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Build up the intestinal flora – intake of probiotics for strong defenses

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The intestinal flora contains over 400 types of microorganisms, the largest group being the so-called lactobicilicus. They are also present in some foods such as probiotic yogurt. The lactic acid bacteria are referred to by the term probiotics. It is given to the little baby with breast milk – this is how a balanced intestinal flora is built up and the body’s defenses are strengthened. When and why is a Probiotics intake then attached?

The intake of probiotics rebuilds the intestinal flora

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After antibiotic therapy, the intestinal flora is often destroyed – this problem can also be Probiotics intake be solved. The beneficial bacteria include Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptoccocus thermophilus, and Lactobacillus bifidum. They are useful for digestion, lower cholesterol, and prevent allergies. The lactic acid bacteria can be resettled in the intestine and build up a healthy intestinal flora.

Probiotics intake – useful foods

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A regular one Probiotics intake can be done through the yogurt – this should be done slowly, step by step. Older people and children shouldn’t go overboard with this – their immune systems are usually weaker and the effects on the body have not been adequately researched. Preferably consume 1 cup of chilled yoghurt a day. For maximum effect, eat artichoke or a pair of double slices a day – they contain important fiber, which stimulates the multiplication of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

For healthy intestinal flora, preferably avoid, if possible, antibiotics, carbonated drinks and foods that contain preservatives.

Delicious desserts with probiotic yoghurt for young and old

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