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16 natural appetite suppressants that are a healthy way to stop food cravings

Once again you are standing in front of the refrigerator or snack cabinet and have an appetite for something sweet or to nibble, but have you actually eaten well? With so much on offer on the market, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to resist the nibbles and sweets. But to curb your appetite, you don’t have to resort to pills and other promising drugs right away. Fortunately, nature has its own products to offer that can help fight those annoying cravings. We have listed some natural appetite suppressants for you to give you an overview. Get closer to your dream figure and a healthy diet in a natural way! So what to eat when you have cravings?

Natural Appetite Suppressors – Recognizing Cravings

Natural appetite suppressants that will help you lose weight

To lose weight healthily, you should learn to tell the difference between appetite and hunger. Because with natural appetite suppressants you shouldn’t suppress the “real” hunger. That would be anything but healthy. If you are actually hungry, you should eat too. Appetite suppressants, on the other hand, are supposed to suppress the so-called cravings. You can achieve this with the help of a healthy and balanced diet, among other things. Natural appetite suppressants like the ones we have listed below are only intended to help avoid unhealthy snacks in between meals. Chemical-based appetite suppressants should be avoided altogether.

Natural appetite suppressants – apples

Natural appetite suppressants - apples if you are in the mood for something sweet

Your body craves something sweet and you are about to reach for the chocolate in the cupboard? Try it first with an apple. This natural appetite suppressant would without question be a better choice, but how does it help?

For one thing, an apple contains a lot of fiber. These are called pectins and ensure a long-lasting feeling of fullness by keeping the glucose balance in the body stable. As a result, the desire for sweets disappears and you have done something good for your body at the same time. Because, as we all know, apples also contain important vitamins. Dietary fiber has another positive effect. In fact, they stimulate digestion and hormones are released that stimulate fat burning. So it’s perfect when you’re working on your figure. You are welcome to combine the apple with a few almonds, because they are also good plant-based appetite suppressants, as you will find out below.

Tomatoes as a natural appetite suppressant

Eating tomatoes and reducing your appetite against unhealthy snacks

Tomatoes are also natural appetite suppressants that stabilize blood sugar levels. This is ensured by the high chromium content of these delicious, red vegetables. Not to be underestimated, of course, are all the other important nutrients that tomatoes give us. And since the vegetables can also be used in so many ways in the kitchen, they are also perfect in the fight against cravings. Prepare a salad or a sauce for pasta as you wish. Or, instead of grabbing a bag of chips, you would rather nibble on a delicious tomato soup!

Oatmeal is a filling natural appetite suppressant

Oatmeal as a natural appetite suppressant - filling breakfast with fruit

Oatmeal is a real filler. This is also the reason why nutrition experts repeatedly recommend muesli or porridge for breakfast. The grain is one of the so-called slow carbs and ensures that the blood sugar level remains constant over a longer period of time. So you can easily get by until noon without snacking on unhealthy foods. Add fresh fruit to your muesli and pamper your body with vitamins in the morning. Oatmeal is also rich in magnesium, which helps oxygenate cells and stimulates fat burning. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

High-fat salmon as a remedy for hunger

High-fat salmon natural appetite suppressant - omega-3 fatty acids for feeling full

You have started your day with a healthy and filling muesli or porridge, lunch is approaching and you are slowly feeling hungry again. How about a delicious salmon fillet? Here it is the valuable omega-3 fatty acids that keep you full for a long time and also increase the content of an important hormone. This hormone is called leptin and it regulates the feeling of hunger. This means that high levels of leptin tell the brain that you are full. And by the way, the body gets its energy from the fat pads. What more do you want? Incidentally, tuna, mackerel and trout are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Ginger is a natural appetite suppressant

Ginger bulbs as a natural appetite suppressant against sweet, salty and savory

Loved by some, hated by others – ginger is a perfect natural appetite suppressant. So if you are a fan of this particular root, use it to avoid food cravings. Ginger is particularly stimulating, which means that it can satisfy cravings for sweet and fruity as well as hearty and even spicy foods. In addition, the superfood provides you with numerous nutrients, strengthens the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It fills you up, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger and stimulating the metabolism. If you are looking for natural appetite suppressants for tea against hunger, you will make the perfect choice with ginger – the tea tastes great both warm for winter and cold in summer. You can also sweeten it with a little honey.

Natural appetite suppressants – “Peppermint” home remedies

Peppermint has a refreshing and hunger-relieving effect than tea, chewing gum or toothpaste

Good old peppermint is also suitable as an appetite suppressant tea. But that is by no means the only way to use the aromatic plant as a natural appetite suppressant. Since the essential oils contained in it are responsible for curbing the appetite, a simple peppermint chewing gum and even the toothpaste are also suitable for this purpose. They all freshen the breath, which signals to the body that “now the mealtime is over”. In summer you can use the plant for a refreshing and cooling drink: just put peppermint leaves in cold water. A splash of lemon is also allowed, because lemons are also excellent natural appetite suppressants:

Stop your appetite with lemons

Snack on lemon and other citrus fruits and drink them as juice as an appetite suppressant

Lemons stimulate saliva production, which actually stimulates the appetite. Then how can lemons be natural appetite suppressants? Citric acid suppresses this effect. At the same time, your body receives a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and this in turn stimulates the metabolism and many calories are burned. Lemon juice can be used in many ways – for example to taste the teas mentioned above.

