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Information and tips on the subject of “Detox Tea” – what is it, how does it work & how is it used correctly?

A new trend is conquering the world again and this is called detox tea. It is a promising tea for weight loss and detoxification, which is also said to be healthy. Many stars in particular swear by the positive effects of detox teas and that of course prompts fans to give it a try. After all, what works for the stars really has to work, doesn’t it? But the detox tea experiences are different.

Buy detox tea or prepare it yourself - information and tips on the subject

Whether it really helps, whether and why detox tea is good, what effect detox tea has and how to use detox tea correctly, we would like to give you a summary today. You will also find out what you have to consider if you want to use the tea for detoxification, which varieties there are and how you can make detox tea yourself. But don’t expect a miracle cure. If you want to lose weight healthily, successfully and permanently and do something good for your body, you can not only rely on detox tea for a long time.

Detox tea – what is it?

Detox tea can calm the stomach and intestines and stimulate digestion

We have already mentioned several times that detox tea is supposed to detoxify. That already gives an indication of where the term “detox” comes from. So what does detox tea mean? It is an abbreviation of the English term “detoxication”, which means nothing more than “detoxification”. In German, the term “detox” is often used, which in turn is the same as the tried and tested fasting.

Detox tea is only recommended as a support for a healthy diet and exercise

Many terms, one meaning: Even if you understand English and know what detox means, you may still be wondering what detox tea is. What is detox tea made of and what does detox tea do to the body? That depends mainly on the composition. There are different mixtures of different medicinal plants and herbs, which of course also have different effects on the body.

Detox teas are not a miracle cure, they only help you lose weight

What are detox teas?

By and large, the detox tea is supposed to stimulate the kidneys and metabolism, dehydrate the body and thereby deacidify. That in turn should be the ideal prerequisite for shedding a few pounds. However, the assumption that detox tea is suitable for losing weight on its own is wrong. It’s not a magical drug that will shed the pounds. It is only, so to speak, an aid on the way to the goal. With detox teas you only support your healthy diet, which you combine with sufficient exercise and sport.

The detox tea is not a very specific composition. Depending on the manufacturer and the supposed area of ​​application, the ingredients, i.e. the herbs that are used, differ. Below we mention a few examples that are typical of the detox tea blend and what purpose they should serve.

What is detox tea good for??

Purify, detoxify and cleanse the body with the detox tea

And what is detox tea good for? Why is it advisable to detoxify the body from time to time and use tea to purify it, for example? What are the benefits of detox teas? It’s no secret that teas in themselves, and especially herbal teas, are healthy and good for the body. Colds, for example, are successfully combated.

Therefore, a detoxifying tea is not only good if the body is to be detoxified. In addition to this detox tea effect, treat the body to all the other positive properties of tea, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Lose weight healthily with detox tea and supply the body with vitamins

But what else does detox tea do? By drinking the recommended amount (more on this below), the body is, so to speak, flushed through. In this way, the tea promotes detoxification and kidney function. In other words, it is really thoroughly cleaned once. However, you shouldn’t just go ahead and detox your body with tea for as long as you want.

For this purpose, a cure is recommended, which should have a certain duration in order not to cause the opposite and to damage the organs in the long term. Depending on the ingredients, you can also concentrate on certain organs: some herbs primarily detoxify the liver, others the kidneys and others are good for the heart.

Where can I get detox tea?

Detox teas can be drunk all day, but caffeinated teas are best not drunk in the evening

Where can you buy detox tea? This is going to be one of the questions you are likely to ask yourself once you’ve decided to try a detox regimen. By and large, you can find detox tea anywhere and by that we mean the blends called detox. You can find different types of detox tea in pharmacies (e.g. Salus Detox tea), but also in drugstores or larger supermarkets.

Lose weight and live a healthy life with detox tea - whether and how it works

But the question of where can I buy detox tea is not enough, because it is also extremely important to pay attention to the ingredients. Organic quality is a must and additional aromas should not be contained in high-quality teas, because these accumulate in the organism and do exactly what you actually want to combat. Also keep in mind that expensive products are not necessarily higher quality ones. So don’t let the high prices fool you.

Detox tea – effects and suitable varieties for detoxifying and losing weight

Strengthen and detox the liver – which foods help the liver and are healthy?

