Halloween trends 2019 on Pinterest – from cool costumes to wedding decorations!

The countdown is officially on, as Halloween is just around the corner. So that this year you can let your creativity and imagination run wild and throw away your old witch costume, we show you the current Halloween trends on Pinterest in this article. The social platform has more than 10 million bulletin boards that will help you organize the perfect scary party.

Halloween trends living room decorating ideas for autumn

Whether it’s some of the current characters of today or superheroes from your childhood, this year is all about Halloween costumes inspired by films and series. Classics like Toy Story, Spider Man or Powerpuff Girls are among the most sought-after looks for children and adults. Halloween is actually about much more than just costumes or make-up. More and more people are looking for various party games, drinks and snacks or even creepy tattoos. Or how about a wedding inspired by the spooky festival? Are you curious? Then read on and be inspired by the many great ideas we have for you!

These are the Halloween trends worldwide!

Gwen Stacy Spiderman costume for women Halloween trends

In southern Europe and South America, fairytale mermaid costumes are the most popular. In Germany, people are mostly looking for the timeless classics, such as pirates, Disney princesses, witches or creepy clowns.

Top Halloween trends for women – The Powerpuff Girls are back!

Halloween trends Powerpuff Girls costume for women simple

“Powerpuff Girls” is one of the most popular series from the 90s. The three superheroes Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles are back and fearlessly fight against evil forces and criminals. So it’s no surprise that more and more women want to dress up like the little and brave girls this year.

Cool pirate costume for women

Pirate costume for women Halloween trends

Whether for Carnival or Halloween – a pirate costume is undoubtedly one of the timeless classics among disguises for women as well as for men or children.

Circus inspired Halloween costumes for women

Clown costume for women Carnival make-up ideas easy

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary and for this reason people are increasingly looking for circus costumes. Whether you are dressed up as an acrobat or a clown, you will undoubtedly turn heads. Do you like to give orders? Then a ringmaster costume would be just the thing for you. The best thing about these looks is that the outfit can be designed individually according to your mood. The right make-up will round off your circus costume perfectly!

Halloween trends according to Pinterest – “Stranger Things” costumes for women

Halloween trends on Pinterest Stranger Things costume for women

If you’re a Netflix or series junkie, you’ve probably heard of the Stranger Things series. This year the production gained enormous popularity and is ideal for a creepy Halloween costume.

Simple and chic alien costume for women

Halloween trends costumes for women easy alien costume DIY

You are invited to a Halloween party at the last minute and have absolutely no idea what to dress up as? An alien costume creates a lot of excitement, looks great and at the same time it is very easy to do. All you need is a silver dress or a glittering skirt with the matching top and your outfit is ready!

Ariel mermaid carnival costume for women long hair style

A Halloween costume for women can also look a bit elegant and chic. Mysterious and beautiful – the mermaid costume is a long-runner at every party. The fish-like lower body is one of the most important features of this look. But if this is too expensive for you or does not suit your taste, then all you need is a blue dress and a red wig and you will look like the popular Ariel mermaid!

Halloween trends – Harley Quinn costume for women

Harley Quin Costume Women Carnival Makeup Ideas

If you have watched the movie “Suicide Squad”, then you surely know the iconic Harley Quinn outfit! Also this year, many young women want to dress up as her and of course we couldn’t blame them – after all, the costume looks really cool! But to stand out from the crowd, you need a little creativity in terms of make-up or your hairstyle!

80s costumes are all the rage this year!

80s carnival costume for women a Halloween trend

Are you a fan of the 80s? Then you are in luck – the motley costumes inspired by the decade are all the rage this year! Tight leggings in bright neon colors, a large pair of sunglasses and a scrunchie for your hairstyle and you’re good to go.

Halloween trends – cool poison ivy costume for women

Halloween trends poison ivy costume for women

A Poison Ivy Halloween costume is another classic and is perfect for all comic fans!

