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Green Smoothies: The Most Important Tips for Healthy Nutrient Bombs


At first glance, given their intense green color, they don’t look very appetizing. However, anyone who familiarizes themselves with green smoothies and dares a first test will be surprised. One thing is clear: Green smoothies can not only taste good, but also prove to be real nutritional miracles. With the right recipes and a good blender, they can even replace breakfast and support a healthy lifestyle.

Which is why green smoothies in particular are considered healthy


To find out why green smoothies in particular have the image of a health miracle, it is important to take a closer look at the ingredients. This shows that the plant greens contained in the smoothie, which are made from certain ingredients, are said to have a special effect. As a secondary plant substance, chlorophyll is said to help detoxify the body and thus lead women and men on the way to a more vital attitude towards life. The fact that the smoothie then works like a scary Halloween drink is a side effect that health-conscious people in particular are happy to accept.

The secret of green smoothies: low in calories and high in nutrients

green smoothies mint leaves

But it’s not the chlorophyll alone that makes a green smoothie so special. The key word here is “nutrient density”. Classic ingredients in green smoothies have comparatively few calories, but they have a huge number

• vitamins

• trace elements

• minerals

• as well as phytochemicals.

The low calorie content is accompanied by a high intake of nutrients that make green smoothies a low-calorie health aid.

Another advantage is that the vegetables contained in green smoothies are not cooked and thus retain their natural nutrients. Also the DGE mentions in a statement key arguments in favor of a diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables. So if you find it difficult to eat enough vegetables every day, you can quickly tick off another serving with just one green smoothie. The fact that a smoothie also contains significantly more fiber than a juice, for example, supports healthy digestion and can give the metabolism a boost.

Which ingredients should not be missing in green smoothies


In theory, many women and men could now think that a green smoothie from the supermarket is enough for a healthy diet. However, this is a mistake, because the already pureed smoothies contain fewer nutrients when they are later consumed. The reason: preservation and storage over long periods of time make natural ingredients lose their effectiveness. So it is better to prepare a green smoothie from fresh ingredients and enjoy it straight away.

But which ingredients are particularly suitable for delicious green smoothies??


Especially for newbies, it is not recommended to start straight away with smoothies that only contain green ingredients. Under certain circumstances, they can taste too bitter and spicy, which makes the first experience unnecessarily difficult. If you prefer a slow start, you should prepare your green smoothie with around 250 grams of fruit, 60 grams of green ingredients and around 175 milliliters of still water.

Popular types of fruit are apple, banana, pear and berries. They are made with green ingredients like broccoli sprouts, Spinach, wild herbs or kale combined. Chicory, green lettuce, cucumber and avocado are also delicious ideas for creating your own green smoothie. The video provides a little inspiration and recipes to start with.

 And if you want to venture further, reduce the fruit content over time and experiment with everything that the vegetable department of the supermarket has to offer. Spices such as coriander, cardamom, chilli and ginger can then provide a very special note.

Why a high performance blender is so important

Time and again it is said that high-performance blenders are indispensable for the preparation of a really tasty and healthy green smoothie. Some facts prove that there is actually something to this statement.

High-performance mixers, for example, have a significantly increased output and can reach up to 40,000 revolutions per minute. The combination of energy and speed ensures that the fibers of all smoothie ingredients can be broken down much better. This in turn facilitates the absorption of important nutrients that are otherwise firmly trapped in the cells of vegetables and herbs. When eating, careful chewing can make it easier to break down and absorb, but this is rarely possible when drinking a smoothie.

Leaves and co. Are pureed particularly finely in the high-performance mixer


Another point that speaks for a high-performance mixer is the ultimate mouthfeel. A smoothie from a powerful blender is significantly more viscous and accordingly feels more pleasant on the palate. Larger pieces of spinach, parts of ginger roots and leftover sprouts are unpleasant side effects of an underperforming mixer. If you then prepare your first green smoothie, you won’t want to try again given the grainy feeling.

However, the fact that the purchase of a high-performance mixer is associated with a considerable investment makes some people hesitate. Then it can make sense to play through other possible uses of the kitchen appliance and to define its actual use. A high-performance mixer can also help with the preparation of soups, sauces, salad dressings or nut butter and energy balls. With regular use, the purchase is therefore quickly worthwhile.

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