Make Halloween decorations – 35 cool ideas for an atmospheric decor

Halloween decoration tinker -white-pumpkin-mask-party-simple-stylish

October 31st is the right time for a scary party! The gruesome party is a good occasion to let your creativity run free. Witches, ghosts, monsters, pumpkins, black cats, bats and zombies are the main heroes of a creepy design. With the help of our ideas you can quickly create an effective and stylish Make Halloween decorations and prepare your home for the festival.

Make Halloween decorations for little money

Halloween decoration tinker-pumpkin-white-large-butterflies-glued-beautiful

This decoration idea can be realized in next to no time. Simply cut out a template or the letters of a word, e.g. “October”, from colored paper and stick them on various lanterns or candlesticks. This creates a beautiful festive table decoration that glitters in the candlelight.

Make Halloween decorations at the last minute

Halloween decoration tinker-toilet-white-monstrous-black-lid-marble floor-funny

Making Halloween decorations doesn’t have to take a lot of time and money. A colorful paper garland is perhaps the easiest last-minute idea for your home.

Make Halloween decorations out of glass cans and black paper

Halloween decoration tinker -glass cans-silouettes-lanterns-mood-candles

Make Halloween decorations – redesign your garden

Tinker Halloween decoration -flamingos-garden decoration-garden-black-white-funny-creative

Make a masquerade wreath yourself from overlapping Halloween masks

Masks for Halloween wall decorating with bows wreath-making black and white

For the production you need black and white face masks, bows, ribbons, which you either attach to each other with pins or with glue.

Lanterns decorating candles October pumpkin decoration orange yellow

Garland crafting tips Halloween jewelry pumpkins ideas

Garden decoration ideas tinker pumpkins green decorate with eyes

Beautiful pumpkin lanterns without carving 

Funny decoration-Halloween lanterns-pumpkins grimaces

Decoration with masks for Halloween

Pumpkin decoration masquerade Halloween tinker mask windy arrangement

Effective decorative element for the door – bag for sweets to hang up

Door decoration cone bag design wall decoration-jewelry tinker-Halloween orange-yellow

Halloween wreath for the front door creates a festive atmosphere

Fall decoration house entrance decorate door wreath flowers fabric covering

Embellish cabinet showcases with black silhouettes

Decorate showcase-for Halloween-pumpkins silhouettes-cut out glue on

Vintage picture frames with silhouette pictures create the impression of a haunted house

Tinker wall decoration for Halloween haunted house

Spooky tableware – vintage plates with anatomical decorations

Make wall decoration yourself-plate-to hang-up Halloween candlesticks

Door wreath with smiling faces for a cheerful ambience

Craft ideas halloween jewelry-make-yourself-wreath funny decoration elements

Make ghosts yourself – decoration for the garden

Autumn decoration autumn leaves Halloween ideas tinker with white ghosts

Ghostly mirror

Haunted house decoration Halloween mirror ideas-make yourself tips

Thin, translucent paper with printed faces is used to create the haunted house atmosphere.

Decorate glittering bouquets with stars

Tying a bouquet of twigs autumn Christmas decorations tinker-halloween ideas star-shaped

Spooky house decor 

Dancing skeletons decoration Halloween decoration tumblers glass vases

The Halloween decoration can of course also look colorful, wild and funny – surprise your guests with a playful decoration for Halloween. Decorate plates, mugs and bowls with skeletons and anatomical prints.

Bowl for sweets in the shape of an eye

Containers for candy eye-shaped ideas halloween bowls

Put witch silhouette in picture frame

Picture frame decoration tinker Halloween pumpkins candles jewelry

Handicrafts for Halloween – decorate candle holders

Halloween decoration tinker candles autumn fruits lantern jewelry table ideas

Candle decorations – conjure up something quickly at the last minute

Scary ideas to make yourself Halloween candlesticks decorating

Spooky plate decoration

Beautify plate Halloween ideas font

Monster table decorations to make yourself

Reels of ghosts tinker monsters DIY ideas Halloween

Use tape reels for these great figures, embellish them with bows and add eyes and ears. The mini monsters are delightful eye-catchers that bring joy to the Halloween table.

Funny zombies stare at you from the wall

Make your own Halloween wall ideas - decorate the lampshade with gruesome pictures

Jack O-Lantern – conjure up jam jar decorations

Craft ideas for Halloween jewelry Pumpkins Decorate creepy grimace glasses

Decorate lanterns festively

Tinker lanterns jewelry, decorate for Halloween, tips, plates, coasters

Dabbed table runner is a nice autumn and Halloween decoration

Table runner dark brown spotted halloween make yourself decoration ideas

Night lighting with lanterns – sparkling candles for a gruesome ambience

Halloween Lanterns Night Lights Pumpkins Bats Stars Stickers

Flower decoration for Halloween 

Table set decoration do it yourself-ideas black roses-Halloween autumn

Nice decoration with sunflowers for the Halloween table

Sunflower decoration-ideas glass vase-Halloween tinker table decorations

Decorate flower pots with paper eyes

Creepy decoration tinker Halloween eyes stick-on flowerpot