Painting stones with luminous paint – 3 cool ideas for Halloween

Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to get creative with luminous paint, because decorations that glow in the dark fascinate young and old. Today we’re going to show you some great ideas on how to paint stones for Halloween and give them away at a Halloween party. If you want to organize a Halloween hunt for children, you can hide the glowing stones in the garden too.

Paint stones with a cat and mouse tombstone

Paint stones for Halloween with glow-in-the-dark paint

Required materials:

Luminous paint

Stones (2 for the cat and 1 for the tombstone)

Acrylic paint in white and black

a thin and a thick brush

black felt

E6000 glue


Instructions for the cat:

– Paint the two stones with the black paint.

– Use E6000 glue to glue the two stones together.

– Cut two small triangles out of black felt and glue them to the top of the cat’s head as ears.

– Now you should paint the cat’s face. If you want to use the template, you can transfer the outlines onto the black painted stone using the method shown here with chalk and stencil. However, you have to adjust the size of the template exactly to the stone size. Otherwise, you can just try to draw the motifs free-hand.

– Using a thin brush and white paint, paint on the eyes, nose and mouth. Then apply two coats of the luminous paint to make it glow.

Picture guide

Paint stones with fluorescent paint for halloween

Instructions for the mouse tombstone:

– Paint the stone with the thicker brush in white. Then immediately wipe them off with a paper towel. Let the paint dry and apply two coats of the fluorescent paint.

– Now transfer the tombstone template to the stone and paint the mouse and the R.I.P.-inscription with black paint.

Template for the face of a black cat for Halloween

Template for a tombstone of a mouse for Halloween

And here’s another idea you can try: a skeleton with its four-legged friend

Painting stones with luminous paint - skeleton with dog

And this is how it looks in the dark:

Painting stones with fluorescent paint for Halloween - skeleton with dog

Paint stones like shining monsters

Paint glowing monster stones for Halloween

These glowing monster stones are super cute and really fun to make. Due to the drying time, this is more of a weekend project. You should therefore plan some time accordingly. The use of brightly colored acrylic paints means that your glow in the dark monster stones will look cool even during the day!

Required materials:


Luminous fabric paints

Paint brush

Acrylic paints in different colors

Black marker

Black fineliner

Paint stones like spooky Halloweeen monsters


– If you are using stones that you have collected outside, first make sure that they are well washed, dried and completely free of dirt.

– Optionally, you can prime the stones with white acrylic paint. This step is especially helpful if your pebbles are very dark, almost black. If you don’t, you may need to apply more coats of paint to completely cover the dark stones.

– Paint each stone in the color you want. Let them dry and then apply a second coat. Now let the stones dry completely.

Paint stones with acrylic paint and lightening fabric paints

– Use the transparent glow paint to make the monsters’ eyes and teeth.

– You will need to prop your stones on something that will prevent the luminous paint from dripping before it dries. Just make sure the surface is level.

– Now you can get creative with the different luminous colors. Make dots, stripes and zigzag lines. In case you make a mistake, you can gently wipe the paint off with a cotton swab.

– Once you are happy with your designs you will need to let the stones dry overnight. Depending on the thickness of the applied textile luminescent paint, it can even take longer. As soon as it is dry enough to have a solid surface, use a black marker and fineliner to paint the details such as eyeballs, teeth and the like. This way, your monster stones will also look good during the day.

Ideas for a great Halloween party

Stones with writings that glow in the dark

All the fun of painting the bricks is sharing your art with others! You can hide your stones anywhere in your neighborhood. Whether on the sidewalk or in a flower bed – just make sure they are clearly visible and easy to get to.

Witch on broomstick

Paint stones with luminous paint for Halloween - witch flying on a broomstick

These painted stones are also ideal as gifts for Halloween. While we don’t mean to say you shouldn’t be handing out candy! But such a magic stone would no less delight and captivate the children!

Spider and web

Spider and web motif glowing in the dark

Jack O Lantern and Bats

Transfer the motif to stone and paint it with luminous paint


Paint the skeleton motif on the stone and trace it with luminous paint

Scary pumpkin

Pumpkin glowing in the dark on a stone for Halloween