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Strawberry Smoothie: Delicious recipe with blueberries and peppermint

Preparation couldn’t be easier: a delicious smoothie can be made from several seasonal fruits and herbs in no time. The mixed drink, which comes from the USA and is particularly popular there for its creamy consistency, is now enjoying great popularity worldwide. Mainly because, unlike juice, where the peel and pulp are thrown out, the whole fruit is used in the preparation of the fruit puree. Significantly fewer nutrients are lost in the process. So if you want to take a break from work in between, you can prepare this refreshing strawberry smoothie with blueberries and peppermint.

Strawberry smoothie – together with blueberries and peppermint, the delicious mixed drink has a refreshing effect

strawberry smoothie preparation delicious delicacy

For the next recipe you need 5 free minutes, a blender, knife and a desire for a refreshing drink with fresh fruit. The stated amounts are sufficient for one – two servings for adults.


250 g of ripe strawberries

250 g ripe blueberries

1 stalk of peppermint (on request)

You can safely enjoy the smoothie a maximum of 4 times a week and thus successfully replace two to four servings of fruit – the experts recommend that the daily consumption does not exceed 200 milliliters. Otherwise the digestive tract is overwhelmed. Also, don’t forget that smoothies aren’t actually a drink. Although they have an insufficient satiety effect (similar to other liquids), they contain the calories of a fruit salad.

Prepare a strawberry smoothie: a fruity taste in just four easy steps

Strawberry smoothie preparing ideas

Wash all ingredients thoroughly before preparing. Let the fruits dry. Quarter the strawberries.

Strawberry smoothie finely puree blueberries

Put the strawberries and blueberries in the blender and puree them finely.

Prepare strawberry smoothie and decorate with peppermint

If desired, add a stalk of peppermint, puree for a short time or mix in a pulsating manner.