Halloween games – 7 ideas with kids indoors and outdoors

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Halloween is a fun and exciting event for all children. This festival will be particularly unique with great, creepy, but funny Halloween games. We have looked for some ideas on how you can easily and inexpensively imitate these Halloween games with your children yourself, so that the little ones can really let off steam and have a lot of fun.

Halloween games – do Frankenstein Bowling yourself

halloween games cans-pyramid-colored-frankenstein-bowling

Did you think throwing cans can be scary? Frankenstein Bowling is one of the most popular Halloween games. You can easily make Halloween Frankenstein Bowling yourself. You need ten empty cans or mugs, a tennis ball and handicraft materials so that you can conjure up a gloomy demon look, bloody vampire eyes or a mummy on the can. The already painted cans are stacked on top of each other to form a pyramid.

Halloween games – bowling from monster skittles

halloween games plastic bottles-painted-colorful-bowling

Aim the ball at the scary faces, everyone can throw three times. The player who has cleared the most cans wins the game. You can hide a Halloween surprise in one of the bottom cans. The thrower who hits the can is of course allowed to keep the present. You are welcome to use empty plastic bottles that you paint with paint instead of cans.

   The mummy-wrapping game

halloween games roll-toilet-paper-swaddling-outdoors-girl

This dynamic and fun game is very simple and is played by two teams. Each team receives toilet paper rolls and each chooses a child to be mummified. After the starting shot, each mummy must be properly wrapped. Eyes, mouth and nose must remain uncovered. Each child is responsible for swaddling certain parts of the body.

Being a wrap mummy is a lot of fun

halloween games kids-mummy-toilet-paper-wrapping

Don’t worry, this game won’t end in chaos as there is no toilet paper allowed on the floor. One child on each team is responsible for picking up the fallen paper. The winner is the mummy that was the fastest to be fully mummified.

Scary Halloween games – the eyeballs race


For the eyeballs race, the children need two table tennis balls, two spoons and pens to color the balls like eyeballs. In this game, two teams are formed with the same number of players. Each team is given a spoon on which the eyeballs are placed. As soon as the race track with the turning point has been determined, it starts.

Halloween games for groups

halloween games monster boys spoon eyeball race

The player has to cover the distance with the ball on his spoon without the eyeballs falling off. If that player loses the apple of his eye, he has to start again at the start. After each successful round, the eyeball is passed on to the next team member. The team that gets its players back on target first wins the game.

Typical Halloween Games – The Apple Diving


Apple diving is one of the traditional Halloween games that is easy to set up and still lots of fun. You float apples in a large bowl full of water. Each of the players must try to get an apple out of the water without using their hands. If you want to make the game more difficult, remove the stems from the apples beforehand. Apple diving is a game that is best played outdoors as the water can overflow.

Disgusting-scary Halloween games – the horror box


The horror box, also called Horrobox, is one of the Halloween games that really reflects the mood of the party and feels disgusting and creepy. This game is suitable for children from approx. 6 years. You need an empty cardboard box, a shoe box or an empty cosmetic tissue box. Cut a hole in the cardboard just big enough for small children’s hands to just fit through. You can decorate or paint the box according to your taste. For example, glue large spiders to the horror box and paint a ghost face around the hole that represents the mouth opening.

 Design and fill the horror box


Let your imagination run wild and put utensils in the box that feel disgusting and have to be felt by the children. Cold, cooked spaghetti are worms, peeled grapes can be eyeballs, cauliflower is the brain, corn kernels can be bat teeth. Cooked tomatoes are a bloody heart and pretzel sticks are the witch bones. Jelly and slime, pelts, etc. feel disgusting. You can use a wide variety of items. If you want to make the game as scary as possible, feel a rubber glove with water and put it in the freezer. The frozen hand will be the highlight of the game.

Halloween games outside – pounding pumpkins


Pumpkin Pounding is one of the popular Halloween games that is easy to make, requires little crafting material and is great fun for the little monsters. You will need orange balloons, hard candies such as lollipops, coins, and small toys. All items must be small enough to fit through the opening. All balloons are inflated and distributed on the ground.

Balloons with surprises

halloween-games-balloon-gift-nature-orange-children's hands

The hidden prizes not only delight the little ones, but also keep the balloons in one place so they don’t fly away. Your children have to stamp the balloons with their feet so that they burst and the small prizes are taken away.

 Exciting teenage Halloween games – the ghost hunt


The Ghost Hunt is a Halloween game that is suitable for older children and teenagers. Here the creativity of the parents is required and the support and participation of the neighborhood is required. The game is a type of treasure hunt documented with photos and carried out outdoors. With a little preparation, your children will have great memories of Halloween night afterwards.

Photo treasure hunt outdoors


You need two cameras or cell phones with cameras, two identical lists of tasks, a bag with additional materials such as notes, pens, toilet paper rolls and of course as many prizes as possible to win.

Neighbors take part in the game on Halloween night

halloween-games-party-halloween-night-costumes-front door-neighbor

Inform your neighbors and leave various items that need to be found in the neighboring gardens. Make a list of tasks that must be completed by the two teams. We have put together a list of sample tasks for you that can be expanded or shortened as required.

Scary decorated houses support the Halloween atmosphere


  • Find a house that looks creepy
  • Find house number 13 and take a photo of it
  • Convince passers-by or neighbors to be wrapped in toilet paper

Make the game more exciting through various tasks


  • Find a black cat and take a picture of it
  • Ask the neighborhood for black nail polish and paint a fingernail as evidence
  • Form the number 6 three times with your bodies and take a picture of it

Pumpkins as an inseparable part of the night of horror


  • Photographs a fearsome pumpkin
  • Write down a recipe for pumpkin soup
  • Find and bring garlic and Halloween candy

Both groups are sent out every 10 minutes. When the tasks are done, the photos are looked at together and the points are awarded. Determines the number of points according to criteria such as task completed, very funny, particularly scary, etc. The team with the most points may choose one of the gifts first.