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Making Healthy Dried Fruit At Home – What Methods Are There?

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Whether as a snack between meals, for the preparation of muesli bars, muesli or other things – dried fruits are practical, healthy and also delicious. And since these products are delicious, but are usually sold in stores for a lot of money, it is no wonder that many are interested in how you can make dried fruit yourself. In principle, that’s not as difficult as you will see thanks to today’s article, because we have put together a few ways you can make dried fruit. In no time you will get something healthy to nibble on and that for little money.

What are the benefits of making dried fruits yourself?

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On the one hand, you get organic snacks (provided you also use organic fruit). In contrast, chemical additives such as sulfur or ascorbic acid are used in mass production, which are intended to preserve the fruit for a longer period of time. If you produce dried fruit yourself, this is not the case and you get dried fruit that is healthy and tastes particularly good. To ensure that these last long enough, it is advisable not to prepare too large quantities at once.

How can I make dried fruit?

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You can get dried fruits using two techniques that you can choose between. On the one hand the fruits can be dried and on the other hand baked. The aim of both techniques is to use the heat to remove moisture from the fruit. In any case, there will always be residual moisture in the fruit. This prevents the fruit from becoming too dry. So, with the right approach, you can make delicious dried fruit without worrying about the fruit drying out.

Manufacture of dried fruit in the open air

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In ancient times, fruit was air-dried. Nowadays it is rather avoided because the method takes a lot of time on the one hand. Furthermore, the right conditions must be given. The air should be dry and of course warm. This condition is usually present for a long time in summer, but sudden rain could thwart your plans. The heat should also not be supplied by the blazing sun. This namely destroys a large part of the healthy vitamins. Instead, a dry, shady spot is best. If all of these prerequisites are not met, it is best to use one of the other two methods.

Dried fruits in the dehydrator


Such devices may seem very expensive at first. Whether a purchase is worthwhile largely depends on how often you want to and will dry fruit, but also vegetables or even herbs and spices. Otherwise, a dehydrator is really very practical, because it is compact, but still offers enough space to dry larger quantities at once. You can find out exactly how to dry fruit in it in the description of the device, because the functions vary from model to model. In any case, the dried fruit will meet your expectations.

Making dried fruit in the oven


However, if you don’t want to invest in a new appliance, or if you simply think that it is not worthwhile in your case, you can simply use your oven instead. Granted, it takes a long time to finish the fruit, but the oven is still a great alternative to the other two methods. If you want to produce dried fruit in the oven, it is important that you use ripe fruit. We have already mentioned that this should best be organically grown so that your dried fruit is healthy. Remove the casing and the seeds from the selected fruit.

Many also wonder whether the peel should also be removed. You have to say that it is a matter of taste. On the one hand, this is where most of the vitamins are located. Remove the shell, so remove most of it as well. On the other hand, baking with the shell also takes longer because it doesn’t dry as quickly. It also becomes relatively tough, which some find uncomfortable. So it’s best to try what you like best.

Making dried fruit – instructions for the oven


So that everything goes well, there are a few things to consider. If you want to make the dried fruit, first cut it into thin slices. Make sure that all slices are roughly the same thickness so that they are finished at the same time. Then prepare baking racks. If you have several, all the better, because then you can prepare larger quantities at the same time. Grates are to be preferred because then the air can circulate better. Now lay out baking paper on the grate and distribute your fruit slices.

Make sure that these do not overlap. Instead, just put the slices very close together to get a larger number. They shrink over time so that they don’t mind the tightness and have no effect on how long it takes to dry. Then set the oven to 50 to 70 degrees. This guarantees gentle and even drying.


You should also leave the oven door open during the entire baking time. This allows the evaporated moisture to escape from the fruit. Otherwise it would jam in the oven and prevent it from drying. If you produce dried fruit in the oven, it is also advisable to use the convection function, as the air circulation then transports the moisture out of the oven better. It takes four to six hours to dry. If you are bothered by the fact that the light-colored fruit turns dark while drying, you can prevent this by brushing it with lemon or salt water before drying.

Prepare delicious snacks and store them correctly


If you feel like it and want to produce dried fruit, you have the choice between a variety of fruits. You can dry apples and make delicious apple rings yourself, but peaches, dates, grapes, plums, cranberries, mango, figs, aronia berries and plums are also great. You can even dry strawberries. Dried bananas are also particularly popular. The time it takes to dry also depends to a large extent on the fruit itself. The juicier it is, the longer it has to dry. So if you dry bananas, you can calculate less time than with peaches, for example.


Just try different fruits to find out what you like best. Because the dried versions don’t always taste just as good as the fresh ones. Grapes are very popular, but their dried variant, raisins, is not popular with everyone. Maybe you even have a garden with lots of fruit trees? Then you have the perfect spring close by and you also know exactly that everything is organically and healthily grown.

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After baking or drying the fruit, let it cool down well before packing it. So that they last as long as possible afterwards, you should choose a cool place for storage. The vitamins in the fruits protect you in turn with the help of darkness. So a dark, cool and dry room is perfect. It is best to use sealable plastic or ceramic containers.