Alice in Wonderland costume for women

Alice in Wonderland costume for women Halloween trends Pinterest

The perfect costume for an innocent and girlish look – the popular Alice will never go out of style.

Top Halloween Trends on Pinterest – These are the most popular costumes for men

Superman costume for men simply tinker Halloween trends

Batman, Superman, Iron Man or other superheroes – every man has dreamed of being a superhero as a child. So it’s no surprise that all kinds of superheroes are among the most popular Halloween costumes for men.

Viking Carnival Costume for Men Ideas Halloween Trends on Pinterest

The Vikings fascinate an incredible number of people worldwide with their history and for this reason they are another favorite among men’s costumes.

Spiderman Halloween costume for men

Spiderman costume for men Halloween superhero costume ideas

As already mentioned, one of the biggest and biggest Halloween trends this year is dressing up like a superhero. A Spiderman costume is the perfect choice for all true fans of the “Marvel” films.

Cool joker costume for men

Joker costume for men carnival make-up tips

But why does it always have to be superheroes? How about a cool Joker costume, for example? A bright pants suit, some green color in your hair and your creepy look is ready! The right make-up completes your Halloween look.

“Star Wars” inspired Halloween costumes for men

Star Wars costume for men Halloween costume ideas easy

Whether at Carnival or Halloween – “Star Wars” costumes are another classic that will never go out of style.

Animals costumes for men

Animal men costume ideas funny carnival party

According to the Halloween trends on Pinterest, more and more men are looking for fun, fluffy animal costumes. So why not dress up like your favorite animal? With these outfits, the good, festive mood is simply inevitable.

Pirate costume for men

Family group costume pirate carnival costumes for children

The pirate costume is another classic that only became really popular with the hit movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. But not only the funny Jack Sparrow is a very popular character – many men also want to dress up as the evil Captain Hook from “Peter Pan”.

Dress up as “Mad Max”

Mad Max costume for men Carnival group costume ideas

Are you looking for a Halloween costume that will make you stand out from the crowd? Then you are well advised with the “Mad Max” outfit!

Robot costume for men

Halloween trends robot costume men

The robot costume is a very popular choice with young and old and ensures that you will stand out at every party.

More Halloween trends – great ideas for individual costumes

Alien cowgirl costume for women carnival make-up ideas glitter

Your friends aren’t real Halloween fans, but are you? Going to a party alone doesn’t always have to be bad or boring – that way you will meet lots of new and interesting people. Here are some cool ideas for individual costumes. According to Pinterest, the search for alien costumes has increased by 659% this year and that doesn’t surprise us – the glittering alien look looks really cool and chic!

Gwen Stacy costume for women

Spiderman Gwen Stacy Costume Women Short Hair Style

Superwoman, Batwoman, Catwoman – everyone knows these superheroes. But have you heard of Gwen Stacy, also known as Spider-Woman? This year more and more young and courageous women are choosing to dress up as Peter’s fellow student.

Elton John costume for men

Elton John carnival costume for men Halloween trends

Scary costumes on Halloween are of course very much in demand, but there are also many other very great and original ideas. After the biographical film “Rocketstar”, the search for Elton John costumes on Pinterest has increased by a full 442%.

Freddie Mercury costume

Freddie Mercury Halloween costume for women

Since we’re on the subject of music legends, we must of course also mention Freddie Mercury. The singer is not only known for his great hits, but also for his eye-catching outfits that make for the perfect Halloween costume!

Large size XL costumes for women

Plus size Halloween costumes for women Disney Mardi Gras costume

From classic devil costumes to Minnie Mouse to the Disney villain Ursula – the selection of Halloween or carnival costumes in large sizes is more versatile than you might think!

Costumes for wheelchair users

Costumes for wheelchair users ideas funny pirate costume kids

There are also many great costume ideas for everyone, whether children or adults, who are dependent on a wheelchair. Motorbike, pirate ship or a racing car – there are an infinite number of colorful and imaginative ideas on how you can beautify a wheelchair and make your loved ones very happy on Halloween!

