Halloween costumes women- something for every taste

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With the beginning of autumn, Halloween is slowly approaching. All women, men and children are enthusiastically looking for the right costume this year. A couple of weeks after the frenzy of the Oktoberfest with the dreamy dirndls and lederhosen, it’s Halloween’s turn. It is celebrated with pumpkins and sweets, with lots of lights and music in the street. If you haven’t decided what to wear yet, take a look at our article today. Halloween costumes women are not only dark and creepy, but also from all professional directions.

Halloween costumes women – Edward Scissorhands

halloween costumes ladies edward scissorhand dress

Who doesn’t know the movie “Edward Scissorhands”? It is not only popular, but is also suitable as a theme for the Halloween party. Just go for a feminine twist that you can create from a black dress and some leather belts. The perfect Halloween costumes for women!

Halloween costumes women – a devil

halloween costumes ladies devil idea red trident hoerner dress red

A classic among the Halloween costumes women is of course the devil. For this reason, this idea is also suitable if you are looking for something at the last minute. Because of its great popularity, there are sufficient quantities in most stores.

Zombie costumes for Halloween

Halloween costumes women who represent zombies are of course really creepy and suitable for Halloween. You can also easily make such a costume yourself by simply finding old clothes and tearing them up here and there. If you are now in the mood for more ideas for Halloween costumes women, then take a look below. We have some great ideas there.

Halloween costumes ladies- Walt Disney characters


Halloween costumes ladies from the well-known and famous film adaptations of the fairy tales of Walt Disney film industry are a great inspiration for the ladies for Halloween. The fairy Tinkerbell from the children’s book Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie wears a light green dress that looks like a tulip. As a fairy, she helps illuminate the season. The magic wand and the butterfly wings are essential to the costume. A matching hairstyle with curls or pinned up hair as well as beautiful gold-colored sandals contribute to the beautiful image.

Halloween costumes for women – it’s the turn of Stars Wars

Star Wars-Costumes-Ladies-Halloween

What may seem inappropriate or even ridiculous to some is in reality very original as Halloween costumes women. What we mean is a black and white costume from Padme Admidala of the Star Wars series. Patent leather boots with thick heels and even a helmet will definitely set you apart from all other witches and wizards or all souls on the street.


 Bank robber with a gun


Halloween costume with skull 


 Renaissance with lots of velvet and white underwear


 Policewoman, military and navy as Halloween ideas for women’s clothing


 The pirate bride seeks conquest


Aladin is looking for his princess in purple