Halloween make-up tips for children and adults – beard make-up

If you want to dress up as a pirate, cowboy, Mexican, knight, musketeer or mafiosi from the 1920s for Carnival or Halloween, the beard is an important distinguishing feature. For small mustaches, painting is preferable to sticking on, because such a beard cannot fall off and look just as realistic. In today’s article you will find ideas for beards of various types that are simply part of the costume and are also easy to put on. With these Halloween makeup tips you will succeed in putting on the perfect beard!

Halloween make-up tips -kind-beard-make-up

Halloween make-up tips – the shape of the beards


Different peoples and different ages also had different rules about who could wear a beard. In the case of Greeks and Romans, priests and senators had full, well-formed and well-groomed beards, while slaves and people in general had no beards at all. In the 16th century, military personnel in France wore so-called henri quatres or goatee and goatee. If the costume is already concerned, then you still have to determine roughly what shape the beard should have in this age.

Halloween make-up tips – the cosmetics you need


There are of course several ways to put make-up on a beard. For this you need various cosmetic items and tools such as black and brown carnival make-up (preferably water-based), stubble sponge, cosmetic sponges, eye shadow, thin brushes and kohl pencil.

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3-day beard make-up with a stubble sponge

Halloween make-up tips beard-make-up-stubble-sponge-three-day beard

The casual three-day beard is relatively easy to grow in men, but if you want to give women and children the masculine look with make-up, then the stubble sponge is perfect. With the open-pored sponge, realistic-looking stubble can be made up, which gives the look that extra portion of masculinity.

Jack Sparrow beard makeup with kohl


Jack Sparrow has been one of the most popular costume ideas in recent years. His beard is the symbol of rebellion and wildness and exudes a casual charm. You can make up the mustache with kohl, but for the braided goatee you have to use a fake beard.

the twisted mustache of Captain Hook 

Halloween make-up tips beard captain hook idea

Yet another iconic pirate who has a beautifully sculpted and manicured mustache – Captain Hook from Peter Pan! Make fine semicircular lines up to the outer corner of the mouth and pull the curl up with a swing. If you wish, you can also paint a goatee on the chin.

Anonymous grin mark make up 


The V for Vendetta, also known as the Guy Fawkes mask, became famous through the film of the same name, but the hacker group Anonymous also wears the same mask in their videos. She has already become a symbol of protests against politicians and established power. The graphic mustache and the fine goatee are immediately recognizable and easy to put on.

Seneca Crane’s weird beard

Halloween make-up tips seneca-crane-bart-make-up

The finely chiselled beard of the figure Seneca Crane in the Hunger Games is characterized by a special shape and even has its own fan page on Facebook! The Supreme Playmaker is known as a perfect entertainer and in fashion circles. Be very precise with the brush on the cheeks so that you succeed in creating these stylized waves.

Iron Man’s beard is called a Balbo beard


Do you want to dress up as a superhero? Then you can slip into the role of Tony Stark, still known as Iron Man. His interestingly shaped beard is very important for the role. The balbo beard is a combination of a goatee, a chin strap and an onion beard.

Mexican beard makeup


The Mexican death mask has become the all-time hit for Halloween in recent years. The make-up is equally suitable for children, men and women. But if, as a man, you simply want to give the floral pattern a masculine touch, then add another matching Mustache! If you want to dress up as a classic Mexican, you should put on a large mustache, also called walrus mustache.

Halloween make-up tips – knight and musketeer with goatee


The Van Dyke and Victor Emmanuel beards go perfectly with the knight or musketeer costume. The first type of beard is named after the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke and is a combination of a goatee and mustache. In this variant, however, both are not connected to one another. Paint a fine vertical strip of beard under the chin and a skilfully twirled mustache and complete your musketeer look!

Knight make up beard and silver helmet for children

knight putting make-up on children’s beard and helmet

Cowboy beard makeup


A real cowboy also needs a mighty beard to earn respect in the Wild West! With the help of the cosmetic sponge you can either prime the entire chin area light brown or draw a Henriquatre beard around the mouth.

Asterix beard make-up

halloween make-up tips asterix-mustache-make-up-blond

Goths, Gauls and Vikings had long beards tied in knots and braids. For the Asterix costume, however, you don’t need a long beard to stick on. You can easily paint a mustache on with yellow and brown paint.

Super Mario beard makeup

Super Mario beard make-up for kids at Mardi Gras

Created by Shigeru Miyamoto as the Nintendo mascot, Mario is an extremely well-known video game character, possibly the most famous of all time. Dressing up as Super Mario for a Halloween or Carnival party is not difficult at all. All you need is a blue jumpsuit, a red long sleeve shirt, a red cap with the letter M on the front and of course a big black mustache! Use the template below for makeup!

super mario make up beard template

Halloween make-up tips for the 20s style 


The mafia disguise also includes the small mustache, which was a distinguishing mark of Al Capone. It can be made up with a black kohl and should be about as wide as your little finger.

the long sideburns were typical of the 1970s


Do you remember the American TV series “The Wild Seventies”? One of the main characters there was Steven Hyde, who was particularly respected by the others for his coolness. He didn’t have a beard, but had wild curls and long sideburns – the perfect addition to your 70s costume.

Use mustache template

halloween makeup tips mustache makeup kid template

If you find it difficult to paint with freehand, you can also use a stencil to paint the perfect mustache. Whether classic or modern, funny or serious, there are many beard types that could match your Halloween or carnival look.

Mustache template for printing