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Cooking fast food – these tips are guaranteed to save you time

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When everyday life is hectic, there is little time left for cooking. Those who come home exhausted in the evening have no desire for complicated dishes. That is why Germans are increasingly turning to fast food – which in the long term could not only lead to weight gain, but also to increased cholesterol levels. So it is definitely worth preparing delicious and healthy delicacies at home. In less than 30 minutes, salads as well as dishes for vegans and vegetarians, and even main courses with fish and meat, can be on the table. We’ll give you useful tips on how to cook quick food!

Cooking fast food – good planning saves time

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Numerous recipes for quick meals can be found online – but the preparation time of 30-40 minutes is simply the last step towards dinner. Planning is much more complex. If you want to save time, you should decide on a menu for the coming week at the weekend, discuss it with the other family members and decide whether something should be canceled or replaced. Recipes with similar ingredients have the advantage that the leftovers can be used for other dishes. A detailed list with all the required ingredients and the corresponding quantities should be made before you go shopping.

preparing quick food saving time tips

If not all groceries are available in a shop, the shopping tour should start from the cheapest supermarket – the more products are found there, the better. Only those who stick to the shopping list can keep an overview of the costs incurred. A cooking plan saves not only time but also money – for example, expensive meals can be offset by cheap ones, leftover food can be taken to work the next day, and the budget remains manageable.

The cooking box guarantees varied dishes and creates time for cooking

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Families with small children in particular often find it difficult to shop for the weekend – with a cooking box, the tedious search for new recipes and putting together the individual ingredients is no longer necessary. Instead, precisely measured groceries are delivered to your doorstep every week, along with suitable recipes. Meals are carefully calculated, with a nutritional value of at least 500 and a maximum of 800 calories.

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Everyone can order the right cooking box according to their own needs – for two, three or four people and accordingly for three, four or five dishes a week. There are still variants with meat and fish to choose from, only with vegetables for vegetarians and fruit boxes. Not only traditional dishes are cooked – delicacies from exotic countries always add variety to the menu. Right now, for example, football fans can look forward to the delicious ones World Cup recipes be happy.

Prepare quick food – which ingredients are suitable?

Prepare quick food Buy seasonal vegetables

Quick recipes are surprisingly diverse – there are numerous combinations to choose from. Meals with ground beef or chicken cut into pieces are basically ready in less than 40 minutes. If it goes faster, fish and shrimp are an alternative. Noodles, potatoes and rice are perfect as a side dish and make dinner complete. They can also be easily transported to the office or school. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are not only guaranteed to be fresh, they also cost less on average than exotic fruits.

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