Group costumes for best friends or couple costumes

Powerpuff Girls group costumes for best friends DIY

According to the Halloween trends on Pinterest, this year the couple costumes are much more popular than the group costumes for friends. But no matter whether for a couple in love or for best friends – we have the best and most sought-after Halloween costumes for you.

“Lilo and Stitch” Halloween costumes

Lilo and Stitch Couple Costume Funny Halloween Trends Pinterest

“Ohana means family and family means that nobody is forgotten or left behind” – thanks to the film “Lilo and Stitch”, this wonderful saying has become so popular. So it doesn’t surprise us that the search for “Lilo and Sitch” costumes has increased by a whopping 1205%.

Timon and Pumba costume

Costume for best friends Timon and Pumba Carnival costume

Everyone knows them and everyone loves them – Timon and Pumba are some of the most popular and funniest Disney characters and are perfect as a fun costume for you and your best friend.

Velma and Daphne – The perfect costume for all BFFs

Best friends costume ideas Carnival Velma and Daphne costumes

Velma and Daphne are the two girls from the cartoon “Scooby Doo” and since the costume doesn’t take that much effort, it is one of the most popular costumes for two friends this year.

“Pulp Fiction” costume for couples

Ideas for Couples Costumes Carnival Costume for Couples Pulp Fiction Film

There is no doubt that the thriller “Pulp Fiction” is one of those films that you simply have to see! If you are looking for an original couple costume then this look is for you.

Halloween trends for group costumes

Group costume for 3 people Stranger Things costume carnival

Whether with family or friends – celebrating together is always the best. This year most of the group costumes are inspired by different TV series and the latest Disney or Pixar films. Here, too, the Netflix series “Stranger Things” lands in first place.

“Powerpuff Girls” group costume

Powerpuff Girls Child Costume Ideas Halloween Trends Pinterest

The three little girls are a symbol of true friendship and are therefore perfect for a Halloween group costume for women!

“The Lion King” costume

Carnival family group costume The Lion King

If you want to celebrate with your children, there is hardly a more suitable choice than a group costume inspired by the classic “The Lion King”!

Family group costume funny alladin carnival costume

The “Aladin” family group costume is another great and fun idea for the perfect Halloween celebration. Exotic and motley – a good mood is guaranteed with this look!

Make-up Halloween trends on Pinterest 

Halloween Make-Up Ideas for Women Stranger Things Look

To make your Halloween costume look even more realistic and unique, the right make-up is an absolute must! This year the search for simple and cool Halloween make-up looks has increased by 1073%! And it won’t surprise you when we reveal that make-up tutorials for “Stranger Things” are number one.

The lion king makeup for women carnival face painting animal

A “lion” make-up for Halloween looks incredibly cool and is very trendy this year! Whether you choose the cute Simba or the evil Uncle Scar is up to you.

“Powerpuff Girls” make-up

Powerpuff Girls Make-Up for women to style medium-length hair

Applying make-up as the brave girls is actually not that complicated. Simply color matching eyeshadows and eyeliner and your Halloween costume will be perfectly rounded off!

Clown Halloween make-up for women

Halloween trends clown costume for best friends easy

Creepy clowns are simply part of Halloween.

Mime make-up 

Mime make-up for women Carnival hairstyles for long hair

Apply white aqua paint to the face, color in red lipstick and black circles under the eyes – that’s all you need for your mime Halloween costume!

Porcelain doll make-up

Halloween Trends on Pinterest Porcelain Pupe Make Up Ideas

Just like clowns or witches, the creepy porcelain dolls are popular Halloween costumes for women. And this is also proven by the Halloween trends on Pinterest – the search for cool looks has increased by 153%.

