Super last-minute ideas for Halloween: Decoration & party tips for spontaneous people

Great last minute ideas halloween decoration house

A few days until Halloween and you don’t have any fixed plans? You don’t yet know whether you will be going to party on October 31st or whether you will be sitting at home alone in front of the television? Why not invite some friends over at home? Even if there is no time for great preparations, we reveal 20 super last-minute ideas for Halloween that you can easily imitate with no effort.

Super last-minute ideas for Halloween: Simple, quick and effective decoration

Awesome last minute ideas halloween mantel decorate house

Are you missing ideas for atmospheric decorations or for creepy delicacies that you can quickly prepare and offer your guests at the Halloween celebration? You don’t notice how an effective look can be created without great effort? We enrich you with 20 super last-minute decoration and party ideas for Halloween.

Super last-minute ideas for Halloween decoration: effective table decorations

Super last minute ideas halloween decor dining table chandelier

If you want to celebrate small, you don’t have to decorate the whole house. A few accents are enough in the place where the guests will spend most of their time. So it makes sense to concentrate the Halloween decorations on the dining area or in the living room. You can also decorate the front door and the entrance area creatively. Great results can be achieved even with few resources and a lot of creativity.

Huge spider hangs on the chandelier

A great last-minute idea is to hang a giant plastic spider on the chandelier. You can find these in every good carnival shop. Their legs are flexible and allow many decoration options. You can easily make a spider web out of some yarn. In addition, you can purchase several smaller plastic spiders and thus set additional accents in the room.

Super last-minute ideas for Halloween to imitate: bats made of black paper

super last minute ideas halloween decoration bat paper vase

You can also make a large part of the Halloween decoration yourself. You don’t need a lot of materials or great tools to do this. For this creative Halloween vase with bats you need a few decorative twigs, a conventional vase that you probably have at home, some black construction paper, a pencil and double-sided adhesive tape. First draw a bat template and then cut out several bats from the black paper. Now fill 1/3 of the vase with sand for a better hold. Then arrange the branches nicely in it. With the help of the double-sided adhesive tape you fix the paper bats to the branches and finally you cover the outside of the vase with a piece of black paper.

Decorate a bell jar or terrarium for Halloween

super last minute ideas halloween decoration glass bell

This super last-minute idea is very easy to imitate if you have a bell jar or a terrarium. You still need a piece of styrofoam and small decorative items of your choice. Cut the styrofoam to the size of the bell jar or terrarium. You build your beautiful arrangement on this. If you wish, you can also add a battery-operated string of lights and other small accents.

Decorating pumpkins for Halloween

super last minute ideas halloween decoration pumpkins easy

Probably the simplest Halloween decoration that you can make yourself at the last minute and always look atmospheric are the pumpkins. The following applies: the more, the better. Small and large or different varieties always look wonderful in autumn. These can also be placed outside the house, for example in front of the front door. In addition, you can design the pumpkins very imaginatively: carve, paint, glue, decorate, etc. Then don’t waste any more time and drive quickly to a field near you where you can get decorative pumpkins to pick yourself.

Super last-minute ideas for Halloween: floating witch hats

super last minute ideas halloween decoration floating hats

These floating hats are real rocket science! In addition, they can be copied without much effort. You will definitely find witch hats in every shop where there are costumes for Carnival, Mardi Gras and Halloween. You will need three or more of these and some transparent cord. This lets you hang the hats from the ceiling. An ideal distance from the floor would be around 2 meters. If you also put 1 – 2 witch brooms nearby, you can conjure up a really creepy atmosphere with very few resources.

Super last-minute ideas for Halloween: decorate your front door with ease

super last minute ideas halloween decoration front door

If you have a few free minutes before the guests arrive, they will be enough to decorate the front door themed for Halloween. All you need is black tape. Now create two ghostly eyes on a matt surface or on document covers. These can then easily be masked off and attached to the front door. You can put a creepy smile right on the front door. With a front door decoration like this, you are sure to create a good mood for your guests at the entrance.

Super last-minute ideas for Halloween: creative packaging of sweets

super last minute ideas halloween candy packaging

Even if you don’t want to celebrate Halloween in a big way, the local kids will certainly ring your doorbell and say “trick or treating”. So at least you have to buy sweets and wrap them nicely. Here we present two creative, super last-minute ideas. Many small candies and other goodies can be packed in small pumpkin bags. All you need for this is orange tissue paper and possibly green adhesive or decorative tape. Now cut a circle out of the tissue paper for each packet and place the sweets in the middle. Then take the outsides and wrap as evenly as possible so that a kind of stem forms. You can fix the handle with the help of the green adhesive or decorative tape.

super last minute ideas halloween candy wrap ghosts

The second idea for creative packaging of lollipops and is particularly simple. All you need is white paper towels and maybe thin decorative ribbons in black and orange to tie. You wrap the lollipops as little ghosts. Take a paper towel and put a smaller piece of white paper in the middle, otherwise you can only see through one layer. Now place the lollipop in the middle and tie with the decorative ribbon. Finally, draw two points for eyes with a black marker or felt pen.

Super last-minute ideas for Halloween costumes and accessories

super last minute ideas halloween costumes accessories hairpins spider

You don’t have a costume for Halloween yet? No panic. Here we have 3 super last-minute ideas for great accessories, because they often make for an effective look. If you have to go fast, get super glue and plastic figures of disgusting creatures such as any insects, rats or body parts of your choice. You can make these very playful as a kind of accessory.

super last minute ideas halloween costumes chain spiders

You can attach small spiders made of plastic to hairpins with the help of the superglue and work them into the hair. Another option is to make a creepy chain out of the plastic spiders. Secure the spiders to each other by their legs, and then to a black satin ribbon. You can make a really effective chain yourself by attaching several plastic figures to a base made of cardboard or stronger material. These should be of the same size and arranged in the same direction so that they ultimately appear realistic.

super last minute ideas halloween party costume white mouse chain

As an outfit, it is best to choose items of clothing exclusively in black or white. This is how the original accessories really come into their own and you appear really effective. Give yourself enough time before the party for a dramatic Halloween make-up, because it gives the look a perfect finish.