Make pumpkin decorations for Halloween yourself – 20 original ideas

pumpkin decoration for halloween owl idea original handicraft outdoor

You want an effective one Pumpkin decoration for Halloween, that works individually? We’ll show you some great ideas to do it yourself! In addition to the classic lanterns, there are also other diverse possibilities for attractive decorations made of different materials.

Pumpkin decoration for Halloween – funny cats in black color

pumpkin decoration for halloween cats motif whiskers paper ears flowers barrel

If you want to choose the cat as a motif, then it should definitely be black. After all, the superstition only applies to black cats. This was also taken into account with this pumpkin decoration for Halloween. And the special thing is above all the use of a pumpkin for the cat’s body. Simply paint it black, add a few whiskers and ears made of paper or other materials and the original pumpkin decoration for Halloween is ready.

Pumpkin decoration for Halloween with painted name trains

pumpkin decoration for halloween color black and white inscription idea

Here is another example of a pumpkin decoration for Halloween where the pumpkins were painted. In this case, bat and spider motifs were chosen and the names of the family members were written down. Set up at the entrance door, everyone is greeted individually in this way.

Halloween vase with a spooky face

pumpkin decoration for halloween vase white flowers face ghost

Hollow out any pumpkin and then use it in the shape of a vase as a pumpkin decoration for Halloween. You can give the vase the necessary Halloween look with a ghostly face. As you can see, it doesn’t have to look grim to be effective. The flowers have typical autumn colors.

Decoration with spiders on a white pumpkin

pumpkin decoration for halloween spiders idea creepy tinker

Let spiders run over the pumpkin for the pumpkin decoration for Halloween. It’s effective, scary and just perfect for a Halloween mood. The color of the pumpkin does not matter, because the black spiders stand out in both the orange and the white pumpkin.

colorful paper loop pumpkin-shaped-tie together colored-idea decoration

Pumpkin decoration for Halloween – Jack O’Lantern carve a pumpkin monster

Outdoor jewelry for Halloween jack-o-lantern amusing grimaces

What goes better with Halloween than bright orange pumpkin lanterns! Instead of terrible or angry pumpkin grimaces, carve amusing faces! Anyway, they look creepy in candlelight! Invite your friends to a competition and see who creates the most attractive jack-o-lantern. Then light up your entrance with the creations!

Pumpkin decoration for Halloween made of paper mache

Order Halloween decoration paper mache pumpkins lantern

They look like real pumpkins – but they aren’t! In addition to pumpkins, a variety of figures can be made from paper mache.

Cozy lighting with homemade lanterns

Metal cans with holes lantern for hanging-Halloween

Light up the autumn days with cozy candles. The outdoor version of a pumpkin are the metal boxes with drilled holes that are reminiscent of creepy pumpkin faces. Then put the small candles inside. The small openings give off a dim light.

Entrance decoration to match the party

ideas with pumpkins-do-it-yourself Halloween outdoor decoration house entrance

 Terrifying creation made from tangerine

Tangerine decorating-carving a terrible grimace on Halloween

Do-it-yourself orange decoration for the table 

Orange decorated lantern to carve Halloween ideas

Handicrafts for Halloween

Pumpkin decoration for Halloween-with-fabric-paper-tinkering pincushion

Left: Let your imagination run wild. With brightly colored textiles and a little skill, you can sew playful pincushions in the shape of a pumpkin. Right: The pumpkin garland is indispensable for the garden party on Halloween!

Pin cushion can be used as a beautiful table decoration

Decor for home-Halloween pumpkin-sewing textiles pincushion

Everything that resembles a pumpkin becomes an effective decoration on this day

Pincushion pumpkin-shaped Halloween decoration bottle cooler orange

Left: The orange decorative pillow makes the ghostly party more cozy. Right: Spray the bottle cooler with orange spray paint for a terrifying jack-o’-lantern look!

Elegant autumn and Halloween decoration with pumpkins in gold optics

Great decoration placemat autumn Halloween pumpkins gold look

Funny pumpkin decoration in the cup cabinet

Carving House Deco Cup Cabinet Funny Jack-O-Lanterns

Pumpkin decoration for Halloween … without pumpkins

Home decor pumpkins-decorate tablecloth-mural portrait

Left: Who wouldn’t be enthusiastic about such a portrait? Right: For the kitchen, choose a tablecloth with current fruits for the season. Put an arrangement with candles in the middle.

Porcelain sugar bowl in the shape of a pumpkin looks particularly festive on Halloween

Porcelain pumpkin sugar bowl black and white glossy table decoration accessories autumn

Make candlesticks out of wood – paint funny faces on them

Wooden candlesticks tinker pumpkin ideas autumn-Halloween decorations