Make Nemo costume yourself – 3 DIY projects without sewing

Make Nemo costume yourself girls t-shirt

Family fun is the order of the day again for Halloween – parents and children can enjoy being together and making the costumes. Small children in particular like to let their imagination run wild. Above all, books, films and favorite stories awaken their creativity. Not only princesses are popular, but also other film characters – such as the little clown fish Nemo from the Disney and Pixar film “Finding Nemo”. Who could resist its charm? In any case, we can’t, and that’s why we offer you 3 DIY projects for Nemo costume without sewing. Let yourself be inspired by the idea and conjure up costumes in cheerful colors for the whole family.

Tinker Nemo costume – DIY idea with tutu skirt for girls

Make your own Nemo costume hat googly eyes blouse

The film “Finding Nemo” has enjoyed great popularity among children of kindergarten age since 2003. The adventures of the little clownfish in Australia aroused the curiosity and imagination of the little ones. Nemo is going on a self-discovery trip to the big city. Step by step he gets to know the big world better, meets new friends, can deal with the difficulties and hurdles in life. And love for his father grows every day. Conclusion: family and friends are the most important things in life, they help children to become adults. If your little child is also curious and joyful, then a Nemo costume expresses its character. The first craft project is for girls of kindergarten age.

Tinker Nemo costume – the materials at a glance

Make Nemo costume yourself Materials overview instructions

All you need for the next project is an orange t-shirt, hat, leggings, and white sandals / shoes. These are made with grommet strips (each strip 1 meter long, cut into 54cm long pieces) in orange, white and black, felt in orange, black and white, orange satin ribbon. You also need the following accessories: scissors, hot glue gun, black and white fabric paint, brushes.

Nemo costume for girls – step by step instructions

Make your own Nemo costume, paint your t-shirt

Paint a white stripe (see photo above) with the thick brush, let the shirt dry. Then, with the fine brush, draw two black lines at the top and bottom. Let the finished t-shirt dry and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for later washing.

Nemo costume wiggle eyes make tips yourself

Cut out two large circles from the piece of white felt, two medium-sized circles from the orange felt and two small circles from the black felt. Glue the circles together so they look like the photo above. Attach the eyes made in this way to the hat with the hot glue gun. Be careful when handling the hot glue gun – the glue is very hot and you can injure yourself. Always have a bowl of cold water within easy reach – in case the glue falls on your hands.

Nemo costume do it yourself tutu girl instructions

Measure the waist size of your child – measure the waist at the steamiest point and write down the measurements. Add 60 cm to this and cut the orange satin ribbon accordingly. Example: waist of the child – 40 cm, length of the satin ribbon – 100 cm. Tie two knots on the two ends (each knot should be 12 inches from the end).

Nemo costume tutu skirt make ideas yourself

Now start to knot the individual grommet strips on the bow – the knots on the bow should serve as a guide for the beginning and the end. So start from one knot and keep going until you reach the other. First tie 7 orange strips of tulle, then one black strip of tulle, then four white strips and then one more black strip of tulle. Then tie again 7 orange, one black, four white and one black tulle strips one after the other. Keep going until you reach the other knot.

Sewing nemo costume clownfish yourself

Put on the child orange leggings, white shoes, tulle skirt, T-shirt and hat – and the outfit is complete! It’s super comfortable, the child can move around freely with it and wear the tulle skirt on other occasions. By the way, you can also use the instructions for the tulle skirt to make other costumes (for example a princess). It has a distinct advantage over sewn skirts – you can readjust it to the children’s masses even after a few months and you don’t have to sew a new skirt.

Make Nemo costume yourself – instructions for boys

Nemo costume t-shirt stripes googly eyes hat

If you have already mastered the painting of the stripes, then you can easily make a Nemo costume for a boy. If you want to wear the T-shirt again in everyday life after Halloween, you can make the strips out of white paper and black adhesive tape. Buy big googly eyes and tape them to an eyeshade. You can make the dorsal fin out of cardboard and felt. complete!

How to save money: on Halloween costumes: start planning early. Several months (especially in summer) before Halloween or immediately after Halloween is the best time to buy new costumes. If you can’t find anything ready, you can save time and money with DIY. In this case, the concept plays the crucial role in the end result. If you plan in detail who will wear what, you will have a clear shopping list and you can always keep an overview of the costs.

Nemo costume without sewing – a cute clown fish

Make Nemo costume girl plush Halloween yourself

The next crafting suggestion is for a soft Nemo costume for babies and toddlers. Particularly practical as a learner – and of course cuddly soft. Halloween is also a good opportunity to familiarize the little ones with the underwater world and to get to know nature better in a playful way. Take the opportunity to talk about Australia, the Great Barrier Reef and its importance for the environment. Plan a trip on the weekend before Halloween and visit an aquarium – even toddlers from 2 years old will look forward to the opportunity. Experience-based learning is particularly effective for babies and can, among other things, contribute to the development of language skills. And it’s fun for the whole family anyway. So enjoy the adventure together with the children and add variety to everyday life.

