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Organic products and groceries! Right or wrong?

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Every second Western European buys Organic products and groceries. Eggs, fruits, and various vegetables are among the most popular. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions about these foods. We have the answer to this with Dr. Wanted: Jean-Michel Lyoserf, Head of Nutrition at the Pasteur Institute in Lille, France.

There are still no exact statistics, but the consumption of organic products is undoubtedly growing worldwide. Especially when it comes to feeding babies and toddlers and feeding people in general who care about their health. Here are some basic organic truths and false claims that are sure to interest you.

The organic products and foods are especially beneficial for health!

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Right: The organic products do not contain pesticides, they are in principle not treated with sprout inhibitors. In rare cases, toxic residues have been found in the organic products, but this is an effect of environmental pollution.

The organic products and foods are richer in vitamins and minerals

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Right: It can be assumed that the vegetables and fruits grown without too intensive irrigation, have thick dry matter, that is – a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. However, comparative studies have shown that the differences are minimal and negligible.

Organic dairy products and foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids

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Right: The Concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in these products is much higher. However, the omega-3 is also found in high concentrations in meat and eggs that are not organic products. It actually depends on how the animals were bred.

Organic fruits and vegetables contain more germs

Varieties of organic products contain more germs

Not correct: Fungicides are not used in agriculture and the use of antibiotics is allowed to a limited extent, so the risk of contamination by microorganisms and the formation of mycotoxins should be greater. However, mycotoxins are just as recognized in organic products as in the fruits of traditional agriculture – no more, no less. Numerous studies prove it. On the other hand, mold can develop much more easily on organic products because they are not treated with antifungal drugs. The truth is that this problem occurs precisely with the storage of the products, in the period between harvest and sale.

The organic products and groceries taste delicious

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Right: In general, the taste of organic products and foods is very good because they are harvested when they are ripe. But there are cases where selected types of fruit sometimes even taste better than the organic products.

The organic products ensure a balanced diet.

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Not correct: A balanced diet has nothing to do with organic food. Many people choose organic products because they are of good quality. A diet with high quality foods often goes hand in hand with a balanced diet.

If you want to eat organic products, you have to eat products during their ripening period.

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Right: Since the Organic products and groceries do not ripen after harvest, they are in principle collected when ripe. It follows that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is due in the corresponding season. If we want to eat cherries in January, we have to take it into account, they are definitely more expensive because they come from far away and the transport costs have to be taken into account. Yes, you have to pay extra for small or large pleasures!