Creative and great Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween party organize table decoration ideas creepy tinker with pumpkin

Of course, there is nothing wrong with artificial pumpkins and sweets. But don’t you want to develop your creativity a little this year? On Pinterest you can find an incredible number of unique Halloween decoration ideas!

creepy Halloween decoration ideas Stranger Things wall decoration fairy lights

For the perfect Halloween party, in addition to the costumes, the gloomy decorations are a must. Therefore, creepy accessories in the form of skulls or scary pumpkins or ghosts are a must in every apartment. The search for decorating ideas inspired by “Stranger Things” has increased by as much as 549% this year. Or if that’s too childish for you, then maybe the boho-look decorations would be something for you?

Halloween decoration ideas purple with pumpkin easy to make

Or why always stick with black and orange? The trend colors for the Halloween decorations this year include pink and purple. But the search for stylish decoration ideas in delicate pastel colors has also increased by a full 164% – they create a creepy and at the same time very elegant and great atmosphere in your home. Halloween garden gnomes ensure a lot of fun and give your garden a unique touch.

Halloween trends – fun games and activities

Halloween apartment decoration ideas elegant garden gnome

Lots of fun games are part of every party and create a good, festive atmosphere. For example, you could turn your home into a creepy Halloween maze. There are also many interesting and creative activities for a perfect family evening. More and more people are looking for Halloween paintings or autumn decorations to make themselves.

Halloween-inspired drinks and snacks

Halloween muffins with marshmallows recipe

Spice up your party and surprise your guests with delicious and scary snacks and cocktails. And since the search for Halloween cupcakes has increased by 452%, we have an incredibly great recipe for bat muffins for you!


  • 100 grams of flour
  • 25 grams of baking cocoa
  • 120 grams of sugar
  • 50 ml of oil
  • 1 egg
  • 130 ml milk
  • 1 teaspoon Baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • a pinch of salt


  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 80 grams of cream cheese


  • 150 grams of powdered sugar
  • 150 grams of cream cheese
  • 150 butter, soft
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Oreo biscuits
  • Chocolate lentils

Halloween Bat Muffins Recipe Making Party Snacks Easy


  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and grease a muffin tin.
  • Beat sugar, vanilla extract, egg and oil until frothy and add milk.
  • Mix wheat flour with baking powder, cocoa and salt and mix with the other ingredients.
  • Beat the ingredients for the filling until smooth.
  • Put a tablespoon of the batter into each muffin pan, add a little filling and top with the batter again.
  • Bake for about 20 minutes and let cool completely.
  • Beat the butter for the frosting until creamy, then stir in the powdered sugar and vanilla extract and mix well. Add the cream cheese, pour into an aspirator bag and spread over the muffins.
  • First share the oreo biscuits for the bats. Scrape off the cream and set aside. Halve half of the biscuit halves again.
  • Stick the whole biscuit pieces upright in the frosting – they serve as a head. Fasten the halves on the right and left as wings.
  • Draw two eyes with the oreo cream and attach a chocolate lens to each. And your delicious Halloween muffins are ready.

The most wanted Halloween Recipes

Halloween trends cookies bake scary decoration ideas

You can find an incredible amount of inspiration for various delicacies and drinks on Pinterest. The most people have been looking for this year is a simple Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Chip and Dip. Skulls made of white chocolate or Halloween biscuits made of dark chocolate are also in great demand. But at a party you also have to have a drink and for this reason we show you how you can prepare the most sought-after cocktail on Pinterest, Hexen Brew, yourself!

Halloween cocktails recipe Martini Vodka with blueberries


  • 1 fresh lime
  • 3 drops of purple food coloring
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 120 ml of vodka
  • 80 ml lime juice
  • 60 ml raspberry liqueur


  • Squeeze the juice from the lime and mix it with the food coloring.
  • Dip the rim of the shot glasses first in the lime juice and then in the sugar and set aside.
  • Put the vodka, lime juice and raspberry liqueur together with a few ice cubes in a shaker and shake well.

