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Choosing the Right Sunglasses – What is Important to Know?

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Sunglasses are the latest fashion accessories that testify to good taste and style. First and foremost, however, they are effective eye protection against dirt and UV rays from the sun. Therefore, compromising the quality of the glasses is not a good idea. The trend in glasses frames, on the other hand, changes from year to year, but some models remain design classics. If you have the right one Choosing sunglasses there are a few points to keep in mind.

How to choose and buy sunglasses – useful tips

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When buying sunglasses, you are virtually spoiled for choice. Don’t be afraid to try on multiple models until you find one or more models that suit your face well. The so-called aviator sunglasses, originally developed for the Air Force, are characterized by a surprisingly universal lens shape that fits almost every face. Kidney-shaped mirror effect glasses are a very popular model among police officers in the United States. The excessively large frames are reminiscent of the style of the 50s and 60s. Trendy round glasses are mostly associated with John Lennon.

Tips on Choosing Sunglasses – UV protection is the most important thing

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To safely protect the eyes from radiation, the glasses must be large enough. Should Choosing sunglasses, you have to pay attention to a good UV protection filter. Sunglasses with large lenses ensure that no UV radiation penetrates from the side or from above.

Tips on choosing the tint

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The UV protection filtering is independent of the degree of tint. Tinting grade “UV 400” is sufficient for use in normal everyday life. The tint of the lenses determines how much visible light is let through to the eyes. Tint varies from 0 (i.e. 80 to 100% means light transmission) to 4 (very dark, 3 to 8% light transmission).

Choosing sunglasses – the color of the lenses

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The color of the glasses is very important in connection with the activities, e.g. driving a car. The color has no effect on UV protection.

– Gray glasses lower the light intensity, which is responsible for the perception of contrasts.

– Brown lenses intensify the contrast and block out UV rays. Brown and gray glasses distort the color perception the least. With all other glass tints, the eye needs a certain amount of time to be able to neutralize the color.

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– Yellowish glasses – intensify the contrast, block rays from the blue spectrum.

– Reddish glasses – ideal for winter sports

– Violet – neutralize the color green.

Optimal eye protection through quality

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Only buy sunglasses whose lenses are made of high quality material and have a built-in UV filter. Sunglasses are made from materials such as glass, polycarbon, acrylic and polyurethane. These are characterized by being flexible, light, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. Good sunglasses are much more than just a fashion accessory. In the EU countries in Switzerland, sunglasses may only be sold if they have the CE mark. This guarantees a minimum of quality standards, also with regard to UV protection.

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