Halloween ideas for men: costumes and make-up inspired by 5 popular TV series

Are you a fan of TV series? There are unforgettable male characters who are so iconic that their image stays with us forever. As Halloween is getting closer, you can put together a disguise for your favorite character! No matter which genre you prefer – sci-fi, action or fantasy – you will find it in our picture gallery with Halloween ideas for men! In the following we will show you 5 characters from well-known TV series and give you tips on how you can make your own costumes and make-up.

How to dress up like Floki from Vikings?

men make up halloween Floki

Here’s a simple Halloween look for men with a beard: Floki – the brave warrior and eccentric boat builder, best friend of Ragnar Lothbrok from the TV show “Vikings” on the History Channel! Floki, played by the actor Gustaf Skarsgård, and his appearance embody the medieval style. To transform yourself into this TV character, you need a Viking costume. This mainly consists of the following parts: a dark green long-sleeved shirt, medieval leather armor with a worn look, brown suede pants, a cape with a hood and leather shoes. Complete your outfit with leather cuffs and a belt that he can wear his throwing ax on.

halloween make up for men with beard

What is the significance of Floki’s make-up?

halloween men just put make-up

Indeed, all of the characters in the “Vikings” series have a very special styling based on what the real Vikings wore, including their Nordic symbol tattoos, playful braided hairstyles and, in some cases, black eye makeup Kajal, like Floki’s.

halloween make-up ideas men simply Floki

Make-up artist Tom McInerney from the Vikings team explained that Floki represents pagan culture. This is how the Vikings expressed their deep connection to the gods of their time. According to other interpretations, the Scandinavians wore eye makeup to look more scary. Some fans think it could be a tribute to the Norse god Loki and others that it is a nod to the Eye of Horus – and while they have similar designs, this would be historically inaccurate as they are two very different cultures Acts at very different times (and the director and his team are unlikely to draw inspiration from the Egyptians for the show).

Viking priest applying make-up on Halloween

halloween make up men easy

In a short YouTube video, Tom McInerney shows how to do your makeup like Floki in 3 easy steps:

  1. First, line the eyes with black eyeliner.
  2. Then make two vertical lines under each eye and then smear each line downwards with your finger.
  3. Repeat the same on the outer edge of the eye.

Floki make-up simple instructions with liquid eyeliner

Gerald von Riva from “The Witcher”

halloween costume men with half-length hair

The second Halloween idea for men is to dress up as Geralt from the Netflix ‘TV series” The Witcher “. The costume of the famous witcher (played by Henry Cavill) with white hair consists either of medieval leather armor in black with many rivets or alternatively of a medieval shirt with a deep V-neck and leather pants. To increase the authentic effect, you can artificially age the shirt and decorate it with “blood stains”. The witcher likes to wear the shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Another important accessory is his necklace with a wolf head pendant. You can also wear a sword belt or leather back quiver to complete the look.

Ben Bergmann aka Maul Cosplay often slips into the role of Geralt von Rivia

halloween make up men instructions

“Maul Cosplay” (aka Ben Bergmann) is considered one of the best and probably the most popular Witcher cosplayers. His appearances as Geralt von Rivia are absolutely top class thanks to the original make-up and extremely detailed costumes. If you want to look at least as spectacular too, check out the video:

Idea for Halloween costume for couples: Geralt von Riva and with Yennefer von Vengerberg

halloween make up men with beard

Two accent braids make the wig look more natural

halloween make up ideas men with beard

The witcher’s hairstyle is easy to imitate

halloween outfit men

The large scar on the left eye is an important element of the look

halloween costumes for men

Yellow contact lenses complete the look

face makeup halloween men

Rorschach from the HBO series “Watchmen” – suitable for men and women

men disguise halloween

This year, costumes with face covering are very popular due to Corona. And for this reason, the costume of the well-known comic figure Rorschach is perfect for this year’s Halloween party. Rorschach (real name Walter Joseph Kovacs) is a violent and ruthless vigilante who is driven by moral absolutism. He wears a mask with constantly moving and changing ink blots that resemble an actual Rorschach test (a projective test method used in psychological diagnostics).