Stimulate Digestion Without Medication – 10 Natural Home Remedies

A particularly large selection of all kinds of tea, including, of course, Body Detox tea, is available from a tea dealer. You can visit them on site or browse them online. Detox tea Meßmer, for example, is very popular. If you order detox tea on the Messmer website, you can also find out about the correct preparation and ingredients, and you will also receive some interesting facts about the tea in question. Shopping is twice as much fun.

Detox tea varieties

Numerous types of tea are suitable for detox teas and can be drunk

The most common ingredients used in tea as a detox regimen are nettle, green tea, mate, lemongrass, milk thistle, goldenrod and ginger. For example, if you want to lose weight with detox tea, herbs that stimulate the intestines, liver and kidneys and help them detox are beneficial. These include the nettle, but also the milk thistle and goldenrod. The Tree of Life Detox Tea is lemon and sweet. It is a mixture of different herbs, including mint, ginger, nettle, lemongrass and others.

Nettle is a popular ingredient in detox tea with beneficial effects

Which detox tea is the best is therefore not necessarily an appropriate question, because it depends on what you want to achieve with the cure. We would also like to remind you once again that you should not expect miracles with teas alone and that they should only be used to support a healthy lifestyle. So don’t be fooled by names like “Skinny Detox Tea”.

Mix detox tea yourself

Recipes and ideas for homemade detox teas for DIY tea blends

We have already answered the question where can I get detox tea, but how about making detox tea yourself instead to lose weight? It is completely wrong to assume that detox teas contain special weight loss and purification agents. These are normal herbal teas that are offered in various blends. And that means that you can also independently put together any tea blends according to your needs.

We have already mentioned the types of tea that are typical for detox teas above. With the following table we would like to show you which variety is beneficial for which organs or functions, so that you know exactly which varieties you need to use if you want to try detox with tea:

Type of tea Effect
Nettle – stimulates the metabolism

– stimulates digestion

– has a draining effect

ginger – stimulates digestion

– stimulates the metabolism

Lemon balm – calms the stomach and intestines
Green tea (contains caffeine) – protects against free radicals through antioxidants

– has a draining effect

– reduces appetite

Milk thistle – regenerates and strengthens the liver

– stimulates digestion and metabolism

Goldenrod – increases kidney activity and thus has a diuretic effect
Mate (contains caffeine) – stimulates the metabolism

– suppresses appetite and satisfies hunger

– has a draining effect

– antioxidant

mint – calms the stomach and intestines

– promotes digestion

– invigorating

Lemongrass – has an antioxidant effect due to the mustard oils it contains
Barberry – promotes digestion
Senna – stimulates digestion
hibiscus – has a draining effect

– stimulates the metabolism

rose hip – has an antioxidant effect

– promotes digestion

– has a draining effect

Goji berries – promote digestion

– antioxidant

– invigorating

So if you want to lose weight with teas as an aid, you can choose varieties that stimulate the metabolism. Then, for example, detox with nettle and green tea is a good idea. Because of the antioxidants, green tea is ideal for detoxifying. However, if you want detox tea without caffeine, you should opt for other herbs. With detox tea with ginger you can in turn support and stimulate your digestion, which makes it ideal as a diet tea. Don’t forget that you don’t just have to concentrate on one type of tea, you can also combine it.

Detox tea made from different herbs has different effects

Since the taste of green tea seems too bitter for many, a detox green tea can also be combined with balm or lemongrass, because these herbs dampen the bitter taste. Peppermint is also very suitable as a combination when green tea is used for detox and its taste is to be changed. When it comes to green tea, it is especially important that you choose the right temperature for the water to brew. 60 degrees are ideal, otherwise you will destroy the good ingredients. You can also use hot water at 80 degrees for mate tea.

Let the tea brew - different times are recommended depending on the type of tea

How long does detox tea have to brew?

The ideal brewing time depends primarily on the types of tea you use. For example, while mate tea and green tea should only steep for 3 minutes, jasmine tea and ginger can stay in the hot water for up to 20 minutes (but not less than 5 minutes). When buying tea, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging and you can’t go wrong.

