Halloween costume trends 2020 – with these ideas you will rock the Halloween party

If you are looking for the perfect costume for the coming Halloween, it is definitely worth taking a look at this year’s trends. These are mainly shaped by the films and series from that year. But not only that: The classics like cats, witches or the good old skeleton are also part of the Halloween costume trends 2020. In the following, we will give you an insight into the trend costumes for 2020 and give you a few tips on how to use them be able to implement it yourself. Let yourself be inspired and amaze all your friends at the Halloween party. With all the party mood, don’t forget to wear your protective mask too!

Costume trends 2020 for Halloween - these costumes are the hit this year

Costume trends 2020 – the 2000s fashion

Halloween costume trends 2020 - the fashion of the early 2000s as a disguise

Every fashion trend returns sooner or later, and fashion from the early 2000s is no exception. That’s why you can rummage the good old flip flops, bell-bottoms and butterfly hair clips out of the closets and conjure up a trendy Halloween costume out of them. And if you have long since thrown all these pieces away, no problem – as this fashion is just getting started again, you will have no difficulty finding the right accessories and clothing in shops.

Costumes Trends 2020 – Rain on me

Costume Trends 2020 - Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga from the music video for Rain on me

A big hit this year is the song “Rain on me” by Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. If you are looking for suitable costume trends 2020 for two, you will make the perfect choice with the outfits of the two singers. A few static clothes in pink and / or purple, a high pony hairstyle and of course a white eyeliner are things that should not be missing from this costume idea. Then nothing stands in the way of your Halloween fun.

Halloween instead of Coachella

Costume trends 2020 - Coachella still celebrate with the right outfit

Many festivals were canceled this year due to Covid-19. The popular Coachella is no exception. Regardless of whether you actually planned a trip to Coachella Valley this year or not – it is the perfect theme for the Halloween costume and is one of the costume trends 2020. A pair of jeans combined with a neon shirt, clothes in boho style or but trendy beach shirts with shorts – all of this is suitable for the typical Coachella style.

Corona slacker

Quarantine slacker is one of the 2020 costume trends - dressing gown, shorts and sleeping mask

If there’s a number 1 topic this year, it’s the Covid-19 pandemic. So it’s no wonder that this has also crept into the 2020 costume trends. The quarantine slacker is funny, original and great for celebrating this Halloween and looking back on almost the past year with humor. But how can you implement this costume trend 2020? Very simple: a dressing gown with pajamas, a pair of slippers, a sleeping mask and a disheveled hairstyle – that’s all you need. And the respirator that you have to wear during every party this year gives the Halloween costume the finishing touch.

Zoom lessons from home

Costume Trends 2020 - Re-enact Zoom lessons and meetings during quarantine

This is a similar idea to the lazy guy on the subject of “Covid-19”. Teaching from home about Zoom was normal for weeks during the quarantine period. You can remind yourself of this phase in a funny way for Halloween by putting on pajamas or other cozy house clothes (because honestly, who has already made up for it?), Tinkering a laptop out of cardboard and with this example for costume trends 2020 blow up the party. The costume looks even funnier when you put on make-up and style yourself while wearing classic sweatpants.

Costume Trends 2020 – Black Widow

Black Widow as costume trends 2020 - Scarlett Johansson's outfit in leather

The film will not be released until after Halloween, but it is already causing great anticipation. Celebrate it at the Halloween party by dressing up as the black widow. Scarlett Johansson shows how it is done and presents itself in an elegant outfit in black, which you can easily put together yourself with a one-piece made of leather or imitation leather. Get a matching red wig and you have already used the 2020 costume trends to impress everyone with originality.


Costume trends 2020 - The film flop of the year Cats for the Halloween party

The cat costume is a classic, but this year the trend is not for a simple cat, but for the musical “Cats”. This was the year the film was released and divided all opinions. For many, he’s the flop of the year. So choose one of the characters from the movie to dress up for Halloween and stay true to 2020 costume trends. And how about if you learn one of the songs and serenade everyone in attendance? After all, there has to be a bit of fun!

Mummy with mask

Combine mummy with mask for Halloween despite Covid-19

Probably the most perfect variant for a Halloween costume this year is the mummy, because the protective mask can also be wonderfully integrated into this costume. It turns into a part of the costume and is less noticeable under the many bandages. Toilet paper can also be used instead of bandages. The mummy in itself is a popular classic. But due to the pandemic, it will almost be part of the costume trends 2020.

