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Means for stretch marks – 5 useful tips

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Many pregnant women and new mothers face the same problem – stretch marks. They occur in parts of the body where the skin stretches – often this does not have to be because of the pregnancy itself, but is more associated with the change in body weight. The hips, buttocks, stomach and sometimes the upper arms are particularly vulnerable areas of the body. Often one thinks an effective one Stretch mark remedies would not exist – but that is not true.

Stretch marks remedies – these can be effectively prevented

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One of the most powerful remedies for stretch marks is quite simple – body weight should be controlled if possible. This doesn’t mean starving yourself and desperately looking after your figure – just try to eat healthily and drink more water. This enormously increases the stretch properties of the skin. Even more so – if a child is planned, it is worth starting a healthy diet a few months in advance. Also effective – exercise regularly, even during pregnancy. Yoga, for example, can keep the body fit during these special months. Also important – the right skin care, which is worth investing in from the first day of pregnancy.

Stretch marks remedies – how to remove them?

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And even if stretch marks appear, they can be removed again. The woman shouldn’t expect an effect straight away, but rather think long-term. That means – those who work hard on their figure and skin will see the result. What can be done about it is closely related to whether the strips are new or old. New stretch marks are pink, old ones – white. Massages – in the morning and in the evening, special care products and more exercise – help with new stretch marks. You should be more patient with old stretch marks – these can also be eliminated with exercise, plucking massages and special natural oils, but in the long run.

Diet Against Stretch Marks Examples

A healthy diet guarantees beautiful skin

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Regular massages improve blood circulation and therefore the structure of the skin

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