Painting Halloween pumpkins – 27 easy decoration ideas to make yourself

Paint Halloween pumpkins - make ideas yourself

Make your Halloween party unforgettable for you and your children by choosing Painting Halloween pumpkins. You don’t have to carve the pumpkins, just decorate them with paint and decorations, so you can involve the children too. It is fun!

Painting Halloween pumpkins – cute caterpillar

Painting Halloween pumpkins-caterpillar-orange-pipe cleaner-wiggle eyes

A lot of pumpkins can make a long sweet caterpillar. Paint the pumpkins green, and their stems – black. Decorate the body of the caterpillar with felt points and glue eyes on the head. Two antennas made from pipe cleaners add the finishing touches. Arrange the pumpkins in a creepy creeping S shape.

Painting Halloween pumpkins – corn grain nuances

Halloween pumpkins paint corn kernel pattern glitter paint

These corn-like pumpkins look so delicious! Choose cone-shaped pumpkins and paint with spray paint.

Painted pumpkins as black cats


A black cat and a bat – this painted duo is awesome! Paint two pumpkins with matte black spray paint and cut out the other elements from paper. You can either carve the faces or cut them out of cardboard.

Multi-level tower made of pastel colored pumpkins

Halloween tower painting pumpkins decorate decorative stones

A 3-tier cake or a princess dress? Choose three pumpkins that are easy to stack on top of each other. Paint the pumpkins in pretty pastel tones and stick them with sequins and decorative stones.

Mini pumpkins and flying bats

Halloween decoration mini pumpkins paint black bats markers

Draw small bats on white pumpkins with a marker. Use a jute cord to hang the mini pumpkins on a metal hook in the garden.

Create circular patterns with painter’s tape and paint


differently decorated pumpkins


Paint haunted house on the pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin decoration idea haunted house paint window carving

green caterpillar in the grass

Halloween pumpkins paint idea green caterpillar felt dots

Corn kernel colors

Halloween pumpkins spray paint corn kernel optics

Bat and cat

Halloween pumpkins black paint cat bat paper

Vase for the orange gerberas

Halloween pumpkins paint orange gerbera black stripes

think a little more extravagantly – matt black and pink

Paint Halloween pumpkins matt black pink

black cat and mice

Halloween pumpkins paint black cat mice silhouettes

black raven

Halloween pumpkins garden decoration black raven paint

Witch shoes with bows

Halloween pumpkins garden decoration witch shoes loops glue

Tree leaves pattern

Halloween pumpkins decorating ideas paint fall leaves

brightly painted with cats faces

Halloween pumpkins paint colorful cats garden

spray through doilies

Halloween pumpkins paint doily stencil tender

Halloween pumpkins paint different patterns of colors

Halloween pumpkins paint tableware color decoration theme

Halloween pumpkins vintage illustration silhouette woman

black and white halloween decoration cake stand

Pumpkins painting geometric figures optical illusion

carnival pumpkin decoration paint dots idea

Painting Halloween pumpkins black flowers

Halloween pumpkins carving black spider paint