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer put together yourself with a microphone

One of the biggest TV shows this year is without a doubt “The Masked Singer”. So it’s no wonder that we mention them in our 2020 costume trends. While it will be difficult to put together the original costumes, you don’t necessarily have to either. Just improvise and find fancy looks. If you also take a microphone with you as an accessory, everyone is guaranteed to know what your costume is about. These costume trends 2020 for men, women and children will be a huge hit!


The clown Pennywise from ES for men and women with a balloon

Granted, the 2020 costume trends mentioned so far weren’t particularly scary. However, those who value a certain horror factor will make the right decision with Pennywise from the film “ES”, because the evil clown remains very popular as a disguise. The ways to put this Halloween costume together are quite numerous. A face mask, under which you of course also wear your protective mask, is one variant. If this is too much for you, you can also use the good old carnival make-up. Spray-on red or orange hair color or a wig and of course the iconic red balloon filled with helium and matching clothing (lots of frills and red pompons) are all you need to become a clown.


The Ratched series as inspiration for retro costumes on Halloween

The series “Ratched” can be seen freshly on Netflix. The psychological thriller drama has already cast a spell over many viewers – perfect to use it as a suggestion for a trendy Halloween costume in 2020. To get the costume you can either choose a retro nurse outfit or a typical 50s dress. Don’t forget the elegant retro updo and the matching make-up.

Costume trends 2020 for men and women – Harry and Meghan as partner costume

Meghan and Harry with an umbrella in the rain - idea for a partner costume with a touch of romance

In need of a little romance? This photo of Meghan and Harry hit the media a few months ago and anyone looking for a suitable costume that goes with that of their partner can use this photo as inspiration. A light blue dress for women and a dark blue suit for men, together they both hold an umbrella and you have the perfect disguise for two. Who would have thought that the royals could be part of the 2020 costume trends for Halloween of all times.

Country look

Old Town Road by Lil Nas for a single or group costume for Halloween

Are you one of those people who have heard Lil ‘Nas‘ “Old Town Road” up and down? Then his country look with a cowboy hat and boots is the perfect idea for your Halloween costume this year. Whether for you alone or for a partner or group costume – all variants can be put together. One person can represent Billy Ray Cyrus and a third person (or maybe even your dog) the horse. Funny and original, isn’t it?

Costume Trends 2020 – Baby Yoda

Make Baby Yoda yourself as a disguise for Halloween with a beige hooded jacket

There is hardly a heart that baby Yoda has not made it beat faster. The cute little guy became known through Disney + and is ideally suited as a Halloween costume 2020. A loose, beige hooded jacket and green ears that you can easily make from felt or other fabric and sew or glue to the hood – that’s all you need. Those who can crochet can even crochet a cap with ears.


Dress up as an influencer with a sports suit, sunglasses, hairstyle and jewelry

Influencers here, influencers there – they influence the everyday life of many people today. That’s why they crept into the 2020 costume trends. A casual, yet stylish jogging suit, a chic hairstyle and elegant make-up and jewelry – you have already put together the costume idea. To make the topic even easier for others to recognize, you can add the Instagram logo somewhere. Another accessory that is suitable is conveniently always with you anyway – your smartphone! Now you have a good reason to carry it around in front of you.

Costume trends 2020 for women – Clueless

Costume idea for women for Halloween - Cher and Dionne with a plaid outfit

The iconic teen film is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and you can celebrate and honor this wonderfully by dressing up as Cher. One of Cher’s most famous outfits is the yellow one from the photo above. A checked skirt with a yellow or white top and a matching jacket. This also includes a pair of white stockings. By the way, this idea is also great if you are looking for costume trends 2020 for a partner costume. Your best friend can then dress up as Dionne.

80s style

Costume trends 2020 - The classic outfit of the 80s aerobic girls in bright colors

The fashion of the 80s is on the rise again and is also very popular for costumes. But Halloween can be something very special: the 80s aerobic outfit. Shrill color combinations, the body and of course the tight leggings with cuffs – these are the typical pieces of clothing that make up this outfit. But shorts and knee socks are just as suitable. You have the choice! The more colorful, the better this 2020 costume! And that goes for makeup too.

Watchmen – The Guardians

Watchmen - The guards for a costume idea with a face mask

While this isn’t a new movie, it’s one of the 2020 costume trends for a good reason and that’s the mask Angela Abraham wears. Since the protective masks are still compulsory and should also be worn at parties, costumes, which they are part of anyway, are very practical, aren’t they? You can easily put the costume together by getting a white, thin turtleneck and combining it with a black leather coat with a hood. All that’s missing is the black mask and you’re done. You can also make up the visible part of your face with black carnival make-up.

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