Organize Halloween wedding

Halloween wedding decoration ideas table cover creepy

Since Pinterest is a place to be creative, this year’s Halloween trends don’t end with finding scary costumes, makeup or decorations. In fact, a lot of people are looking for Halloween weddings! A creepy wedding celebration is about the guests immediately recognizing the motto. The dark colors, such as black and purple, are of course extremely elegant and also very suitable. For example, decorate the reception and the tables with small skulls or have the names of the guests carved into small pumpkins. Add a few autumn flowers or black roses and you have reached the Halloween mood.

Wedding dress black wedding on Halloween organize decoration ideas

Not only the decoration, but also the look of the bride and groom should be adapted to the theme. It is no coincidence that the search for Halloween wedding dresses has risen by 217% – black dresses, decorated with various stones or other details look very mystical and chic!

Creepy tattoos

Bat Tattoo Meaning Tattoos For Women Small Forearm

The search for ghost tattoos has increased by 1008% this year and skull tattoos – by 447%. Pumpkin tattoos are also one of the most popular Halloween trends in the world of tattoos and are only suitable for real fans of this festival. A pumpkin tattoo not only looks cool, it also represents success and luck.

Ghost Tattoo Meaning Small Tattoos For Women Upper Arm

Bat tattoos are very popular with both men and women. Symbolically, a bat stands for long life, health, wealth or also for luck and profit.

80s Halloween costume for women

80s carnival costume for women hairstyles for short hair

“Alice in Wonderland” costume 

Alice in Wonderland Carnival Costume for Women Hairstyles for Long Hair

Funny group costume for adults

Disney group costume ideas funny Halloween trends

Elton John costume for men

Elton John costume for men Carnival Trends 2019

“Toy Story” family group costume

Family Group Costume Ideas Toy Story Carnival Costume Ideas

Witch costume for best friends

Group costume for best friends carnival hairstyles for long hair

Cowgirls group costume for women

Halloween group costume for 4 people Cowgirls costume

XL costume in large sizes for women

Halloween costumes for tall women Devil costume DIY

Circus costume for men

Halloween trends costumes for men simple ideas

Cool and simple alien costume for women

Halloween trends funny alien costume for women

Disney Halloween costumes for kids

Jasmine princess costume for kids Halloween trends from Pinterest

Alien Halloween group costume

Alien costume for women glitter make-up for carnival women

Halloween couple costume

Alien costume for women carnival make-up with glitter

Princess Jasmine costume for girls

Disney costume for kids Jasminne princess hairstyle for girls

“The Joker” Halloween costume for men

Joker costume for men carnival make-up tips

Avocado Halloween costume for babies

Avocado costume for babies funny costume ideas carnival kids

“The Lion King” family costume

Family group costume Halloween ideas kids costume ideas animals

Funny Halloween costume for girlfriends

Halloween Trends Pinterest Women Costume Ideas Circus

Circus costume for men

Harlequin Men Costume Ideas Halloween Trends on Pinterest 2019

Mermaid costume for women

Mermaid Carnival Costume Women Couple Costume Ideas

Alien Halloween couple costume

Couple costumes ideas funny halloween trends

Easy Halloween couple costume

Couple costume Halloween funny alien costume for women

“Stranger Things” Halloween group costume

Stranger Things Family Costume Halloween Trends Pinterest

“Toy Story” Halloween family costume

Toy Story family group costume carnival costumes for men funny

Cool pirate group costume

Carnival group costume for 4 people Pirate costume for women

Chic pirate costume for women

Pirate costume for women elegant Halloween trends

Halloween pirate costume for women

Pirate costume for women pirate hat carnival Halloween trends

Pirate bride costume 

Pirate bride costume for women make-up ideas carnival

Chic “Poison Ivy” Halloween costume for women

Poison Ivy Costume for Women Carnival Make Up Ideas easy

Halloween pirate costume for children

Pirate costume for children make yourself easy carnival costume for children

Scary “Little Red Riding Hood” Halloween costume

Rottkäppchen carnival costume Gothic wedding in winter organize wedding dress black red