Make Nemo costume yourself without sewing fabric

For the project you need the following materials: orange fabric (soft, also plush works) – at least 1.5 square meters, black fabric (the same fabric in black color) – at least 1.5 square meters, white felt cardboard, pillow filling, felt pens, hot glue gun, white plastic bowl for the eyes, templates. Optional – the child can wear black blouse and leggings under the costume.

nemo costume cut out fabric black orange

And this is how the Nemo costume is made: first fold the orange fabric in two, then place the created Nemo template on the fabric – the head should be on the folded side. Then carefully cut out the clownfish silhouette so that the crease remains at the front of the head. So there are two fish silhouettes that are connected to each other at the front. Then you can cut out the strips from the black fabric and attach them to each other with the hot glue gun.

Make your own nemo costume instructions cut out pieces of fabric

Now cut the same strips of white fabric and glue them over the black. Our tip: create the same template for the white and black stripes. When cutting out, make sure that you cut the details in black a little larger and the details in white – a little smaller than the template. The goal – in the end, Nemo should look like the picture above. Now you have to cut out the plastic bowl in the middle, or punch out two holes.

nemo costume make yourself details hot glue gun

Paint the edge around the holes with an orange marker. Mark the correct position of the eyes on the orange fabric. Glue the eyes with hot glue gun or universal glue. Let the costume dry for 5-10 minutes (depending on the manufacturer’s instructions), only then can you start the next step.

Make your own nemo costume fill fish head feed

Now you need to fill the headboard of the costume with the pillow filling. Cut a circle out of the white fabric and glue it on the inside (see photo above) so that the pillow filling stays inside. Now cut out the details for the mouth from the white and black fabric. When handling the hot glue gun, be careful not to injure yourself. If you are making the costume together with the children, you can buy an adhesive from the craft shop.

Make your own nemo costume cut out fish cardboard

Use the template for the fish body and cut out two details from cardboard (see photo above). Glue them to the inside of the Nemo costume. If you wish, you can use double-sided adhesive tape. Cut out two openings for the arms so that the child can move around freely.

nemo costume tail fin make yourself

Optionally, you can cut out felt and fabric for the pectoral fins – and you have the costume ready. Our tip: Test in advance whether the child can move freely with the costume. Make sure that the child does not have access to the lining (pillow filling). And never leave your child unsupervised when dressed in the Nemo costume – for safety reasons.

Nemo costume babies parents darla girls

If you want to dress up a baby in the Nemo costume for Halloween, then you can dress up appropriately – in the film “Finding Nemo” two characters play important roles. The diver, who was just beginning to catch Nemo and sold him in Sydney, and the girl Darla, the niece of the dentist, who originally bought Nemo from the diver. The clown fish is intended as a gift for Darla. For the diver costume you need a diving mask with snorkel, dry suit and fins. The little girl Darla wears a purple blouse with the words Rock’n’Roll Girl, a checked skirt and braces that you can make out of aluminum foil. Family fun is guaranteed, and of course you can look forward to the Halloween photos with the family!

“Finding Dory” inspired baseball cap

Nemo costume Dori hat felt craft idea Halloween

Dorie, the pallet doctor fish with memory problems, whom we already know from the film “Finding Nemo”, is the main character in the sequel from 2016. While searching for his family, Dorie has many adventures with Marlin and Nemo. The character is particularly popular with adults and children between the ages of 8 and 12. In any case, since the beautiful Pallet Doctorfish has rather intricate stripes, you can save yourself the trouble of wearing a costume and decorate a baseball cap instead.

Nemo costume Dori hat materials

For the handicraft project you will need the following materials: felt in the colors white, black, yellow and dark blue, dark blue baseball cap, scissors, glue for felt or hot glue gun.

Nemo costume Dori hat quick Halloween craft idea

First cut out two large circles for the eyes from the white felt, then from black fabric – two medium-sized circles, and again from the white felt. Glue the three circles together and attach them to the baseball cap. Now cut out the Dori mouth from black felt and glue it as shown in the photo above. In the end, all that remains is to make the pelvic fins out of black and yellow felt and attach them accordingly to the sides of the baseball cap. Complete! Wear the cap with blue leggings and a T-shirt for maximum impact.

Whether a complete felt Nemo costume for the baby, or just a painted t-shirt for school-age children, or perhaps an outfit with an orange tutu skirt – the possibilities are simply endless. Let your creativity run free, ask the children for help – they are guaranteed to be happy and happy to take part in the handicrafts. So you can make funny, playful costumes for Halloween for the whole family together. Don’t forget to organize a photo shoot – this way you will have the photos as a nice reminder of the family time. We wish you a lot of fun doing handicrafts and a nice Halloween party with the children!

Make your own Nemo costume Dori hat