healthy effect

Drink salt water

Himalayan salt water is considered to be the new super drink that should do a lot for our health. The pink water is recommended for a deep sleep, beautiful, supple skin and as a real source of energy. The drink is called brine and is drunk in the morning. It has also not yet been proven whether the salt water solution is really healthy in the morning. However, since we consume more salt than recommended in our everyday life anyway, additional salt intake is not advisable.

skin care himalayan salt tips beautiful skin

Nice skin

Anyone with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or acne can solve their skin problems with Himalayan rock salt. Because of the high salt content, inflamed areas on the skin heal faster. 2 tablespoons of the salt can be dissolved in a bowl of warm water and then applied to the face and décolleté. If you use the solution twice a day, the skin should feel softer and smoother after a week.

himalayan salt lamp effect application

Air purification

Have you ever seen the interesting Himalayan salt lamps? However, these are not just about beautiful lighting fixtures. The crystal stone lamps are known for their health-promoting effects. Above all, they are used to purify the air and should reduce positive ions and electrosmog at home. Various pieces of furniture are also made from salt.

Himalayan salt platter Heated fry the prawns

Salt plates

Salt plates are also made from the Himalayan salt crystals. These can be used cooled, frozen or heated. Fruit, vegetables or cheese can be served on a cooled platter, whereas desserts are usually presented on the frozen platter. Dense blocks of salt have good heat distribution and are perfect for frying vegetables, shrimp or meat.

Make himalaya bath salt brine bath yourself

Bath salts

A brine bath ensures relaxation and beautiful skin. To do this, fill the bathtub with warm water, about 37 degrees. Then add 300 grams to 1 kilogram of Himalayan salt to the water. The ideal bathing time for a brine bath is around 15-20 minutes.