Halloween decoration with pumpkins – original and scary ideas

halloween decoration wallpaper gluing pumpkin design pine cones blackboard

Summer is almost over. But no reason to be sad – autumn also has a lot to offer. One of the funniest autumn festivals, both for children and adults, is Halloween. Celebrate with full vigor and creepier Halloween decoration – we show you some extraordinary ideas with pumpkins for the house and the garden.

 Halloween decoration with metallic effect for pumpkins

halloween decoration glamor pumpkin metallic look cake stand

Select a medium-sized pumpkin and cover it with rhinestones. You can write a creepy message to your guests this way. Glue a bow / or bow tie / for maximum effect. Complete! Express the letter F in different scripts. Cut out the letters and use them as templates. Mark the letter outlines on the pumpkins and carve them.

Halloween decoration – paint and stick on pumpkins

halloween decoration original leaves motifs white orange gold pumpkins

If you are looking for something to do for the children in bad weather, you can certainly use this handicraft idea – paint pumpkins together. Cobwebs with artificial spiders, faces or autumn motifs are very suitable. A white pumpkin decorated with lace looks elegant and effective. Our tip – you can buy tights with lace for this design. Are you a fan of vintage style? No problem, collect old keys and small door knockers / or other vintage decorative elements / and stick them to the pumpkins.

Do handicrafts with children for Halloween

halloween decoration tree painting button leaves pumpkin

Experiment with shapes and designs – hollow out a pumpkin and turn it into a car. Paint the pumpkin and choose animal figures for the “drivers”. In this case the drivers were raven and mouse. If you have toddlers, chances are that they will be scared of scary designs. To avoid this, make cute owls out of buttons and pieces of metal instead. Cut out the eyes and mouth – and that’s hers Halloween decoration completely!

Decoration idea for the entrance area

halloween decoration pumpkins stack picture black tree moon

White pumpkins with rhinestones and rivets as decoration

Pumpkin rhinestones decorate artificial spider

Craft ideas for the weekend – prepare Halloween decorations

Bow decoration Halloween terrifying

Effective Halloween decoration for craft enthusiasts

carve ideas owl letters

Scary lantern for the garden

Decorative pumpkins raven figure scary faces

In combination with raven and mouse figures

Raven mouse pumpkin lantern

Children are sure to like this idea

Children painting spider pumpkin

The pumpkin becomes a zombie

Design scary ideas Halloween

Extraordinary idea with a tip

Pumpkin Halloween decoration idea spider web

Flower pots and lantern

Flower pots Jack OLantern faces


Balcony halloween pumpkins scarecrow