Make fake blood yourself for clothing, make-up and decorations for Halloween


Fake blood is a great addition to Halloween costumes and makeup. It has to look dark and thick, not too thin or sticky. You can Make fake blood yourself, by using simple foods like syrup, flour, and cocoa powder. With fake blood you can give clothes, cakes, table decorations a creepy touch. The fake blood is even a big highlight when putting on make-up for Halloween. After that, you can use a simple stain remover to wash the fake blood off dark clothes and jeans, but you won’t do that with white clothes. It is best to choose old clothes that you would never wear again to make a zombie costume yourself.

Make fake blood yourself – easy recipe

Make fake blood yourself - prepare food coloring syrup

What you need: Water, honey, corn, chocolate or caramel syrup, flour or cocoa powder, red food coloring, blue food coloring (optional), gloves, a bowl, spoon

Make enough fake blood to decorate your clothes for Halloween. The ideal amount is a couple of cups.

Mix three parts of syrup with one part of water in a large bowl. Put on gloves if desired, as the red food coloring can temporarily discolour the skin. Add a few drops of red food coloring to the mixture, stirring constantly. Add more if necessary until the blood reaches the desired color. Stir for at least 5 minutes to evenly distribute the food coloring.

Make fake blood yourself for Halloween costume

Make fake blood yourself halloween-clothes-costume-spray bottle

Add 3 tablespoons of flour to the mixture and stir. Flour thickens the blood. Add another tablespoon or two of flour until the mixture reaches the consistency you want. Ideally, the blood will be thick, but not lumpy. Let the fake blood sit in the bowl for about 15 minutes. Do not put in the refrigerator. After that, it is ready to be used.

Another recipe: 50 ml strawberry-flavored Mirinda, 100 ml corn syrup, 1 tablespoon red food coloring, 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons cornstarch.

Fill the fake blood into a spray bottle to achieve the right effect.

Put on make-up like a zombie and make a costume yourself

Halloween pictures inspirations for an amazing make-up

Ideas for Halloween make-up witch make-up with a scary effect

Idea for Halloween party – martini glasses with a blood rim

Make fake blood yourself halloween-party-drinks-martini-glasses-rim

If you want to host a Halloween party at home, then you can think through every detail of your table decorations. These glasses with fake blood rim look creepy and impressive and create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion. In this way you can also design bowls, cutlery or plates. It is best to use a variant of fake blood with a pleasant taste, so that the good taste of the drink is not lost when you drink it.

Fake blood made from honey and red food coloring

Make-it-yourself-fake-blood-recipe-honey-food-coloring-glass decoration

Put honey on a small plate. Spread red food coloring on top. Mix well until the food coloring dissolves. You can even use this idea to create desserts or decorate the dessert plates before you spread cookies, muffins, cupcakes or other desserts on them. The honey variant is also ideal for creating jars like you saw above.


On the one hand, you can pick up some red honey with a spoon and distribute it in the jar. This has the advantage that you get a certain sweetness to drinks that you add later. The same applies again to dessert bowls or other dishes. You can also do the opposite, so add the dessert first and then spread the “blood” over it. This looks particularly effective with ice cream.

Turn the glass upside down and place on the plate.


However, if you want to style the border, you don’t have to do much to do it. If you make the fake blood yourself, mix it in a plate with a diameter no smaller than that of the glasses. Because you have to immerse this in the honey blood in such a way that the edge is covered. After that, set the glass up normally and the hiónig will start to run down here and there, which creates the original look.

Fill the martini glass with a delicious cocktail


These Kunsblut glasses are sure to amaze all party guests and give the Halloween festival the finishing touches with all its decoration. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing it yourself with regard to the fake blood. You can use artificial blood to make up for yourself or family members to get an interesting costume.

Give the Halloween make-up a scary touch

Make fake blood yourself make-up-instructions-blood stains-face-mouth

Cut off a piece of red lipstick. Add some black eyeliner and mix everything with a bit of thick, transparent lip gloss. Use more lipstick for light blood color, and add more eyeliner for deep red blood color.

Apply with the end of the brush

Make fake blood yourself make-up-instructions-brush-mouth-wound

You can now use a brush to dab red paint anywhere on your face. The area of ​​the lips is particularly suitable for this. You can also make up an eyebrow with the lipstick to imitate a wound there. You can now leave it at this step, or you can increase the effect by using the following step.

Squirt the blood on the face with a stiff brush

Make-up-instructions-brush-stains yourself

In fact, you can add interesting splashes of blood to the wound. Here you simply dip the brush into the fake blood. Then, hold the brush near the artificial wound and run your finger over the bristles so that the paint splatters the skin. So that the whole thing looks realistic, you should not overdo it. A few splashes here and there will do just fine.

Make-up instructions for zombie women

Make fake blood yourself make-up instructions-women-blood-face

For this guide, you will use the first recipe with syrup and food coloring. Smear mascara on the lids and under the eyes. Use the mascara brush to create a dramatic effect, like you’ve been crying. Tap the mascara stains with a wet makeup brush to create black tears. The more water the better.


You should of course not use waterproof mascara for this, as it will be difficult to smear it. Try to make the smeared makeup as realistic as possible. If you want to apply a foundation or make-up to your skin, you should do this before the mascara.


The end result should look something like this. As a precaution, you can try the whole thing before the actual Halloween just to practice a little. On the holiday itself, you could be stressed, which could also have a negative effect on your make-up.

Apply the fake blood to the forehead with a stirring stick and let it drip downwards


Use a chopstick to shape the drops of blood. To do this, dip it in the blood paint to absorb plenty of paint. Then touch anywhere on the face and let the syrup blood run down the face. Since this will spill a lot, we recommend that you do the whole thing over a sink, which you can clean quickly afterwards.

Ideas for garden decorations for Halloween – a fountain with fake blood


You can also use existing decorations in the garden to create a creepy scene and impress your guests and walkers alike. A bird bath or a fountain are great. First you have to make fake blood yourself again. In order to be able to clean the vessel well afterwards, a sticky variant should be avoided. It is also sufficient if you simply color the water red.

Table decoration with gauze bandages and blood stains

Make-your-own-fake-blood-table-decoration-table runner-sanitary napkin-stains

For these decorations, you can also just use red acrylic paint to make the blood stains

Do-it-yourself-make-your-own-decoration-lanterns-jam-jars-sanitary towels

Do-it-yourself-make-your-own-table-decorations-lanterns-gauze-bandages-blood stains



bloody handprints look very scary


Warning with fake blood on the front door

Make-your-own-fake-blood-house-decoration-shower-curtain-front door

Beautify zombie costumes for Halloween with fake blood


fake blood-do-it-yourself-make-up-zombies-halloween-costumes


Make fake blood yourself -edible-make-up-recipe-halloween



fake blood-do-it-yourself-make-up-spikes-cheeks-eyebrows


fake blood-do-it-yourself-make-up-neck-wound-pale-face

Make fake blood yourself recipe-halloween-costume-vampire-drinks-blood


Make-your-own-fake-blood-cupcakes-decoration-broken glass



halloween decor shower curtain fake blood murder bathroom