The Rorschach costume is very easy to put together

make men halloween costume yourself

Rorschach’s cult outfit includes a brown trench coat with a matching fedora hat, leather gloves, a gray or white scarf, brown trousers and black leather shoes. The most important element of his costume is his mask dotted with ink.

Make a Rorschach mask out of an old T-shirt

Halloween disguise men make yourself

If you want to imitate this cruel look from Rorschach, you can either make a Rorschach mask yourself from an old T-shirt or make up your face in black and white.

Rorschach mask make yourself instructions

This short video explains how to make the mask yourself with white fabric and black fabric paint. There’s a bit of sewing too, but it’s perfectly doable, even for men. The stitches are hidden by the hat anyway.

Rorschach face painting

makeup ideas halloween men

Snap photos of yourself with your eyes closed for an added effect

halloween make up ideas men

Rorschach’s makeup looks very spectacular

halloween costume men diy

The patterns have to be symmetrical but not perfect

halloween ideas for men easy

The yellow smiley face (with a red splash of blood) is one of the most famous symbols from the Watchmen comic book and appears several times at important moments 

simple halloween looks men

Marcus from the new HBO Sci-Fi series “Raised by Wolves”

halloween costume men Marcus

Marcus, played by Travis Fimmel, is a main character on HBO’s new television series “Raised by Wolves”. His real name was Caleb, but he and his wife Mary were operated on by an android in order to assume the identity of Marcus and Sue, a Mithraic couple, and in their place on board a spaceship, the Ache “Heaven”, the earth leaving.

Symbol of god sol red sun on white background

The Mithraists are religious fanatics who worship a single god named Sol. Marcus and his Mithraic fellow believers wear white clothing and Sol’s symbol – a red sun – as a necklace pendant or emblem on their clothing. So to put this Halloween costume together, you need a white coat, jacket or other top with this symbol either on your chest or near the heart.

Marcus and Sue show themselves with mullet hairstyles

halloween costumes men ideas

The 80s hairstyles are now making a big comeback. So why not get a mullet haircut? Marcus also wears a beard that is shorter on the sides and a little longer on the chin. You also need to allow some time before the Halloween party, of course, so your hair can grow out enough.

You can make a Halloween mask that resembles your dressings after facial surgery

halloween mask men

The associations have geometric shapes that appear futuristic-tech-abstract

halloween men ideas Marcus Raised by Wolves

James Delaney from “Taboo” – ideal for men with a Henriquatre beard

halloween costume men ideas

James Keziah Delaney isn’t just a man, he’s the devil himself. Delaney is played by Tom Hardy in the BBC One drama series Taboo. He is believed to be dead for 10 years until he mysteriously returns from Africa to inherit the remains of his legacy, his father’s corrupt shipping empire. During his stay in Africa, he saw and did despicable things that marked him forever. James Delany uncovers a dark family conspiracy while trying to avenge his father’s death.

halloween disguise men ideas

James Delany may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but his clothes definitely have style. To dress up as Delaney, you need a gray long-sleeved shirt, combined with a black waiter’s vest, and black trousers. There is also a long, double-breasted coat with a fur collar. A black top hat and black leather gloves are the perfect accompaniment to this look. As an accessory, you can also carry a pistol in your hand or in a belt holster.

He has African tribal tattoos all over his body

simple halloween disguise men

James wears a Henriquatre beard and his hair is cut short. There are some scars around his left eye on his face. James has black tribal tattoos all over his body; on the chest, neck, stomach, arms and thighs, but these are adequately covered with clothing. For a particularly authentic effect, you can paint two parallel lines on your neck with black paint and thus give a reference to James’ African tattoos.

We also often see a red triangle under his right eye

halloween costume for men with beard

Also put make up on the scar under his left eye

halloween disguise men

On the season 1 poster, he also wears traditional African face-paint that would go well with Halloween too

halloween face paint men

Haven’t seen some of the featured series yet? Then take a look at them and be careful with spoilers!