Halloween table decorations: These are the most popular motifs for a creepy table decoration!

The scariest festival of the year is back soon! And when you’re planning a Halloween party, it’s never too early to start thinking about the decorations. The possibilities for this are manifold: Whether you decorate the house entrance with colorful pumpkins, the mantelpiece with candles and terrible skulls or the walls with hanging spider webs is completely up to you. A suitable table decoration should not be missing at such a party. We have collected many great ideas for you with 5 of the most popular motifs for a gruesomely beautiful Halloween table decoration.

Idea for a table decoration for Halloween with a skull and pumpkins

Have you already decided to celebrate Halloween this year despite Covid-19, then you have to consider a few things when planning. Make sure that there is a certain amount of space between your guests at the table. You can also provide a dress code that requires wearing a mask. However, since the mask is removed while eating, this measure alone is not sufficient. In good weather, an outdoor Halloween party is recommended, for example in the garden. You must also provide a disinfectant. You can also decorate this to match the table.

These are the most popular motifs for table decorations for Halloween!

Table decorations for Halloween in dark colors

Halloween has to be scary. And the details play a crucial role in this. The colors chosen for the decoration, for example, are of great importance. Black is a must on the Halloween table. It looks dramatic and puts the guests in the right mood. A classic combination is offered by colors such as orange, dark red or white. Colors such as purple, pink and dark green can also be used for an elegant touch.

black table decorations for Halloween for a creepy party

So that your table decoration can radiate the right atmosphere, you have to use the right motifs and combine them harmoniously. You can either focus on a specific theme, such as spiders and cobwebs, or create an entire ensemble. The best motifs for a table decoration for Halloween include ghosts, bats, skulls and skeletons as well as gravestones. Note that at a children’s party, the typical Halloween themes are just as suitable, but they shouldn’t appear as scary. Instead of using realistic figures made of plastic, opt for handcrafted variants made of paper or other materials. This is how the decoration looks more child-friendly.

Horror table decoration with spiders

classic Halloween table decorations in black and orange

As far as the motifs for a successful decoration for Halloween are concerned, the selection is large. A classic variant is the spider. Many people find spiders disgusting with their many hairy legs. These insects can be frightening even in small format, so they are wonderfully suitable for Halloween table decorations. For example, you can put a large spider in the middle of the table and serve snacks or dessert under your legs. Only the bravest get something!

Spiders and spider web as motifs for Halloween decoration

If you can’t get a large spider, you can make one from existing materials. Small spiders made of plastic or rubber, on the other hand, can be found in every party or horror shop. These can be scattered all over the table, for example, or arranged in a curved row to make it look like they’re crawling on it.

Spider web decoration for the table for Halloween

The spider web should not be missing for a decoration with spiders. You decide for yourself whether it is stretched between the candlesticks or in the form of a tablecloth. A credible spider web can be recreated from materials such as wool, yarn or tulle.

Eerie table setting with ghosts

Halloween table decoration idea with ghosts for children

Traditionally, people like to associate scary motifs such as ghosts with Halloween. The ghost party is a great way to celebrate, especially for children. The ghost motif is not that scary and can also be presented in a funny or even cute way. Paper plates, cups and napkins with ghost motifs are perfect as a good last-minute variant for the Halloween table decoration.

painted leaves as ghosts for table decorations

The ghost motif also goes well with a party decoration in black and white. You can make ghosts for the table yourself in different shapes and sizes. For example, paint some autumn leaves of the same size with white paint and draw the eyes and mouth with a black pencil. It’s that easy to get an original decoration for the plate.

Bats as decoration for Halloween

simple table decoration for Halloween with branches and cookies

Bats are one of the most popular motifs for Halloween decorations. You can use this as a sprinkle decoration or hang it over the table. A bat in a glass, a mask as a gift or a self-made napkin ring with this motif – the possibilities are many. Another original idea that is easy to replicate: put a few twigs in a vase and decorate them with hanging paper bats.

Halloween table decoration with skeletons and skulls

Scary decoration for the Halloween table with eyeballs and skulls

If you really want to decorate the table in a creepy way, then skulls are the right choice. In Mexico, Halloween is still celebrated as the “Day of the Dead”. That is why the skull has become one of the symbols of this celebration. In combination with skeletons, the motif goes really well with a Halloween party on the theme of a cemetery.

Colorful skeletons filled with candy

To save space on the table, you can use part of the decoration to serve snacks. A decorative skull, for example, can be transformed into a bowl and refilled with candy for the Halloween table. If the vessel is deep enough, it is also perfect for a punch.

Gravestones as a motif for the Halloween table decoration

Decorate plate for Halloween with tombstone and spider

To further increase the horror factor of the Halloween party, you can include tombstones in the decoration. They can be labeled with the name of the guests and used as original place cards. The tombstones combine well with skull and skeleton decorations and give a cemetery theme party the finishing touch. Instead of buying mini-tombstones to decorate, you can also bake them in the form of cookies or other sweets. Because edible decorations are always valued by guests.

Combine several motifs for a high creep factor!

Skull as a motif for Halloween table decorations

If you really want to impress your guests with the festive table decorations, then it is best to choose a combination of the most popular Halloween motifs. Play with colors and sizes, set accents and don’t forget to adjust the light. This way the Halloween party will be a great success. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas in our picture gallery!

Decorate the table for Halloween with a large skeleton and spiders

elegant Halloween table decorations in black and red

Creepy decoration in black and red creates a spooky atmosphere

monochrome table decoration for Halloween

Artificial spiders on the bouquet for an elegant Halloween table

Halloween table decoration with spiders and white roses

The spinning motif looks great in combination with lace!

Decorate the table for Halloween with spiders

Tiny spiders are still suitable as a small accent on the table

modern Halloween table decoration with spiders and pumpkins

You can mysteriously wrap a present for your guests and serve it on the plate

Idea for Halloween decoration with spiders and pumpkins

With glowing candles you can create great plays of light

creepy Halloween table decoration with candles

Spider webs hanging over the table look spooky

Decorate table for Halloween with skull and cotton

This is how autumn leaves and chestnuts can be turned into bats and terrible eyeballs

Autumn leaves painted as bats

Bat masks as table decorations and guest gifts

Bat motifs for the table decoration for Halloween

The bat motif offers a great idea for the napkin rings

Napkin ring with bat for Halloween

Use paper plates with a skull motif for a child-friendly Halloween table decoration

Table decoration for children's party with skulls and pumpkin

Halloween motifs in black and white make the table an eye-catcher

Halloween table decorations in black and white

Paper bats in the wine glasses give the table decoration the finishing touch

easy DIY table decoration with bats

A spider web placemat is easy to make and looks great

DIY spider web placemat as a decoration for the table

The Halloween table decorations for the children’s party must not be too scary

Table decorations for Halloween suitable for children

Small tombstones are a good option for edible decorations

black tablecloth with spider web