Painting Minion Pumpkin: quick instructions for Halloween decoration

minion pumpkin face painting eyes tips guide

Ghosts, witches and the like wander around on Halloween. through the world. Creepy Halloween decorations decorate the houses and scare off visitors. But the strange horror festival doesn’t have to be – many families with small children are looking for alternative decorations that are fun for both the parents and the little ones, and not scary. We offer you just such an idea for inspiration – more cute than scary. Here are instructions on how to paint a Minion Pumpkin. Let yourself be inspired by the idea – it is guaranteed to cause a sensation among children of kindergarten age.

How to paint Minion Pumpkin – Instructions in seven easy steps

minion pumpkin faces instructions garden bench decoration idea

Did you see the films “Despicable Me” or “Minions” with the children? Then you know the irresistible charm of the Minions (the name is derived from the English word for loyal servants) – these cute lackeys can also decorate your terrace / house entrance or balcony for Halloween. It’s the perfect craft project that the whole family can participate in and prepare for the festival together. Especially when the kids are still not allowed to carve pumpkins for safety reasons. Even more so – all you need for the DIY project is paint, a few empty Coke cans and a template for the eyes (see the article) to express.

Here is an overview of the necessary materials: small or medium-sized oval pumpkins (for example of the butternut variety), yellow paint spray, dark blue, black, red acrylic paint for the fine lines, white brush pen, gray or silver cans depending on the number of eyes (one can = one eye), templates for the eyes, hot glue gun or universal glue, brushes (bristle brush and fine brush for the mouth), adhesive tape, scissors. Optional: special sealing for the pumpkin from the craft shop, marker for fine lines

Paint the Minion Pumpkin – make the pumpkin durable

wash minion pumpkin instructions step 1

The first step to the adorable Minion Pumpkin is very important and plays a crucial role in the long shelf life of the fruit. When buying, make sure that the pumpkin does not have any bruises. Its shell should feel firm. Pumpkins with damaged skin (cuts or bruises) are prone to mold. The next step is to wash the pumpkins thoroughly – so that the color will hold better afterwards. Let the fruits dry for a week in a cool room with a temperature of around 18 degrees, well ventilated and darkened. Turn the fruit every day so that there are no bruises.

Paint the Minion Pumpkin – apply the yellow background with paint spray

make minion pumpkin yourself step 2 color spray

Minions are yellow, pumpkins are orange. Therefore, apply a layer of paint to each pumpkin (the quickest and easiest way to do this is with a paint spray, but you can also work with acrylic paints if you wish). Let the pumpkins dry for one night. Optional: first apply a layer of sealer so that the pumpkin will last longer when exposed to rain, wind and cold in the garden. This protective layer has to dry for a few hours.

Paint the pumpkin – draw the Minions clothes

make minion pumpkin yourself instructions step 3 draw

Stick the adhesive tape in the middle of the pumpkin (see photo above) – then you can draw a straight line with the marker. This step should make it much easier for you to continue painting – especially because you now have a starting point and can start drawing the Minions clothing. By the way, you can leave this step up to the children – they will definitely look forward to taking part in the painting in this first phase.

make minion pumpkin yourself paint trousers step 5

Now draw the Minions pants, either with the marker or with a fine brush and black paint. Then paint the pants in blue.

Minions pumpkin – paint the face and other details

minion pumpkin face draw marker

Now you can draw the mouth (you can find a template as an example in the article below).

minion pumpkin face painting tips instructions

Use a brush to paint the mouth with black acrylic paint. Now is also the right time to apply another layer of blue acrylic paint – be careful that the fine black lines are completely covered.

minion pumpkin face paint mouth instructions

Now you can paint the teeth – either with a brush and acrylic paint, or with a suitable brush pen.

How To Paint Minion Pumpkin Eyes Instructions

Now draw a thick line around the Minions “head” with a brush. Estimate roughly where you will attach the eyes later and use their position on the head as a guide. Let the pumpkins dry – follow the instructions from the paint manufacturer and take short breaks between the individual steps.

Minion pumpkin eyes cut out template

Such a break is the right time to express and cut out the template for the eyes – ask the children to do this task. You need, depending on the number of pumpkins (you need 4-5 eyes, depending on whether you want to paint all three Minions figures).

minion pumpkin eyes sticking can ground

Cut off the bottom of the can – one bottom becomes an eye. Then stick the eye to the bottom of the can with the universal adhesive or with the adhesive tape.

minion pumpkin eyes tape tips instructions

In the end, the eyes are attached to the pumpkin using the hot glue gun. Your new, not scary decoration for Halloween is ready! In the photo gallery below you will find more exciting examples and inspiring ideas on how you can effectively stage the already painted pumpkins.

The Minions and Dr. Paint Nefario

minion pumpkin painting kids decoration halloween dr.nefario

For the Minions pumpkin you need mini pumpkins, e.g. of the Ambercup variety. They are small, thin-skinned, and orange in color. For the film character Dr. Nefario, you need a baby bear pumpkin – it has a long stem and orange color. You will also need a beret.

Display the minions on the garden bench

minion pumpkin face paint kids decor garden

Outside, pumpkins are at risk of rot – but you can significantly reduce this risk by placing the Halloween decorations on a dry surface. The garden bench that dries quickly is ideal.

minion pumpkin family movie patio decoration idea

The terrace is also an acceptable alternative to the damp garden soil – if it is covered, even rain and snow cannot harm the pumpkins.

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