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Healthy grilling – enjoy delicious and healthy food from the grill

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Grilling is the Germans’ favorite hobby. We grill in all seasons, in all weather conditions and in every location. Whether in the garden, on the balcony or even at the dining room table, with the right grill you can prepare delicious delicacies anywhere and anytime. The topic of healthy grilling has developed into a real trend in recent years. Germany eats fresh and healthy, and this fact does not stop at the grill. Discover fresh recipes and learn what a gas grill comparison has to do with healthy grilling.

Healthy grilling – ideas for every taste

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It doesn’t always have to be steak and sausage! With the right recipes, you can transform the classic grill plate into a varied and healthy menu. Nutritionists recommend a balanced meal plan that includes a mix of proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits and carbohydrates. Creative grill recipes make it possible to implement this. How about a grilled watermelon? Grilled with fine olive oil and served with a light salad of onion, tomato and feta cheese, this recipe is surprisingly tasty and healthy. In addition to melons, there are many other types of fruit that you can put on the grill. grilled pineapple, Peaches or apples can be ideally prepared together with tasty main courses and tempting desserts.

Healthy grilling with meat

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Lovers of hearty grilled meat needn’t fear that healthy grilling is a vegetarian affair. Basically, the meat content of a meal should not exceed 150 grams. That corresponds roughly to a small steak or a sausage. The body is usually not able to process a larger protein content. Additional protein intake from meat or fish is deposited in the form of fat cells. However, if you grill meat that is particularly low in fat, you can enjoy a little more:

• Bratwurst approx. 25% fat

• Chicken breast approx. 2% fat

• Chops approx. 5% fat

• Minced meat approx. 11% fat

Gas grill – the healthy alternative

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The gas grill is becoming more and more popular. The practical grill variant has a number of advantages over a charcoal grill. For healthy grilling, a reduction in the development of harmful substances on the grill is particularly important. Burning charcoal often creates a lot of smoke. This smoke contains harmful particles that can get into the lungs. If marinades, grill fat or sauces burn while grilling, carcinogenic substances can even be released. On a gas grill, however, the food to be grilled does not come into direct contact with the flame. The heat is conducted through a lava stone or metal rods. A welcome side effect of gas grilling is the lack of ash. The cleaning of the gas grill can be done quickly in a few simple steps.

Advantages of healthy grilling with a gas grill

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With gas grills, food to be grilled is prepared indirectly and without flame contact. Gas grills offer numerous pluses, which in addition to the beneficial health aspects grilling Let gas become an authentic experience.

==> Gas grills can be used at any time

==> The short start time enables spontaneous barbecue events

==> There is no need to dispose of ashes

==> Flavored wood chips give the grilled food a smoky taste

==> Indirect grilling is possible without restriction

==> Gas is cheaper than charcoal

==> Hardly any smoke

Indirect grilling: discover the healthy way of preparing grilled food


Indirect grilling is trendy and makes healthy grilling particularly easy. With this method, the gas grill is used closed. Place your food to be grilled on the edge of the hot bars. The result is a gentle, healthy cooking process that makes the meat wonderfully tender. If you want to use this healthy, indirect grilling technique, you have to expect a slightly longer cooking time. However, the higher expenditure of time pays off in many ways when preparing healthy food.

Find grills for healthy barbecue events

If you are looking for a new grill, then one is worth it Gas grill comparison. There is a wide range of healthy grills on offer. They are offered with different functions, in different sizes and in different price ranges. Shops like specialize in selling first-class gas grills. Here you can compare trend models from numerous suppliers and get helpful tips on the subject of healthy gas barbecues.

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