Make Halloween costumes from sheets yourself – ideas and tips

A great Halloween costume you can easily make it yourself from simple materials that are already lying around at home, such as an old bed sheet. Do you want to go to Halloween this year as a ghost, Greek goddess or angel? Then you have found it here! Sheets are very diverse and can be easily cut, glued, sewn, wrapped, etc..

DIY Halloween costume made of sheets – ghost

Do-it-yourself Halloween costumes-ghost-costume-bed-sheet-ghost

The ghost is the classic Halloween costume and probably one of the easiest to make yourself. All you need is a few simple things and a friend to help you. Hang the sheet over your head and mark the holes for the eyes and the appropriate length. If the sheet is down from your head, cut out the openings for your eyes. They should be twice the size of the eyes. If the sheet is too long and there is a risk of tripping over it, cut it off.

Scary ghost as a last-minute Halloween costume

Do-it-yourself Halloween costumes-ghost-ghost-creepy-black-gloves

For a fringed effect, cut spikes along the ankle line. Wear black gloves and socks and paint your face all black so you can’t see skin through the oval mouth opening and eye holes.


Make your own Halloween costume – ghost dog


Dogs are our loyal companions and are sometimes allowed to come to the Halloween party. But you also need a matching Halloween costume. With a bed sheet and the same technique, your four-legged friend can become a terrifying zombie dog.

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Greek goddess costume made from sheets


As a Greek or Roman goddess, you can outshine everyone else at the Halloween or Mardi Gras party. This costume is super simple and perfect for an antique theme party. In the following instructions you can see how to wrap a Roman toga from sheets.

Greek robe


With a white bed sheet it is super easy to wrap a toga. Wear it with white shorts and a white spaghetti top underneath. Hold the sheet as shown in the first picture above. Secure the right corner of the sheet to the top with safety pins – just below the left spaghetti strap. Then take the left corner, twirl it and tuck it behind the right arm on the back. Secure with a safety pin and hide the left spaghetti strap in the toga.

Halloween costumes – wrap dress from sheets


The toga is completed with a golden narrow belt. Other matching accessories for the costume are golden bangles and hairbands. You can wear your hair open or half open.

Halloween costumes – Roman gods 


In Greek myrhology, Hades is the ruler of the underworld and is also called the god of the dead. We know him from the Disney film Hercules, which appeared in 1997. Hades has blue hair that seems to burn like a fire, yellow eyes, gray skin and wears a black tunic.

Make angel costume yourself

halloween-costumes-do-it-yourself-angel-costume-bed sheets-cupid-child

There is one more interesting figure in Roman mythology who wears a toga. Cupid is the messenger of love who hits the heart with his arrows and thereby awakens love in people. In Greek mythology, Eros is its analogue – the son of Venus and Mars. You can also make angel wings as an accessory to the costume.

Amor, Cupidus or Eros – The messenger of love


Cupidus is depicted as an adolescent winged boy with golden curls. As the son of the goddess of love and the god of war, the boy is also a bit mischievous, so this costume is perfect for little boys.

Making a toga out of sheets


If you want to dress up as an Amur, then you need a toga made of sheets, angel wings, a blonde curly wig and a bow and arrows set. This can also be cut out of cardboard.

Princess Leia


Every little girl wants to be a princess, or at least dress up as one. Princess Leia enchanted the whole world in the first Star Wars film and is an interesting alternative to classic Disney princesses. She is a courageous king’s daughter and very gifted with weapons.

Make the dress out of a bed sheet


The costume is really easy to put together without sewing. First, fold the sheet in half and lay it on the floor. Then take the child’s measurements while they are lying on the sheets. Draw the shape of a dress around the girl with a pencil – leave the sleeves and the bottom a couple of centimeters more. Also make sure that the edge of the fabric should be glued inwards like a hem. Then cut out an opening for the head.

The belt completes the outfit


The most interesting thing about this costume is that the dress was not sewn with thread and needle, but simply glued together with painter’s tape. A silver fabric band (approx. 40 mm wide) was used for the belt. The full instructions can be found at the end of the article.

Heavenly Angel Costume – Heaven and Hell Motto


An angel costume based on the motto “Heaven and Hell” is also super easy to make. Fold the sheet in two again, cut out an opening for the head and make another slit on each side for a belt. The neckline can look even better if you can sew a narrow elastic band.

A halo belongs to the classic angel costume


A halo will complete the angel costume. It can be easily put together with wire, headband and tinsel garland and looks wonderfully heavenly. Alternatively, you can also use silver- and gold-colored pipe cleaners.

Cape for superheroes


In addition to the hero mask, the cape is the most important accessory for a superhero costume! If an old colored bed sheet is somewhere at home, then you can quickly adapt it to the superhero outfit!

red cape with hood

halloween-costumes-make-yourself-cape-little red riding hood-decorate the bedsheet

So that the superhero cape is complete, you can glue a few applications on the outer cape side. These are best cut out of felt and glued on, but you can also buy cool iron-on appliqués.

Mummy costume


For a mummy costume for Halloween, you can replace gauze bandages with old sheets. To cut the fabric asymmetrically, use scissors to cut 5 to 7 cm long slits in the side of the fabric, then tear the strips along the cut spots. The white fabric should also be dyed to authentically portray the centuries-old mummy look. Tea bags and diluted coffee are best for this.

Instructions for the Princess Leia costume You will find here