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Green Superfoods – foods that will boost your immunity in winter


The quality and quantity of the nutrients we ingest on a daily basis are fundamental to our health. Adequate and correct nutrition is a prerequisite for a healthy body. Ingesting sufficient nutrients will keep your body’s immunity high. When our immune systems are working well, there is a much greater chance that the viruses and flu waves typical of winter will stay away from us.

Prevention is always better than any treatment, it is the classic measure to take care of your good health. So, do you want to invest in it instead of spending your money on medicines later and feeling bad? It’s more sensible to live healthy and happy, isn’t it?

The easiest way to increase your immunity during the winter season is by increasing your intake of Green superfoods – immune stimulating foods. What do we mean by that, we will show you in this article!

Green superfoods and their health benefits


There are foods that are super concentrated and rich in nutrients that have powerful, refreshing and detoxifying effects on our bodies. These are known as green superfoods.

So green superfoods are those foods that are known for their remarkable effects on the immune system in the first place. This can greatly improve your overall health.


– AFA blue-green algae:

The AFA blue-green algae have been a constant topic for a few years, not only in specialist circles. They have proven to be one of the best nutritional supplements on the planet. This superfood has numerous health benefits, again first and foremost of which is immunity stimulation. According to Dr. Jensen Gete, who conducts extensive studies on the effects of AFA blue-green algae on the immune system, has proven the ingestion of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae algae (AFA algae for short) to have a very good effect on humans, more precisely on the bloodstream and cells for them Immune function.

AFA seaweed is a useful product that can help with weakened immune systems or false immune reactions. The AFA algae contain a high concentration of phycocyanin in the blue pigment, which helps increase immunity and stimulates the production of stem cells in the bone marrow. Stem cells are the basic form of all cells and can be converted into any cell, including T cells, macrophages, and the like.

spirulina-Green-Superfoods-Food-Strengthening immunity


Spirulina is another type of blue-green algae that is also one of the most useful plant organisms and is known to people today. This super food contains a high concentration of trace elements that recharge the body and have beneficial effects on the immune system.

The immune-stimulating properties of spirulina can never be overstated because they can successfully fight infections, improve cell function, and even stop diseases like cancer. The dark green color of spirulina shows how rich it is in chlorophyll. This in turn has a detoxifying effect and helps the body to cleanse itself of any pollutants.

Spirulina improves cellular communication processes in the body and has the ability to restore DNA. Research has shown that spirulina is an immunomodulating dietary supplement. Small amounts of it can contribute to the equilibrium and stabilization of the immune system, such as the release of several metabolic energies, thereby giving your body back vitality.

This is why people who take spirulina often feel like they have elevated energy levels.



Phytoplankton is incredibly stimulating for the human immune system. It contains:

Beta-alanine, which has immune stimulating and regulating effects.

Arginine – an amino acid that has the ability to stimulate the immune system and maintain the body’s immune function.

Asparagine, which is necessary for cells to grow.

Beta carotene – a powerful antioxidant that improves the functioning of the immune system. According to a study conducted by the Institute of Food Research in the UK, ingesting beta-carotene may improve human immunity.

Phytoplankton also contains vitamins B6, B12 and bioflavonoids, which are responsible for maintaining the immune system.

Wheat and barley grass powder and their immune stimulating properties


Wheat and barley grass powders are purely plant-based powders that serve as a supplement to a healthy diet and improve human health. Unsurprisingly, both belong to the group of green superfoods. In addition to general health benefits, they have very positive immune system support:

Wheat and barley grass powders are excellent sources of phytochemicals, which have many beneficial effects on human health by stimulating the immune system. The immune system needs to be strong to prevent infections from occurring in the body. Wheat and barley grass powder is rich in chlorophyll, which increases the production of hemoglobin and thus the supply of oxygen to the cells.


Wheat and barley grass powder is rich in selenium, which helps rebuild the immune system.

By ingesting wheat and barley grass, you can prevent bacteria and viruses from growing in your body.

Wheat and barley grass powder is high in zinc. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture): “Zinc plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. It has a positive effect on many aspects – from maintaining the immune system and regenerating the skin to the gene regulation of lymphocytes.

Surely you are now convinced that with Green Superfoods you can spend the cold autumn and winter months much more easily and most importantly: improve your immunity enormously. We must remember that the quality of our food has a profound effect on our immune system. If our menu is full of salads and cereals, combined with green superfood, if you exercise regularly, you will surely enjoy good health and plenty of energy every day.