How to make a witch broom and ideas on how to decorate with it for Halloween

Are you looking for ideas for decorations for Halloween, but only pumpkins or the usual spiders have become too boring for you? Then we have the perfect idea for you! How about a witch’s broom for a change – or several? As you will see in a moment with our decoration ideas for Halloween, they make a really great impression both indoors and outdoors. You can of course buy a broom with a Halloween design or you can redesign a finished broom according to your ideas. However, today we would like to show you how you can make a witch’s broom and give you some creative suggestions on how you can use it for decorating.

Tinker witch broom - Simple instructions for a DIY broom as a Halloween decoration

Since you will most likely not be sweeping with the broom, there is also no need to use dense bristles when making the witch broom. So it is enough if you indicate the bristles with a few twigs or grasses. For the broom style, you can buy a finished one in the hardware store at will and then design it with adhesive tape or other materials in any color.

Make witch brooms and use them to decorate Halloween with pumpkins

But we think that a naturally crooked branch goes particularly well with a witch’s broom and gives it the finishing touch. But that ultimately depends on your ideas for the Halloween decoration. You can also make brooms and sweepers of different sizes. For example, small hand brushes are wonderfully suitable for designing a door wreath for Halloween or for table decorations. So you have a free choice!

Tinker witch broom – simple instructions

Creative witch brooms make with tinsel, twigs or straw in different sizes

The following instructions serve as a basis. The broom can therefore be tinkered in any size and from different materials, so that you can adapt the model to your own ideas. By and large, you can make a witch’s broom as follows:

  • Broomstick or thin branch
  • Material for the bristles, such as thin twigs or grass as in the example, wool or even tinsel for extravagant brooms
  • String or wire for tying

Make witch brooms out of thin twigs - simple instructions for making Halloween decorations

Take your bristle material and spread it out in front of you. Then place the broomstick on top and wrap the material around the broomstick. If you use twigs when you make the witch’s broom yourself, you can tie it directly with string or wire and then trim it a little if necessary. But grasses are also suitable for denser broom bristles. For these and other soft materials, do the following:

Witch's broom tinker with grass and branch as a broomstick - quick DIY project

Spread the material out in front of you again. Place the handle on top of it, with the long side initially pointing in the same direction as the bristle ends that will later point down (i.e. in the wrong direction, so to speak). Wrap them around the stem and tie them tight. Then fold the grass, wool or the tinsel down and tie cord or wire around it again. This way the top ends are hidden.

tip: If you use soft material such as tinsel or wool for the bristles when you make the witch’s broom yourself, these materials should be tied higher up on the broomstick so that it can serve as a support. In the second picture guide you can see roughly how far the stem should protrude.

Tinker and design witch brooms

Make black witch brooms and decorate with bows

You can leave the finished brooms as they are or you can design them as well. Of course, typical Halloween colors are particularly suitable. Use spray paint or, if you have bought a broom with dense bristles, acrylic paint to paint it on. Glitter is also a great idea that you can use to get a more glamorous Halloween witch broom. Simply sprinkle glitter on the paint that is still wet or on spray glue that you applied beforehand.

Witch's broom handicrafts and decorate with bows, cats, ghosts and poison bottles

Ribbons or Halloween motifs such as ghosts, bats, pumpkins or spiders made of paper as well as cobwebs can decorate the broom and make it something very special. You can put a witch hat on the broomstick, or you can use the handle like a coat hook and hang the witch’s robe on it. There are absolutely no limits to your creativity.

Decoration with a broom

Design broomstick with ribbons and bristles with glitter

After you have tinkered your witch broom, you surely want to decorate with this very witch broom! Numerous variants are possible depending on the size of the broom! The broom can stand, hang and also lie: For example, place it in front of the front door or in the corner of a room and you are welcome to combine several. In groups, the witches ‘brooms look just as nice and also give the impression that a witches’ meeting is taking place.

