Tinker autumn decorations: DIY ideas for the Halloween party

Soon we will be celebrating Halloween and then again carved pumpkins, bats made from pompoms and spiders made from pipe cleaners will decorate the house and the garden. Here you will find a wide range of ideas and inspiration. So you can make a gruesome autumn decoration and put it on display.

Tinker autumn decorations: organize a Halloween party for the children

Make autumn decorations for the Halloween party ideas

Handicrafts for autumn and Halloween are fun for young and old. That is why we have put together many craft ideas for you. Most ideas can be realized with home remedies and you don’t have to spend a lot on decorations and craft supplies. Paint balloons and stones together, decorate with chestnuts and cones, make decorations out of paper and popsicle sticks or animal figures and monsters out of pompons. We’ll show you how!

Fill balloons with sand and paint

Ghost balloons as a Halloween decoration idea

Do you have balloons and fine craft sand? Then the next idea is just right for you. Fill the balloons with sand and paint them. Draw a creepy grimace or ghost face on it or turn the balloons into a cute little monster with six eyes. Show off the handcrafted decoration in the nursery or in the living room. If you use waterproof paints, you can also arrange the Halloween decorations in the garden or in front of the house entrance.

Halloween decoration ideas: paint monsters

Make Halloween decorations, paint balloons and fill them with sand

Painting cute monsters with the kids is an easy task that even inexperienced craft enthusiasts will easily master. Here are some tips that can help you do this:

  • Draw either three or just one eye
  • The teeth are jagged downwards, of different sizes or crooked
  • Monsters have thick scars, wrinkles, forehead lines
  • To prevent the monsters from looking so scary, you can paint evil eyes and a smiling mouth.

Halloween decoration idea monster balloons painting instructions

To make the monsters look cute and sweet, you can opt for bold colors. Purple, red, green and blue create a happy mood. Let the children help paint. You can draw the contours of the mouth and eyes and let the children fill them in with paint. Let the paint dry out completely, otherwise it may smudge. You can also use permanent marker, it’s best for painting smooth surfaces.

Halloween decoration ideas for kids party Frankenstein

Make Halloween party decorations with chestnuts

Crafting with chestnuts for Halloween decoration ideas

Another craft idea for the whole family: collect chestnuts and paint them. With the help of felt, googly eyes, acrylic paints and pipe cleaners, you can transform the chestnuts into pumpkins, cats or spiders in no time at all. Here are the necessary materials for the pumpkins:

  • 1 chestnut
  • pink felt for the cheeks
  • green felt
  • orange acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • Permanent marker, black for the lines and the mouth
  • Googly eyes
  • green pipe cleaner

Here are the necessary materials for the cat:

  • 1 chestnut
  • black cardboard for the ears
  • Googly eyes
  • paint brush
  • black acrylic paint
  • White cardboard for the whiskers
  • pink felt for the cheeks and nose
  • black pipe cleaner for the tail

Here are the necessary materials for the spider:

  • 1 chestnut
  • 6 pipe cleaners of equal length
  • Googly eyes
  • black acrylic paint
  • 2 circles of pink felt for the cheeks

Tinker autumn decorations: Halloween figures made of popsicle sticks

Halloween decorations make monsters from popsicle sticks yourself

Numerous decorations can be made from wooden popsicle sticks. In the following we show you some ideas how you can make Halloween decorations yourself. The wooden handles are also available in all craft shops and can be painted, stamped, glued or decorated with fabric and cardboard. For each Halloween figure you need three popsicle sticks, which you glue together to form a triangle. Then cut a large triangle out of blue cardboard and several smaller triangles out of pink felt, glue 7-8 differently sized wiggle eyes to them and draw a mouth with jagged teeth of different sizes. The monster is done!

Halloween pumpkins made from popsicle sticks make handicraft ideas with children

Legend has it that the Irish farrier Jack was the only person who could outsmart the devil. The story inspired a Halloween custom in North America: every year, on the eve of All Saints Day, people in the United States and Canada light hollowed pumpkins to show Jack the way. Carving a pumpkin is an arduous task. But you can also make a Jack O ‘Lantern out of green felt and orange cardboard. You can paint the creepy face with permanent marker.

Black cat make autumn decorations from popsicle sticks

To make a cute black cat, you need three popsicle sticks, a triangle made of black cardboard, a tail made of black cardboard and two googly eyes. Cut a circle out of red cardboard for the mouth and a small triangle out of pink cardboard for the nose. You can cut the whiskers out of white cardboard.

Make autumn decorations, paint a witch out of popsicle sticks

The Halloween custom comes from the Celts, who dressed up on the eve of All Saints Day to drive away sinister creatures such as witches or ghosts. That is why figures of witches traditionally adorn the gardens and windows of the Americans. You can make a cute witch out of popsicle sticks, which you can display on the windowsill or on the front door. This is how she will welcome your guests.

Make autumn decorations with children and popsicle sticks Frankenstein figure for Halloween

The monster, inspired by the book “Frankenstein”, is easily recognizable by its many scars, its angry face and its hairline.