On the whole, however, you can’t go wrong with the rule of “at least 3 minutes and no longer than 8”. If you let detox tea steep for too long, it becomes bitter and therefore not quite as aromatic in taste. On the other hand, if the teas are not left long enough, they cannot develop their aromas sufficiently. So you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of steeping time.

Make detox tea yourself – recipe ideas

Rooibos is one of the most popular and common ingredients for detox teas

We have some recipe ideas for homemade detox teas that don’t just use the ingredients mentioned above.

Detox tea recipe with lemon balm, mint, rooibos tea and nettle

For 1 liter of water:

  • 1 handful of peppermint leaves
  • 2-3 tbsp rooibos tea (red bush)
  • 1 handful of lemon balm leaves
  • 1 handful of nettle leaves

Effect: digestive, calming and draining

The fresh leaves are washed thoroughly under running water, placed in a container (e.g. a teapot) and then poured the boiling water over them. After 5 minutes of steeping, remove the leaves with the help of a sieve. Since this detox tea does not contain caffeine, it is well suited for the evening.

Enjoy tea with lemongrass warm or cold as you like

Detox tea with ginger and lemongrass

For 1 liter of water:

  • 2 teaspoons of cut ginger root
  • 3 teaspoons of dried lemongrass

Effect: stimulates metabolism and digestion

Put the ingredients in a container and pour the boiling water over them. Then let them steep for 7 to 10 minutes. Pour the finished tea off with a sieve before enjoying it.

Turmeric is a superfood and ideal for homemade detox teas

Detox tea with turmeric

For 500 ml of water:

  • Ginger: 1 tsp
  • Turmeric: 1 tsp
  • Honey: 1 tsp
  • Coconut oil: 1 tsp
  • 1 pinch of cardamom

Effect: Soothing for anxiety and on the stomach and intestines, stimulates digestion, promotes kidney and liver function, strengthens the immune system

Put all the ingredients in a container and pour the boiling water over them. Then the ingredients should not steep for longer than 10 minutes (ideally between 7 and 10 minutes) and then poured off through a sieve. Turmeric is a very powerful superfood and remedy.

Tea with lemon strengthens the immune system and detoxifies at the same time

Detox tea with lemon

For 1 liter of water:

  • jasmine tea
  • 2 bunches of lemongrass
  • 1 piece of ginger root
  • Organic lemon

Effect: Strengthens the immune system, stimulates digestion and metabolism, detoxifies

Peel and cut the ginger, wash the lemongrass and cut into small pieces. Put these two ingredients and the jasmine tea in a container into which you then pour the boiling water. Strain the tea after 2 to 3 minutes. Squeeze the lemon and add the juice to the tea, which you then let rest for another 5 minutes. If necessary, it can be sweetened with honey.

Make peppermint or chamomile tea with apple cider vinegar to burn fat

Detox tea with apple cider vinegar

For 1 liter of mint tea or chamomile tea:

  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of juice from an organic lemon

Effect: Strengthens the immune system, aids digestion and calms the stomach and intestines

Prepare a liter of peppermint or chamomile tea as described on the packaging. Then add the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and your detox tea is ready. If you want, you can sweeten the tea with honey.

How does detox tea cure work?

How does the detox tea cure work and what should be considered

You have now found your tea or you have prepared it yourself. The only question that remains is what the correct detox tea application is. As already mentioned, the detox tea should only be drunk as a support. If you follow a detox tea cure, you should continue to pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, the cure should not be carried out for too long, as this can quickly lead to a nutrient deficiency.

by the way: It doesn’t matter whether you drink the detox tea warm or cold. You do not change anything in its effect. If you are not a fan of hot drinks, you can simply enjoy them cold. This is a refreshing alternative, especially in summer. In winter, warm tea is usually preferred because it keeps the body warm on cold days.

Detox Tea – How Often to Drink?

Detox tea can be enjoyed warm or cold as desired

You are probably also wondering how much detox tea is allowed per day or how many cups of detox tea can be enjoyed per day. However, there is no exact answer to this, because it depends mainly on the ingredients. You can’t go wrong with purchased detox teas as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. All ingredients and the types of tea used are taken into account there.

Detox tea – how much can you drink?