Tinker witch brooms as decoration for the dining table - hang on the ceiling with a black cat

We also really like the idea of ​​hanging the broom over the dining table, creating a great atmosphere during meals. But a witch’s broom can also hang on the wall or the front door. And in the form of hand brushes, they often even adorn a Halloween door wreath, the mantelpiece or a window. Do you have a party planned? How about small brushes with paper bristles that serve as place cards with the names of the guests? Decorating can be so easy and fun!

We have put together a few creative ideas on how you can use the broom for Halloween below. The witch broom pictures can serve as inspiration for your own projects.

Decoration ideas for Halloween

Combine homemade brooms with white pumpkins and cobwebs

The Halloween broom can be used wonderfully for interesting arrangements to create a very individual Halloween decoration. Whether pumpkins, ravens and cobwebs as in the example above or lanterns, witch’s shoes and even garlic – you can of course add autumn motifs to the decoration in addition to the typical Halloween motifs.

Black broom on the veranda and door wreath alternative

Black broom on the wall and as an alternative to the door wreath

On the veranda, the brooms warmly welcome guests and children during the move and can simply be leaned against a free wall. But also as an alternative to the classic, round door wreath, a small hand brush can be used wonderfully and combined with other elements.

Tinker witch brooms as table decorations with name tags for the Halloween party

Witch's broom tinker with paper as a table decoration with name cards for the Halloween party

As already mentioned, you can make small witch brooms and use them as table decorations at a party. It is up to you whether you use it to design the center of the table (even a large broom looks great when placed lengthwise on the table) or to attach name tags and then place them on each plate. Either way, this original idea will really make a big impression and get everyone in the right mood.

Rustic Halloween decoration for the wall with a sign and pumpkins made of fabric

Decorate wall for Halloween with broom and sign

Anyone who likes a rustic flair and values ​​this style on Halloween will make exactly the right choice with a homemade Halloween broom. The natural materials will adapt wonderfully to the rest of the rustic decoration and even give it the finishing touches. Combine antique items with wood and some fabric decorations (aren’t these pumpkins just personable?) And the Halloween fun can begin!

Tinker face on the witch’s broom

Funny decoration for Halloween with a face on a broom and witch hat

With a little imagination you can create a funny Halloween decoration with the broom by giving it a face. Put a witch hat on him, glue on a pair of googly eyes and then make a mouth and a nose out of any material such as foam rubber, paper or fabric. Admittedly, this decorating idea is not particularly scary, but the children are guaranteed to love it!

Halloween colors with a difference: pastel colors for party decorations and brooms made of tulle

Witches' brooms do handicrafts differently - idea with tulle and pastel colors for a fancy party decoration

Would you like to use other colors this year, but are not sure how they will work? The example above is proof that you can stray from the rules without distracting from the actual topic. So how about making a witch’s broom out of tulle and using such friendly pastel colors? You then design the rest of the party decorations in the same way. If you use enough typical Halloween motifs, the fancy color scheme is not a problem!

Small broom for the table with witch arms

Tinker small witch brooms as an effective table decoration

Design the front door with two brooms

Two brooms crossed on the door for a simple Halloween decoration

Purple witch broom tinker with wool

Idea for a purple broom made of wool - decorate the table for Halloween with a lantern and a pumpkin

Attach several brooms to the front door

Decorate the front door with a broom for Halloween

Broom with bow and Halloween bouquet for outdoors

Rustic broom combined with a Halloween bouquet for the veranda or terrace

Make bristles from palm leaves

Witch's broom tinker with palm leaves - creative handicraft and decoration idea for autumn and Halloween

Brooms in black and broom handles wrapped with ribbons

Idea for the Halloween decoration on the front door on the veranda

Idea for the Halloween decoration in the garden – brooms with fairy lights

Design garden beds for Halloween with glowing brooms with fairy lights

Hang up witch robes, witch hats and brooms in the hallway

Hallway design with witch clothes, witch hat and broom

The witch brooms can be designed and used in a variety of ways

Decoration with a broom on Halloween - creative decoration ideas for the entrance area

Draw brooms on a blackboard and hang hand brushes on the fireplace

Chimney decoration with blackboard and recorded broom and hand brush to attach

Halloween brooms as an element for the door wreath

Make a hand brush and use it as a decoration for the Halloween door wreath