Autumn decorations and Halloween decorations from popsicle sticks tinker instructions

If you want to save time or don’t have a cardboard box at home, then you can simply glue several popsicle sticks together and paint them. You can paint popsicle sticks with paints, acrylics, crayons, and even watercolors. Googly eyes also adhere well to the wood.

Make Halloween decorations with handprints

Make autumn decorations for the Halloween party for children

Another cute craft idea for families with small children is to make a fun garland with ghosts, monsters, black cats, witches and pumpkins out of cardboard. Simply draw the contours of a handprint on cardboard and then cut it out. Then decorate the handprint as you like and turn it into a witch, a monster, a ghost, a cat or a pumpkin. Perfect for decorating a free wall!

Tinker with handprint for Halloween: witch

How to make witch from handprint yourself Instructions

Tinker with handprint: paint a ghost

Halloween decoration idea tinker ghost out of paper

Tinker autumn decorations: garland for the Halloween party

Make pumpkin from handprint Halloween decoration from paper

Tinker with handprint: black cat

Make Halloween and autumn decorations with the children, cut out handprints and make black cat silhouettes yourself

Handprint monsters make ideas for autumn decorations for the Halloween party

Make Halloween decorations out of pompons

Halloween decoration idea with pompons handicrafts with children

If you can make pom poms out of yarn, then come up with the next craft idea. With googly eyes, buttons and pipe cleaners, you can turn the pom poms into spiders, monsters or scarecrows.

Make autumn decorations out of pompons for the Halloween party

Halloween decoration idea ghost and pumpkin and spider and monster

A pompom scarecrow with buttons for the eyes, pipe cleaners for the mouth and a cardboard hat

Make Halloween decorations from pom poms Scarecrow

Make a pumpkin out of a pompom and pipe cleaner

Halloween decoration idea make a pumpkin out of pompons

Make monsters out of pompoms and pipe cleaners

Make autumn decorations for Halloween party monsters out of pom-poms

Do handicrafts with the children for Halloween: Spider made of pompom

Make a spider from pompom and pipe cleaners yourself

Halloween decoration: make bags for sweets

Make autumn decorations Instructions for sugar bags

In just a few steps you can make a gift bag for Halloween. Follow the step-by-step instructions and conjure up a ghost, vampire, pumpkin or monster. The craft fun is guaranteed!

Make sugar cones “monsters” for the Halloween party 

Create ideas for families with children for Halloween

Golf balls as eyes, pompoms and mouth made from pipe cleaners, hands and teeth made from cardboard

Make autumn decorations for the Halloween party monsters

Make Halloween decorations out of pine cones

Halloween decoration with pine cones tinker instructions for spider

A beautiful autumn decoration can be made from pine cones. But the cones can also be used as a material for creative DIY ideas for Halloween. Wrapped in white fabric, they become mummies or ghosts. With googly eyes and pipe cleaner, you can turn the cones into a monster spider.

Cut out strips of white fabric or felt and wrap them around the cone

Make Halloween decorations with pine cones yourself

Make a witch out of pine cones 

How to make a witch out of cones

Tinker autumn decorations: ideas for Halloween party for the children

How to paint Halloween decorations out of stones

Small river or gravel stones can also be painted as desired. Use acrylic or watercolor paints to paint the stones. You can then use a waterproof felt-tip pen to draw the faces and fine details.

Painting stones: black cat

Halloween decoration idea with stones black cat

Painting stones for Halloween: Frankenstein 

Paint Halloween decoration ideas with stones as Frankenstein

Tinker Halloween decorations with the children: paint stones

Make Halloween decoration yourself from pumpkins craft ideas

Decoration with stones for Halloween: ghost 

Paint Halloween stones and make your own ghost figure

Autumn decoration with pumpkins

Autumn decoration for Halloween with pumpkins and cardboard

The pumpkins are traditionally carved for Halloween. But since it is very tedious, you can simply paint them

Handicraft ideas for Halloween, painting pumpkins, decorating with flowers

Autumn decoration: paint the pumpkin white and decorate with spider motifs

Paint pumpkin turn fingerprints into spiders

Buy artificial eyelashes, dye them white and use them to decorate the pumpkins

Pumpkins for Halloween paint artificial eyelashes

Make Halloween decorations for a party with children: Dracula pumpkin

Painting pumpkins with children for Halloween Draccula

Cute monster pumpkins

Painting pumpkins for Halloween monsters

Autumn garland with template

Autumn garland of black cats and lanterns

Garlands with Halloween motifs are also a suitable decoration for a creepy party. Download the template and cut out the design from black cardboard. Make the cat’s whiskers out of black wire and use the hole punch to make holes for the eyes.

Autumn garland crafting template for cat

Autumn garland of pumpkins tinker ideas

Make a Halloween lantern out of a witch hat

Make autumn decorations for the Halloween party illuminate a witch hat

Make craft ideas for Halloween witch hat yourself

Halloween lantern made of witch hat and lanterns

Make autumn decorations for the Halloween party instructions

Handicrafts for the Halloween party: lantern made of jam jar

DIY Halloween lantern instructions

Make your own Halloween party lantern out of jam jar

Make Halloween decorations yourself, tinker lanterns

Make your own Halloween lantern out of jam jars

Halloween lantern with spiders tinkering instructions