Make your own plant terrarium for Halloween – ideas and instructions

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Terrariums that are not intended for animals but only for plants are trendy and are decorating more and more homes. Any plant species can be planted in a transparent glass. This is especially good for plant species that love moisture, as the moisture is better stored in the glass. And what’s more, such an arrangement just looks beautiful. Such terrariums can decorate the houses at any time of the year or be put together for special occasions. In keeping with Halloween, we would like to show you instructions and some other ideas for a plant terrarium without animals that you are welcome to imitate. Combine the plants with any other Halloween decorations to create the perfect mood.

Plant terrarium – DIY idea with instructions

plants terrarium halloween instructions orchids glass diy

Dark plant colors are probably best suited for Halloween. These can then be combined with marsh plants, for example. When choosing, be sure to choose plants in pots with a diameter of no more than 10 cm. It is difficult to accommodate plants that are too large in the relatively small glass container. The plant species used are only examples and can be replaced by others. You decide for yourself which shape and size you choose for the vessel when you build the plant terrarium yourself. You need:

  • a dark bromeliad (Cryptanthus)
  • dark dwarf pepper (Peperomia caperata)
  • Orchid in orange or yellow (Lady’s Slipe)
  • a second, smaller orchid in a different color
  • Moss fern (Selaginella erythropus) Or wire bushes (Muehlenbeckia)
  • Venus flytrap or other carnivorous plant
  • Sleeping moss (Hypnum)
  • Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides)
  • Branch with an interesting shape (it should fit through the glass)

plants terrarium halloween instructions bromeliad aquarium

Other materials and aids:

  • Terrarium glass
  • a plastic shelf for the bottom of the glass container
  • long pliers
  • LED tea lights
  • battery operated fairy lights
  • Owl or raven and spider figure
  • Roast pipette for watering

How to make a plant terrarium for Halloween?

plants terrarium halloween make yourself moss venus flytrap

First put the plastic tray into the plant terrarium. If the opening of the terrarium for plants is a bit narrower, it will probably have to be bent a little. Be careful not to break the plastic. The shelf collects the water when it is poured so that the entire container does not float. Now arrange the plants in the glass and, more precisely, in the plastic tray. Start with the bromeliad or the largest plant when you plant the jar. This should be in the rear area. In front of it are medium-high and in front of that again the lowest plant species.

You can also put the smallest plants (e.g. the Venus flytrap) at an angle. Then you will have a better view of them later and they will also cover the back pots a bit. When the plant arrangement is ready, take a look at your work. Now you can still move and exchange or lift leaves that are pressed against the glass wall. Make sure that there is a nice interaction. The plant terrarium should give the impression that the plants grew there by themselves. Then cover the plastic with the sleeping moss. You can also use artificial moss instead of real moss.

halloween plants terrarium led candles fairy lights battery tongs

Next, you’ll need your extra-long pliers. These will help you to distribute the tea lights in the glass without moving the plants. Use the tea lights to illuminate darker areas in the plant terrarium and put them in when switched on. You can highlight another area with the fairy lights. In this example, the string of lights was used for the dwarf pepper, which now appears to be glowing.

halloween plants terrarium artificial branches decoration spider spanish moss

Now take the branch and put it in the jar. You then decorate this with the Spanish moss. This can calmly “climb” out of the glass. Then place the owl or raven on the string of lights and the decorative spider on the Spanish moss. Now it seems like the moss is the spider web. Now you can put the finished Halloween plant terrarium in a place where it can be viewed without any problems and the terrarium can serve as a decoration. Just make sure that it is not in direct sun. Moisten the potting soil with the pipette, but avoid overwatering.

Bear in mind that the orchids will lose their flowers after a certain time and that the Venus flytrap requires a little more complex care, so that you can replace it with other types of plants. To remove the plants safely without damaging them, pull them out of the jar upside down.

Create a plant terrarium

halloween plants terrarium succulents carnivorous owl diy inspiration creepy

As already mentioned, you can use a wide variety of plants for the terrarium. Succulents are also grown in jars with pleasure. Carnivorous plants in the terrarium also look attractive and are particularly suitable for Halloween. But no matter whether you plant succulents or choose other terrarium plants, moss should always be with you, because it is perfect as a filling material and for covering things that should not be visible, such as the flower pots.

halloween plants terrarium landscape ghost moss garden

If you want to build a terrarium yourself or set up a terrarium for Halloween, you can also use various decorations that you would also use for the rest of the room design. Then your plants in the glass will really radiate a Halloween atmosphere. Owls, ravens and spiders as used in the example above are just a few of the possible variants. Create a moss landscape in the glass, for example, which you then add tiny tombstones to or distribute artificial eyeballs. Leafless branches can represent parched trees and yarn can be used for artificial cobwebs.

If you don’t dare to look at real plants despite their beauty, the attractive Halloween decoration can also be put together from artificial ones. A wide variety of colors can also be found here. For example, an artificial black gourd can be used in a way that does not occur in nature. You can find interesting artificial plant models in pet shops, for example.

halloween plants terrarium ideas do it yourself skull pumpkin black

Use the plants as the main element and Halloween characters only as accents as was done in the instructions or, conversely, design any Halloween landscape and only use the plants here and there for the background. You decide for yourself! And if you are already in the process of making terrariums yourself, you can also try out several and even give some for free.