In principle, however, 2 to 3 liters per day are not only allowed, but even recommended. That’s about 6 to 10 teacups, which of course also depends on the size of the cup. This amount should be drunk evenly throughout the day. Of course, you can also replace part of it with pure water.

When to drink detox tea?

Drink detox tea in the morning or evening with green tea

You can drink detox tea in the morning and in the evening, during lunchtime and in between. All you have to do is pay attention to the ingredients, because not all herbs are recommended at all times of the day. For example, you should avoid caffeinated teas in the evening, as they could disturb sleep. So when do you drink detox tea depending on the variety?

In the time between Morning and noon Green tea is recommended, but also mate tea. Since both contain caffeine, they are also the perfect substitute for coffee, i.e. real energy teas, and are much healthier at the same time. By and large, the period between noon and late afternoon is the ideal time to detoxify the body.

So ask yourself when is detox tea drinking afternoon the answer. Green tea is now less appropriate because of the caffeine it contains, because you want to flush all such pollutants out of your body. Ginger, peppermint or nettle, as well as other herbal teas without caffeine, are now appropriate.

Drink soothing teas to detoxify in the evening

At the evening should you come to rest. You can achieve this with the right detox tea. Now caffeine (green tea and mate) is no longer just inappropriate, it is completely taboo. Ginger is also invigorating and should be avoided, just like nettle tea, as it has a diuretic effect. Tea mixes are offered that are specially tailored to the evening hours. If you want to mix something yourself, lavender tea is suitable, for example, but also lemongrass, peppermint, lemon balm and yarrow.

Detox tea before or after a meal?

What can you eat with detox tea and what is taboo

Opinions differ on this question. Some argue that the morning tea should be drunk on an empty stomach before breakfast, while others argue that the body should first “wake up” and get going. In principle, it depends on what the detox tea is supposed to help. A digestive detox tea, for example, is of course recommended after a meal. Here, too, the manufacturer’s instructions must be observed.

Detox tea – what to eat with it?

In principle everything is allowed that is suitable for a detox cure and that means everything except dairy products, meat, eggs, white flour, sweets and other sugary foods and drinks, coffee, black tea, alcohol. All of these products contain exactly what they are trying to get rid of, and that is toxins.

Detox Tea – How Long to Drink?

Detox teas should always be an organic product and must not contain any additives

A cure with detox tea can be carried out for different lengths of time. Detox cures can last up to 6 weeks if you really want to detoxify all organs. Some people only detox for a week in which only smoothies, detox teas, water and soups are consumed. 28 days, i.e. exactly 4 weeks, is also a popular limit for some people. Crash cures that only last 3 days are also popular.

However, we would like to point out once again that with such cures the detox tea is only drunk as a support in no way a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet should represent!

The right brewing time for tea preparation is important and should not be exceeded

If you want to try a detox tea cure for the first time, you can start small. For example, choose a day of the month or week that you want to detox. So, as you can see, you can put together your own detox tea plan. There are no strict rules. And so that you really feel good, you should listen to your body. Especially if you want to lose weight with detox (in combination with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise), you should avoid periods of hunger, because otherwise you risk the dreaded yo-yo effect.

Detox tea pregnancy and lactation

Some teas are beneficial during pregnancy and can relieve discomfort

The fact is that teas are very useful and recommendable in themselves. They can even help with some pregnancy ailments (peppermint for nausea, sage tea for digestive problems, chamomile tea for sleep disorders). Some teas such as ginger or raspberry leaf tea, for example, promote labor and should therefore be avoided or are only allowed at the end of pregnancy.

Not all teas are allowed during pregnancy

Caffeinated teas such as black or green tea, like coffee, should be drunk in small quantities. It is therefore imperative that you check with your midwife, doctor or pharmacist in advance. If you are not sure about certain types of tea and cannot find any information, it is better to avoid them for the benefit of the baby and do not take any risks.

Attention: Also keep in mind that all diets are taboo during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This also applies to the tea diet. So if you want to drink detox tea, you only do it to meet your increased fluid requirements and not to lose weight. Eat a balanced diet during pregnancy!

