Halloween invitation – make invitation cards for a scary party

Halloween invitation-do-it-yourself-tinker-pop-up-invitation-card-bat

The night before All Saints is approaching and it’s time for Halloween again! Every good Halloween party starts with a creepy invitation that informs the guests about the motto. the Halloween invitation should refer to the desired costumes, inform about the exact time and place and possibly also contain a gruesome saying as an invitation text. Check out this article for a few ideas for spooky Halloween invitation cards that are great for kids and adults alike.

Make your own Halloween invitation

Halloween invitation tinker-idea-paper-black-bats-invitation-cards

If you are planning a Halloween party at home, then you should design the invitation cards creatively to ensure the anticipation of your guests. You can easily make the invitations yourself and put them in matching envelopes. It is always advisable to match the invitation with the exact motto of the party. Bat invitations for Halloween, for example, are suitable for both children and adults and can be easily designed using a suitable template.

Make and write your own creative Halloween invitation

Halloween invitation tinker-bat-wings-invitation-text-write

You can make a bat invitation for Halloween with movable wings that reveal the invitation text. For this purpose you should design the Halloween invitation card from three parts, which are tied together with a sample bag clip. A template for this invitation can be found at the end of the article.

Ideas for scary Halloween invitation cards

Halloween invitation template-skeleton-invitation-card-black-envelopes

For real spooky parties, you should definitely design spooky invitations. Skeletons in small envelopes, invitation cards with bloody writing or blood stains and death certificates with creative text are only part of the possibilities. Let your creativity run free and prepare your guests for a scary party.

Make a scary Halloween invitation – a skull

Halloween invitation-do-it-yourself-tinker-template-skull-invitation-card

If you celebrate Halloween this year under the motto “Festival of the Undead”, you can design the invitation cards as creepy skulls. Simply find a suitable template on the Internet and decorate the self-made cards of your choice.

Decorate envelopes for invitation cards


If you make the Halloween invitation yourself, you can not only make the invitation cards scary, but also spice up the envelopes. These eerily beautiful bats present a great idea that is also suitable for children.

Draw a gruesomely beautiful bat


The bat for the envelope is very easy to design, for which you only need an ink pad and a black fineliner. Press your thumb on the ink pad and take a fingerprint on the envelope. Then draw the wings and the face of the bat and the Halloween decoration for the envelope is ready.

Halloween invitation for Haunted House party


Preparing for a Halloween party can be very costly. If you have some available time before the party, you can make the invitation cards yourself from simple materials and save some money. For our next idea, all you need is sheets of paper, a printer, tea and a victory stamp.

Design Halloween invitation with tea stains


First, think of a creative text for the Halloween invitation or find suitable rhymes on the Internet. Then you can simply design the invitation with Word and print it in black and white on white paper. To create a chilling effect, you can stain the printed invitations with tea and let them air dry.

Make wax seals yourself

halloween-invitation-scary-invitation-card-stamp-blood-red-sealing wax

After the invitation cards are dry, you can make a few blood stains with red food coloring for more spooky and spooky things. Finally, the invitation cards can be sealed with a wax seal. If you don’t have a sealing wax available, you can replace it with candle wax.

Decorate Halloween invitation cards with tulle


If you are making the invitation cards for the Halloween party yourself, you can use a few tricks to spice it up. With tulle or mesh ribbon you can create cool effects that go perfectly with Halloween. The tulle looks like a spider web and adds an extra scary factor.

Make simple decorations for the Halloween invitation


You can make little bats very easily and quickly from a thick ribbon of fabric and small wobbly eyes and use them to decorate the Halloween invitation cards for the children’s party. Cut a black ribbon of fabric in several small pieces and tie a knot in the middle of each piece. Then glue two wiggle eyes on each knot and the decorative bats are ready. This idea is ideal for handicrafts with children.

Make easy Halloween invitation cards for children

halloween-invitation-kids-party-invitation-card-tinker-toilet-paper-wiggle eyes

If you’re making invitations for a kids’ Halloween party, you need to create a design that is both spooky and cute. Blood stains and creepy skeletons are rather unsuitable in this case. Rather, they should rely on ghosts, mummies and monsters.

Halloween invitation text ideas


The text for the card is an important part of the Halloween invitation. It should be as creative as possible, but also contain all information about the time, the place and the dress code. Rhyming sayings are a great idea and are particularly inviting, but of course they are not a must.

Text idea for the Halloween party invitation

halloween invitation invitation text party pumpkin scary idea

If you want to keep the invitation card simple, you can opt for a short version of the invitation text. You should just stick to a creepy vocabulary and write the text in a way that makes it inviting and a little scary. A few rhymes, on the other hand, can make it clear that rejection is not an option.

Halloween invitation – use rhymes as invitation text

halloween invitation party invitation card invitation text idea

* Template for bat invitation here.