Other citrus fruits also inhibit appetite. So if you prefer orange juice, pineapple juice or grapefruit juice, you can treat yourself to a citrus juice in between (or for breakfast).

Almonds as an appetite blocker

Natural appetite suppressants - almonds as a healthy snack between meals

We come to the almonds already mentioned. Everyone knows that nuts are healthy in moderation. But almonds actually contain a lot of fat. So why use them as natural appetite suppressants when you get a lot of fat as a result? Quite simply: the body cannot absorb the fat contained in almonds properly, but they still fill you up. Another plus point should be mentioned here. In fact, almonds also inhibit fat digestion when you eat other foods, which means fewer calories ingested. A handful of almonds a day is a great idea, but definitely unsalted, because salt stimulates the appetite!

Curb your appetite with lentils

Lentils are rich in protein and have a long-lasting filling effect

You can also stop feeling hungry by choosing lentils as natural appetite suppressants. Fiber and protein are the hunger pills that keep you full for a long time. The complex carbohydrates contained in it ensure that the blood sugar level rises only slowly and gradually, so that food cravings due to low blood sugar levels are avoided. Soup, stew and salad – you can use these small delicacies in many ways and eat them as a healthy alternative to other sweets. Also perfect for vegans and vegetarians who only get their proteins from plant-based foods.

Suppress the feeling of hunger with chilli peppers

Chili peppers curb the appetite with their spiciness and stimulate the metabolism

Not everyone likes spicy foods, but if you do, the chilli pepper will be your best friend. “Capsaicin” is the name of the ingredient that can suppress the appetite and also ensures the spiciness. The natural appetite suppressant, with which you can satisfy the feeling of hunger, can do even more: The metabolism is stimulated, the body temperature rises and this in turn stimulates fat burning. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Natural appetite suppressant – Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke swells in the stomach and is permanently filling

A bit like ginger, but also like artichoke and potato – this is what this exotic tuber looks like, still unknown to many. However, if your appetite suppressant is to be herbal, it pays to familiarize yourself with the root, as it is really helpful in suppressing hunger. More precisely, it is the fiber inulin that has a filling effect, as it swells in the gastrointestinal tract. As the blood sugar level remains constant and there are no insulin fluctuations, food cravings are suppressed.


As a natural appetite suppressant, avocados are filling and high in healthy fats

Speaking of the exotic – the avocado is already standard in many people’s kitchens. If this is not the case for you yet, it is high time that you can lose weight more easily with it. The natural appetite suppressant has a high content of oleic acids, which have a filling effect for a long time. A steady blood sugar level is another result that works against cravings. Don’t worry about the fats you get from avocados. They are healthy unsaturated fatty acids that even help you lose weight.

Appetite suppressant foods – proteins

Protein in meat, dairy products and plant-based foods against cravings

We already mentioned that proteins have a filling effect with regard to the lentils. But of course this also applies to other foods that are rich in protein. Thus, lean meat is ideally suited to satisfy your cravings in a healthy way or to not even allow them to happen in the first place. Whether you choose chicken, pork or beef is up to you. If the meat is of high quality (which is of course highly recommended) 120 g of it is enough. You can also use eggs as natural appetite suppressants, which are rich in protein, as well as beans, chickpeas and even spinach and broccoli.

Stop cravings with home remedies – goat’s rue

Goat's Rue (Herba Galegae) for a natural, appetite-suppressing tea

This natural appetite suppressant is one of the most effective around. The goat’s rue (Herba Galegae) is a herb that is available in pharmacies and health food stores and contains the active ingredient galegin. This has the following effect:

  • lowers blood sugar for a long time
  • reduces urinary sugar excretion

Natural appetite suppressants for a healthy diet

The resulting low blood sugar stimulates the breakdown of fat and stimulates the body to lower the cholesterol level first (a high blood sugar, on the other hand, would prevent fat breakdown, promote the development of new fat reserves and in this way increase appetite). The bitter substances in the plant also curb the appetite. The perfect variant if you want to avoid cravings and your appetite suppressants should be natural. It is best to prepare a tea from the herb.

Just water

Drink water when you feel hungry and moisturize the body

Often one is not hungry at all but actually only thirsty and confuses both signals. And since water is important anyway, if you feel hungry you can simply grab a glass of water first. If you still feel hungry after a few minutes, it remains to be determined whether it is really time for a meal or whether it is only your appetite that is bothering you again. This natural appetite suppressant can also be combined with a little lemon juice.

Natural Appetite Suppressors – Exercise

Exercise stops your appetite and helps you lose weight

Boredom means that you often open the refrigerator door in search of something to snack on. So just distracting yourself with things that are fun is a great help. But it would be even better if you did sports. Whether jogging, cycling, inline skating or just a few sit-ups and push-ups at home – you will not only stimulate fat burning and then feel better. A British study has also shown that it releases the body’s own appetite suppressants. After exercising, you have an increased energy requirement, which leads to the fact that you eat more. However, the subjects in the study did not compensate for this need with the larger servings. The ratio between calorie consumption and intake was still in the red with them compared to the test persons who did not do any sport.

Healthy and natural appetite suppressants for food cravings