Detox tea is only partially allowed during breastfeeding

Detox tea after pregnancy

If you want to drink detox tea while breastfeeding, you should inform yourself about the effects of the respective herbs. Peppermint, for example, which was still so useful during pregnancy, inhibits the production of breast milk just like sage, which is why these herbal teas should be avoided if you are breastfeeding. Also, keep in mind that the substances in tea get into breast milk and then into the baby’s body. Fennel tea, for example, can cause gas to bloat in babies.

Detox diets are prohibited during breastfeeding and pregnancy

Even when breastfeeding, it is important not to follow any diets or purification cures. The toxins are not only excreted in sweat and urine, but also in breast milk. Since a large amount of toxins is eliminated during a regimen, you can assume that some of them will also be passed on to the baby. Apart from that, all diets contain important nutrients in your body, which are then naturally also lacking in the baby, who is supposed to be fed with your breast milk.

by the way Detox tea can help relieve pain during your period. If you want to drink detox tea for menstrual pain, you should only choose mixtures that contain herbs that relieve pain or have an antispasmodic effect. Such are:

  • yarrow
  • Nettle
  • Verbena
  • Chaste tree
  • Goose weed
  • Lady’s mantle

You can mix and match the herbs as you like. You can also improve the taste by adding peppermint and raspberry leaves.

Top 5 Best Detox Teas

Top 5 detox teas as tips for the detox tea regimen

1st place: Nutrient Wise vs. Nuritea Body Fit

Both are probably among the most popular varieties. While Nutrient Wise is the winner at Stiftung Warentest and only contains green tea, it is Nuritea Body Fit a mix of different types of tea, which is also extremely interesting. In addition to green tea, mate, ginger and rooibos, the detox tea also contains chilli and is intended for a 14-day cure. Also included is an e-book with a body guide. The tea stimulates the circulation, supplies the body with vitamin C and is a real thirst quencher in every season.

Nutrient Wise offers one variety for the morning and one for the evening. It detoxifies, stimulates digestion and has an appetite suppressant. It also provides the body with sufficient energy in the morning, while the evening tea reduces calorie intake.

With detox teas you rinse the body through and provide it with plenty of fluids

2nd place: Tea Sire Body Cure

Tea Sire Body Kur is in second place in the comparison of the Stiftung Warentest and contains mint, anise, nettle, green tea, liquorice and various vitamins. It cleanses the body, calms the stomach and intestines, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. At the same time, it helps you lose weight because it stimulates fat burning.

3rd place: Colon Ex’s Herbal Fusion Tea

This detox tea, which contains verbena, lemongrass, green tea and mate tea, comes packaged in a practical metal tin that can then be used again. It has an invigorating and refreshing, dehydrating effect, stimulates the metabolism and at the same time inhibits the appetite.

Make detox tea yourself with any herbs tailored to your own needs

4th place: NamasTee Bio

This tea blend, which consists of Chinese green tea, green mate tea, nettle and ginger, comes from certified organic cultivation. It has an invigorating and draining effect, as it stimulates the urge to urinate. Due to the organic quality, the price is also set a bit high. A package also contains comparatively little tea, so that it is used up quickly.

5th place: Rosyfit

The Japanese sencha tea, as well as nettle and mate are included in this detox tea mixture. If you have gas or digestive problems, this tea is a good choice, but not only then. With the help of the supplied nutrition plan, you can carry out a healthy diet for weight loss.

Detox tea cons

Are there disadvantages to detox tea and what are they?

It is important to find out more about the selected tea blend from the trade. Unfortunately, there are also manufacturers who use harmful ingredients. Laxatives are such a substance that in the long run can lead to problems with the kidneys, liver and heart. With prolonged consumption of this substance, addiction can also develop. At some point the intestine can no longer work properly without laxatives. Therefore, consult your doctor or a nutritionist before starting a detox tea cure.

Are there disadvantages to detox tea and what should be considered

Another downside to a detox tea diet is that it’s pretty hard to stick with. By consciously avoiding certain foods, a cravings for precisely these often develop. So if you want to lose weight, you risk the opposite.

And even if you have successfully completed the cure and even lost a few pounds, there is still the risk of the yo-yo effect. Everything that was forbidden until recently can now finally be nibbled again – you quickly lose track of things and the kilos not only come back, but may even be more than before the start of the detox cure.