The Joker and Harley Quin couple costume

The Joker Make-Up for men Harley Quinn carnival costume jumpsuit

Funny “Toy Story” Halloween group costume

Toy Story couple costume Halloween trends

Circus costume for women

Circus costume for women easy medium length hair hairstyle ideas

Circus costume for women Halloween trends on Pinterest 2019

Devil XL costume in large sizes for women

XL costumes in plus sizes for ladies devil Halloween costume

Viking Halloween costume for men

Viking costume for men ideas Halloween trends Pinterest

“Stranger Things” Halloween group costume

Sranger Things group costume simply Halloween trends

Halloween makeup inspirations

Powerpuff Girls Halloween Costume for Women Clavicle Tattoo

Mime Halloween Make-Up

Mime costume women carnival make-up tips easy

Creative Halloween make-up

Carnival face painting for women blue hair hair trends ladies

Alien face painting for women

Carnival makeup for women glitter eyeshadow

“Stranger Things” Halloween make-up for women

Stranger Things Make-Up Ideas Body Art Light Red Hair Short

Simple pantomime make-up

Mime make-up for women easy make-up tips carnival adults

Lion Halloween Make-Up 

Carnival Make-Up Ideas for Women Disney Costumes Halloween

“The Lion King” make-up for women

The Lion King Makeup Ideas for Women Halloween Disney Costume Adults

Simple glitter makeup

Halloween trends Pinterest alien face painting for women glitter lipstick

“Spiderman” make-up for women

Halloween make-up ideas Spiderman make-up for women

Blue eye make-up for women with glitter

Halloween makeup ideas for women Jasmine princess make-up

Princess Jasmine Make-Up for Women

Jasminne Princess Make-Up Frusiren for Long Hair Carnival

Eye make-up for women – step by step instructions

Jasminne Princess Make-Up Instructions blue eyeshadow with glitter

Creepy Decorations and Halloween wedding

Halloween Decoration Garage Door interior New Magnets For Garage Door Decorations Beautiful

Halloween ceiling and wall decorations

Halloween decoration ideas kids mouse face painting

Scary Halloween wedding cake

Gothic wedding decoration ideas Halloween cupcakes recipe

Halloween wedding table decorations in black and purple

Halloween wedding decoration ideas purple tablecloth

Garage door Halloween decoration

Halloween garage decorating ideas easy and fun

Halloween games – maze in the garden

Halloween party games to make yourself cobweb labirint

Halloween wedding – reception decoration with skulls

Halloween party design decoration ideas scary skull decoration

Simple and elegant pumpkin decoration for autumn

Easy to make autumn home decor ideas with pumpkin

Halloween blanket for children

creepy blanket to make yourself apartment decoration ideas pumpkin

Elegant Halloween decoration in a boho look

Halloween boho decoration ideas set up an apartment in a Scandinavian style

Halloween wedding cake in purple and black

Halloween wedding cake with skulls purple wedding decoration ideas

Pastel colored Halloween decoration

Halloween decoration ideas pastel pink pumpkin table decoration

Funny pumpkin decoration

Halloween decoration ideas to decorate funny pumpkin

Halloween wall decorations 

Halloween trends autumn decoration to make yourself

Organize a creepy Halloween wedding – black wedding dress

Fall wedding organize wedding dress black wedding dresses trends winter

Elegant Halloween decorations for the living room

Spider web living room decorating ideas in black and white

Black wedding cake with artificial flowers as decoration

Black wedding cake with flowers organize autumn wedding

Pink Halloween decoration for the nursery

Flat decoration ideas Halloween in pink

Small bat tattoo for women

Halloween tattoos bat tattoo meaning

Ghost tattoos 

Halloween tattoos ideas ghost tattoos sayings for women

Halloween ghost tattoo on shoulder for women

Pumpkin Tattoo Meaning Halloween Tattoos For Women Upper Arm

Bat tattoo

Bat Tattoo Meaning Small Tattoos For Women Upper Arm